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July 26, 2005


Real men sled on lava.

(Thanks to Claire "Aloha" Martin)


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You can get a similar feeling by eating a jar of jalapenos.

""They wanted us to work, stop being happy," Stone said."

Ain't that the way it always goes...

That's hot!

Sliding down rock hillsides might make sense after one or two or a dozen of those fruity umbrella drinks. Otherwise, no.

Oh yeah, I took "Lava Sledding 101" in college. Or maybe that was just the night I got really drunk and was dragged by a car down 2 miles of fresh asphalt, gently exfoliating all the skin from my torso, elbows and knees.... good times...

Community college professors always have the most unique hobbies.

He said the biggest challenge is to find a sponsor who would be willing to back the dangerous event, whose judging criteria will include "style, length of ride, and survival ability."

I guess you lose points if you actually die during the event - maybe you can make up for it in the "length of ride" category if you manage to roll the rest of the way down after you die, or maybe you get "style" points if you die in a spectacularly violent fashion ?

(I'm picturing the skier on the old wide world of sports intro - you know, the "agony of defeat" guy - that guy that tumbled so well that he must have broke every bone in his body - some of them twice...)

M.C., I didn't read this as being the man's hobbie. The article says he actually teaches this at college. Talk about preparing young people for today's world. Also, in the first paragraph of the article, I spotted the word "leafs." To me "leafs" is only acceptable when referring to the Toronto Mapleleafs. Further down I found this quote "...to honor their gods, especially Pele, the goddess of fire...". I thought Pele was the god of soccer.

Then, again, maybe I'm just being picky.

Maybe if he greases the seat with Preparation H it won't burn as much.

I'm sorry, Stupendous Man. What I meant was that teaching community college was a unique hobby. ;-)

M.C., of course! I should've known that!

The best thing about Lava Racing is the cheerleaders performing in heavy kevlar-lined thermal boots.

Good one, Aunt Nancy!

"That just became my cultural passion because of the similarities with surfing, but it also became my academic (the Hawaiian word for stupid) passion."

Good one, Aunt Nancy!

"That just became my cultural passion because of the similarities with surfing, but it also became my academic (the Hawaiian word for stupid) passion."

Key quote:

It takes about two weeks, or 24 hours of nonstop work, to finish a sled.

A 12-hour work week? I could adjust to that.


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