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July 29, 2005


While The Blog is still away, we'd better get this done...


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Yay, a naked man! And a damn fine one, too.

Special-delivery messenger? oh, operator!!

Sigh... Judi you always come through. What a way to end a Friday. I'd hover over him anyday... hovering having an entirely different connotation here...

Come here huney, you've got a little leaf stuck on ya, let me get that for ya.....


That's better.

Now why can't UPS have outifts like THAT? I'd sign his package any day....

Fun Fact: I watch George of the Jungle (the movie) just to stare at Brendan's pecs. And hear him say "buttflap".

Fun Fact: I watch George of the Jungle (the movie) just to stare at Brendan's pecs. And hear him say "buttflap". I think this might triple post....sorry.

Buttflap buttflap buttflap!!!

hubba hubba

judi... you have earned your salary for the month.

I once dated a guy who looked like Brendan. Stupid as a log, but a lovely experience nonetheless...

Somewhere....what's this about Brendan's log? I want details!

"Brendan" looked like Brendan. I can't see the full picture of Brendan (for comparison purposes only of course), but I'm sure the similarities didn't stop with the face and chest...

you rang?

Did anybody see Gods and Monsters?

Brendan played the sexy gardener. Lots of pecs on display.

I love you, Judi! Usually I'm more the type to fall for guys with blue shirts and goofy haircuts, but wow...

*stares at screen, lapsing into moment of Homer Simpsonesque salivation *

mmmm... Brendan....

Where's my golf counter? Gonna need it if we start getting lots of NMPs again...

NMPs - Naked Men Posts...

Ahhh, thank you eversomuch, Miss Judi.

Mumblemumble...stupid leaf...mumblemumble...


*raises head off floor, collapses again*

Have mercy on my soul! This one has to be the best yet! ...."still fanning myself" Thanks, Judi!

Yeah baby!

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