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July 29, 2005


There's going to be a new blog site. We will be moving it this weekend. Well, actually, "we" won't be doing a thing... but the Fabulous ThunderTechs will be moving it this weekend. We have high hopes (BTA) that this will do a lot to stop the spam problem.

We'll post the link, which we hope you'll bookmark (or do whatever it is you do to make sure you can find the blog), here in the final post, later today. All the previous posts (including MOATs) will be moved. And there will be a redirect on this blog for the stragglers.

Any questions?

UPDATE: Remember you can always find the blog from the link at www.davebarry.com.

Nava says the RSS feed will be changing, so you'll have to go to the new blog tomorrow (it should be up about 3:00 Eastern) and get the new link.

Commenting will be shut down at 8 PM Eastern time tonight.


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Can I have a cookie?

*bows down and kisses the feet of judi, dave and the thunder-techs*

Oh, thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

*does happy dance*

so dave has been scouting around for a new home for the blog, but is minnesotta really the best place? couldn't we go some place tropical?

I don't get it.

Did Judi use the "M" word?

Will it still be linked thru the Herald's website?

Will this also end the recent blog feature where posts show up before posts that were already there when the subsequent posts posted? I vote to retain that charmingly mysterious time-shifting feature...you know, the one I just explained so well.


I have a question, Judi. What's the appropriate amount of money to spend on a house warming gift for the Blog's new home?

If it's new construction, is it going to have low-flow toilets?

"Dave Barry the Fabulous ThunderTechs" appearing at a different URL accessible by a computer near you.

should I pack something warm?

Okay, I would like it covered in chocolate...of course, I'd also like to figure out how to type.

I am frightened; [if you are extraordinarily good-looking, single, and near Georgia,] hold me.

scat: no
suzy: yes
maud: no, we hope not :)
lab: however much a private meeting with adam duritz costs.

should I pack something warm?

Okay, I would like it covered in chocolate...of course, I'd also like to figure out how to type.

Judi, if I could afford a private meeting with Adam Duritz, I'd meet him myself, have a chat (mostly about your obsession), get my picture taken with him, and then tell you aaaaaalllll about it. I *might* even let you look at the picture once.

And people say I'm mean. *grin*

Does attendance count on our final grade?

erm what's a MOAT?

Ok, I have a question:

What will the 'old blog' be called, once the 'newer blog' takes the place of the 'new blog', that is, the 'current' blog?

Confused yet?

Judi, if I could afford a private meeting with Adam Duritz, I'd use it to flush the Lab Specimen down a giant commode.

As long as we're not travelling through Heathrow, I can't complain too much.

Does this mean more or less pictures of naked men?

I am currently eating athis in the hope that "comfort food" will get me through this.....

*plans to get chocolate for later*

Somewhere North, I sent you an email a couple weeks ago; did you ever receive it?

Here's your cookie:


You just didn't notice it because you have your browser set to automatically accept all cookies.

Tamara - I did. I just usually end up blogging when I am at work. That way I can randomly post while checking e-mail, reading newspapers online, doing quarterly reports, disciplining employees...

Haven't made it to the MOAT yet.

Adam Duritz? ADAM DURITZ??????? Do you mean to tell me you find that hairdo attractive? Man, I'll NEVER understand women!

*sulks off*

My question:
What is the boiling point of Cesium?

I hope you keep the blog clock just the way it is because there is nothing wrong with the blog clock at all.


if it's not too much trouble, can you come over and reset my bookmark and defib my rss aggravator?


can the new blog be mullet free?

Speaking of Thunder Down Under, I had red beans and rice for lunch.

I'll handle this one Judi:
Cesium's Boiling Point is 944 K (671°C or 1240°F)

Tamara, I'm in Georgia. One out of 3 isn't all bad. My dog is extremely good looking.

Will my RSS Alligator have to click twice?

Casey: click twice, purl once,


*starts packing bags...*

Wow... I wondered where that had gone.

This doesn't have anything to do with that politician who killed himself or reporter who got fired for it, does it?

judi: Will we get one of those automatic redirect things, or will we have to do it our own self?

Will Dave wear his watch on his left hand now?

Will the "UN" on "UNOFFICIAL" still be crossed off?

Will I still laugh at monkeys?

sct72, only if they fly out of your butt.

Will I still visit the blog while at work?

Ok, I think I know the answer to that one.

Will I still visit the blog while at work?

Ok, I think I know the answer to that one.

Will I still double post? :)

Woo Hoo.
Cue the Jefferson's theme Music

"We're Movin' on up."
Can I have my own bedroom.

Blog Goddess and the Thunder Techs would be a really good name for a rock band, by the way. Or a porn flick. It could really go either way.

Wait - now the MAIN BLOG is moving?

Aw, fudge....

*packs up all his detritus into student suitcases (aka black garbage bags)*

Judi - what will that do to previously bookmarked links? Will they all redirect?

not ALL will redirect. the blog itself will... and i've emailed mad and djtonyb with the specific M links that will redirect so you can figure out which ones won't a correct your bookmarks. all threads will be there, anyway, so you can find them again if you know the title, date, etc.

any questions??? yeah. What's the capital of North Dakota?

Seriously - does this mean that the blog will no longer be affiliated with the Miami herald? I know, its been asked before. But inquiring minds wanna know.

thank you judi!!!

*battens down hatches*
*secures loose objects and small animals*
*buckles seat belt*
*fastens crash helmet - you know, the one wrapped with tin foil*

*relaxes and waits for move*

*but crosses fingers*

higgy, look at this as an opportunity to spend some quality friday evening time with tcmh. oh, but you've taken care of that, now haven't you? congrats to you and tcpmh on the expectaction of the higglet!


Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

I'm going for a ride!

*lunges out door, jumps in back seat, drools out the window*


That is all.

*and clutches my Emotional Support Emu*

*AND my Emotional Support Wolfie*

at Neo ESEmu

*gets conflicted*
*is scared of emus* emuii? Emues?
*is scared of moving*

*is pleased to be clutched by neo*

I think it's Bismarck, your Queenness.

umm I was trying to snork at neos emu
oh well


Can we hug??!!!

*waits for hug back - maybe a 3-way with neo - NTTAWWT*

judi - should I take a dramamine??

I don't have much to say; I just wanted to get one last comment in before the move to URL #3. All of my comments on the last blog have been joined by countless spam messages.


*hyperventilates a lil*

*goes around the backs of grocery stores collecting boxes to pack all this crap in*

Ah, current blog. We knew ye well. Ye've been pretty good to us, and so we salute thee:

****Ladies and Gentlemen, May I Please Call For A Twenty One Neener Salute?****

(I hope 21 loyal bloglits backs me up on this, or I'll feel pretty silly.)

Two: Neener!



Having been born and raised in Florida, I have been prepared since birth for sudden evacuations such as this one.

In times such as these, the main thing to remember is that there is no need for panic, we just need to calmly follow the little blue arrows...

Wait, I AM from Florida...move outta my way, me first, me first...BANG!


I see your Neener and raise you a Booger

My fault on the delayed first neener, I'll pretend I didn't post that.








Awesome!!!!! I'm moving too.. this here's my last day at this job, and finally found full time doing something fabulous!! yippie!

I'll check back to find the new blog's home.


Nanu Naneener!!

Let's see how many Bloglits we can fit in one CAR!

ooooh, and then we can try a Chinese Fire Drill and the first stop light we get to.

But don't be wiping your Boogers on the underneath side of the seats! That is, unless the back of Daves blue shirt is full.



Is that 3 an AM or PM, judi?

er, nine.

Is that 3 an AM or PM, judi?

I would neener but being new here I do not know if I rate being a neenerer


that's ten for all you historians keeping track.


That was 11.

Now for 12: NEENER.

Oh, and I know this dates me, but whenever I read "ThunderTechs" I immediately think of "ThunderCats."

ThunderTechs- HO!

Cheetara was hawt ;)

100th post, 13th Neener!!!

There, now no one else has to be afraid of bad luck.

*walks in, drops suitcases at the door*

MOVING?!?! I haven't unpacked yet!

I never throught my first comment would be NEENER, but here we are.

14th NEENER!

*huddles in a corner hugging El, Blogchik, Neo and ummm Neo's emu*


Everybody sing the doom song! Doom! doom! Doom doom doom!

(PS: Marie, you're #15)

Never let it be said that when the call went out for "Neeners," I failed in my duty.



(17 I think, but not bothering to number it since it will probably post 5 times and above number 2...at least I hope it is above number 2, not hovering, mind you)

Only my second blog ever, but


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