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July 27, 2005



(Thanks to Zaphod)


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double ewwwwwww

If bottles of water now qualify as valuable, news-worthy 'sculptures' then I've got a nice silver lining in my garage.

Doesn't one have to sculpt in order to produce a sculpture? According to this account, I have several sculptures in my fridge, each with more interesting contents than water.

That plumber from yesterday had the wrong defense. He should have claimed that urinating in the vase was an art project. Could've made a lot of money from these galleries whose purchasing departments obviously have serious drug habits.

The art community has gone berserk. Do you think that this would have been considered art by artists in the days of Michael Angelo and Co.? I don't think so.

I agree with Neatfreak. One has to actually sculpt to produce a sculpture.

"Do you know why I pulled you over?"
"You don't like my art?"
"I'm a performance sculpture: Speeding Man"
"This ticket will make it more convincing."
"I symbolize man's futile attempt to tame his environment by going really fast in an Oldsmobile."
"Great. Hope that's worth $260, because that's your fine."

Not just eeeww, but also duuuhhh!

Christobol ~ You could make a bundle. It'll be worth the ticket.

Gasp! The ticket is art!

"Officers also admit it is possible that another member of staff thought the piece was just a discarded bottle and threw it away."

clearly the museum employees idiots - who would mistake a plastic bottle part full of water for trash?

Newsman: So Mr. Hab, uh..habt uh.. Happy Grabber. You've been "outed" by our hidden cameras for mullet wearing during a presidential election. America wants to know - what were you thinking?

Ted: It's not a mullet! It's an artistic sculpture designed to cause America to ponder where the boundries lie in American society. See?? My hair is right on the boundary! It's art!

Newsman: You also peed in a vase.

Ted: Well, that was freedom of speech. Different issue altogether.

Newsman: Psst. Now that we're off air, it is a mullet...

Ted: I'll give you $20 to say it's not.

My life is now complete! An occasional First on the Blog of All Blogs. Then a reply / discussion with judi herself in a thread last week. And now judi has posted a link I suggested. (Only 62,397 to go to catch Claire Martin).

It makes my mouth dry just thinking about the honors that have been bestowed upon me. Think I'll have an art project to quench my thirst.

** sighs in contentment **

Huh. All this time I thought my kids were just being lazy, leaving half-drunk bottles of water all over the place.

Turns out they are artistes! (Pronounced ar-TEESTS)

Okay, since this is a piece about global warming which is in due in part to waste, will this somehow become more artistic once it makes it's natural progression through the body (assuming of course that it was ingested)?

Congrats, Zaphod -

Want to share this to celebrate?

KOW - the value of that art project will skyrocket if whoever drank it pees it back into the bottle. A whole new layer of meaning...

If it can be mistaken for trash, it probably is.

Eleanor - Thanks. I feel much more refreshed.

Here's an amazing coincidence - and I'm not making this up. I had a doctor's appointment yesterday to review the results of recent blood tests. He mentioned one of the factors (I have no idea which) indictated a very minor potential problem with my kidneys. To clear it up he suggested - are you ready for this - to drink more water. To which my wife immediatetly responded, "See what I've been telling you?"

The point is, in a Dave-ish sort of logic, I can get all my medical from this Blog for free rather than paying to see a doctor.

*examines his bottle of Dasani*

*wanders around office looking for a plinth to put it on*

The Donald!

*goes to order 2 cases*

Who loves ya, baby!!!

When is art NOT art? When you can mistake it for bottled water?

.... sounds like something out of Mr. Bean.

I think the question here is: What the hell is a plinth?

Methinks "plinth" went out the same time as the "merkin."

I think "plinth" went out about the same time as "merkin."

Please don't double post...Please don't double post...Please don't double post.


It could have been much worse. The sculptor could have used rolls of toilet paper...when suddenly, a museum visitor---

*fade to black*
*or in this case, dark brown*

Why would it be "eeeyew"?

Melted ice from the Antarctic would probably be some of the purest, most pristine water you could get.

not after the antartic critters crapped in it.

and obviously you missed the several mountain climber threads we ewwwd and icked our ways through.

boil it!

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