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August 11, 2005


Yes, Michelangelo was a decent sculptor (judi, take note). But he never met the ultimate challenge: the butter cow.


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Isn't Ohio great? Makes you all want to move here, doesn't it?

O! H!

(Buckeye fans, you know what to do....)

p.s. butter cows ROCK!

I'm gonna need bigger piece of toast.

Got any stories about Mr. Haney or Aliver?

Yep, our State is bleeding out jobs, we can't fund education, we've got one politcal party in control that can't seem to figure out that corruption is, y'know, sort of a bad thing, but gosh darn it, at least we've got "The" Butter Cow.

& yes, this is what passes for big news in Columbus.

oh yum. pass the lipitor.

Yes, I've always said, there's nothing more fun than spending an evening with a huge vat of butter and a cow. Wait, the cow is made of butter? Oh. That's something else entirely.

Here in New England, we'd melt his ass and dip our lobster in it....

3 days to the completion of my Velveeta Donkey and Ohio thwarts me again.

Chianca - *snork*

On a West Wing episode they talked about the "butter cow" and said there was also a butter "Last Supper" which had on the table, butter!!!!

Dave, how about a picture of the ice cream cone??

But nobody else has a butter cow & calf! I grew up in CMH and going to the Dairy Barn to see the Butter Cow and This Year's Accompanying Art was pretty much reqired. Plus the best ice cream cones in the entire fair are served there. *rolls down memory lane and gets hungry for an ice cream cone* Hey, is the big orange OHIO gate still there?

Over pizza and a few beers .....

Give them a few more and maybe next year they'll do the butter bull....

"Butter Cow" WBAGNFA(Bluegrass)B.

Eleanor, in case Dave's busy, here you go.

How do we know Michaelangelo never "met the ultimate challenge"? Oh, sure he's better known for his David and that Pieta thing 'cause they're still hanging around. But it may well be that his genius found its fullest expression in the butter cow, but time has deprived us of these richest of his works. Butter sculpture is a sadly ephemeral art.

Butter Cow Butts, incidentally, WBAGNFARB.

When we start, the temperature is in the 80s, and (the butter is) a little mushy, but that's good because it goes on fast," says Kling.

but how do they keep the cow from licking it off?

Ohio copied the butter cow from the the butter cow lady at the Iowa State Fair.

Ok, one LARGE skillet, pancake batter, maple syrup and a butter cow.


Clearly the next big project will be to sculpt a pig out of bacon.

Yay, Iowa State Fair butter cow lady! I opened up my newspaper to see a photo of her creation this year -- giant renderings of Tiger Woods and a tiger. Sadly, by the time Tiger W. hits the August heat, he'll probably be starting to resemble a profusely sweating Nicole Ritchie.

I also notice that this year at the fair they're holding a mullet contest, with the prize going to "the greatest contrast between the 'business in the front' (the shorter the better) and 'party in the back' (the longer the better)."

No word on whether our Ted is returning to the state to compete. If he does, however, I would expect that he'd probably be naked (except, of course, for a strategically placed paddlelock)...

*zips in*

Thanks spinner8, that ice cream cone looks good enough to lick!

*zips out*

If y'all think the butter cow is weird, you oughtta see the people that line up to see it.

Go Bucks.

That is all.



Ohio has been doing the butter cow since the 1920s. It's Iowa that stole the idea from Ohio.

Actually, I don't know when Iowa started carving butter cows, and quite frankly I don't care. I just know the Butter Cow Lady started in the 1960's. And I said copied, not stole. The only thing Iowa every stole from Ohio was the concept of how to win at football.

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