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July 22, 2005


Here's a heartwarming story involving the rescue of a guinea pig in distress.

We do have one question, which is: If the park owners stop putting guinea pigs in distress, won't they (the park owners, that is) eventually get arrested for starving the snake?


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It must be said: Starving the Snake WBAGNFARB.

He should have replaced the guinea pig with a glossy of Liza Minelli. Would have killed the snake's appetite altogether.

Guineau Pigs In Distress wbagnfarb, IMHO ...

(The problem with the world appears to be that ... people can't accept that nasty things happen in it ... nature's way is ... starvation, disease, eat or be eaten and lingering (or sudden) death ... IMHO)

Guinea pig: the other white meat.

Seems as if I recall from someplace in the distant and mist enshrouded past, that the "fear/adrenaline" that occurs under such a circumstance is actually a digestive aid, helping the eater to more fully absorb the nutrient factors of the eatee ...

Sheesh! Do they want this snake to get an ulcer?

(Ulcerous Reptiles wbagnfarb?)

My first first. This has been the source of such excitement on previous occasions that I feel sure there must be a really impressive prize. Do I have to pick it up, or does the blog deliver?

And, if I have to pick it up, is there an expiration date, or can I wait til after hurricane season?

Is there an after hurricane season? Or at least a long weekend between the end of one H.S. and the beginning of the next?

I used to own a python, quite a few years ago. It would not eat anything exept for LIVE mice.

No, I couldn't chuck the little buggers in there dead. I had to buy them live and put them in the snake's cage. Then he would 'hunt' them.

a haiku

stupid, self-righteous
with amazing weinerhood
the SPCA

a haiku

stupid, self-righteous
with amazing weinerhood
the SPCA

Luckily for all us invert. fanciers, that sort of rule only applies to the cute, fuzzy live animals. Nobody cares if I feed live crickets to my spiders.

I feed live crickets to my frogs as well. They love them. It's no different from using live bait to catch fish. It's catching the crickets that's hard. They come from our backyard, not the bait store.

Bumble- There are bait stores? Really?
So, in theory, you could say, "honey, I'm gonna run down to the bait store, you need anything?" and be serious? Hehe.

Now I want to open a bait store in a trendy shopping district. Maybe a combo store, like Saks 5th Avenue and Bait Emporium. Starbucks wouldn't stand a chance.

FD: Every gas station/convenience store in this area is also a live bait store. You can buy crickets, worms and other assorted creepy crawlies in handy to-go bags right next to the chips and pretzels.

Disturbingly enough, many of these stores also offer food prepared on site and, for god only knows what reason, tanning beds as well.



No, No, No! You're not allowed to post about that here!

I got into a lot of trouble about that just yesterday, and had to beg and grovel to be accepted back into the bloglit fold. [/facetious]

If a BBC TV programme called Round the World in 80 Treasures comes your way, be sure to watch it. The presenter, an insane art critic called Dan Cruikshank, goes to Chile and picks up fast food at the airport - a roast guinea pig with its little legs sticking in the air, and proceeds to eat it with relish.
In Australia he eats witchety grubs, lamb's testicle in Jordan and lots of other yummy traditional delicacies. With the notable exception of steak and kidney pudding.

Yes FD, there are bait stores. My local one is Buck's Bait, where I once fed worms to a baby robin that the owner rescued. So cute. TCK, the frogs don't get crickets regularly; you're right, it's too much work. We mostly feed them shrimp pellets. But if we're bored and in a good mood, we'll go catch a couple. I imagine the neighbors think we're quite mad, hopping around the yard snatching at handfuls of grass.

sct72, NOW you've done it.

[moves outside the blast zone]

they also sell guinea pig on a stick in Ecuador...

*zips in with Huey the Howitzer*

Did someone say Richard Gere and you-know-what on the same thread - bad, bad, bad....:(

kudos to qetzal - you tried, sweetie, but you better leave now - there may be schrapnel!!!!

Maud - Firstness is it's own reward! Isn't your self-esteem at an all-time high???

And - on topic: What are the snakes supposed to do - cook???? I think not.

KA - BOOM!!!!!!

For me, the most disturbingly hilarious thing in the story was the link at the bottom that reads, "No crispy, fried monkeys here, says inspector." I was SURE it was going to be about some freaky restaurant (motto: "We'll fry anything!"), but alas: It's about a fire in an animal park.

So - I'm assuming that they're now going to have to kill the guinea pig before putting it in the cage? Does it make it more humane to have a human bop the little things on the head with a miniature truncheon or the like?

it's already been noted ,somewhere,that

'gerbils and hamsters' = 'bland gere's ass mirth'

as it's being noted above, i also feed live crickets to my turtles occasionally. they wouldn't eat the dead ones i got in a can once (they were actually cheaper than lives ones, and really, have you ever heard of crickets in a can before? crickets in a can - wbagnfarb).

on topic? who'da thunk it?

insom - just asking for trouble?

Duck- if you're really lucky, you can find a Live Bait vending machine. As in, insert your quarters and out comes a tub of worms. Usually found outside convenience stores near lakes and/or rivers. I have a great picture of one outside a local Walmart, next to all the Pepsi and Sam's Cola machines. I'll try to figure out where it is and post a link to it.

crickets in a can?

worms out of a vending machine?

God, it's great to live in America

i wonder how long the live bait stays "live" in a vending machine on a hot day. better yet, imagine the smell...

well there's the answer then. you give the snakes some quarters and send him to the vendomatic to select his own lunch.

sct72, used to live there very near there in far off past. It was a bad place to be, not just for the weather. Kind of like if hell decided to franchise its operation.

When we finally left, there had been a drought for years, and in the middle of that the Colorado river started to overflow its banks, so people were losing their houses to flood in the middle of a dessicated desert.

sct72, used to live there very near there in far off past. It was a bad place to be, not just for the weather. Kind of like if hell decided to franchise its operation.

When we finally left, there had been a drought for years, and in the middle of that the Colorado river started to overflow its banks, so people were losing their houses to flood in the midst of a desiccated desert.

Sorry all, didn't mean for the multi-post. Read the second one, I made some spelling corrections. :)

"Who let the dawgs out?" whomp, whomp. (solly. couldn't stop m'self.)

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