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July 21, 2005


You female hamsters out there need to stop smoking now.


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Looks like a job for that Transporter guy. Or maybe this is already the premise of Transporter 2...

Ummm... is it just me, or does it sound like they are blowing smoke into the hamsters' actual reproductive organs. Not your usual method of exposure IMHO (however I did see the talented girl at a sideshow once... but I digress.).

I really don't think we need to be concerned with a decline in the hamster population... after all, they breed like...well, hamsters...

Go ahead, DJTony, digress.

I have it on good authority that Transported Hamster Eggs will be Arnold's first movie after leaving Sacramento.

OK, I just made it up. So sue me.

*looks confused*

This story has a lot of big words.

*lights up Marlboro Light and hopes for the best*

Hamsters only live a couple of years. What kind of monster gives cigarettes to a 2-year-old!?!

LOL @ El & Sondra!

And still no headlines trumpeting: Tobacco Companies Target Hamsters! I'm sure the lawyers are already lining up.

Infundibular Region: the place where all my missing funds are.

The only instance I can recall of a tobacco product being near a human female's infundibular regions, it wasn't lit, right Monica?

In this article, I noticed two terrific names for rock bands:

stick to the infundibulum

(freshly) ovulated hamster eggs

Why didn't anhyone else pick this up?

Eleanor! put down that cigarette! you'll be the death of me yet. oh me, oh my, small fry.

(i happen to know that you are not supposed to be smoking.)


Marc, no way am I picking up ovulated hamster eggs. Gross.

I, too, would like to encourage djtonyb to continue his digressions ... as the old saying goes, digressor is de grinner ...

Cigarettes as birth control?

El ~ Can I bum a cig?

*Inhales deeply using lungs as a natural filter

Hats off to University of California Riverside, the only workplace in the state where smoking is still permitted.

My female hamster quit smoking a while ago. But she still has a serious drinking problem.

Completely off topic.....

I just heard the audio for a comercial for a femminine hygene product coming from the TV in the other room that ended with the words, "Have a happy period!"

Anyone want to comment on this?

(Aside from commenting on my incredibly bad spelling...)

First reaction: You're joking.

Next thought: What if he's not? What's this world coming to?

Re: your hamster's drinking problem

Teach her to use a straw.

I cannot wait to see this warning label printed on packs of cigarettes. "Smoking causes lung cancer, heart disease, emphesymia, and low egg production in Mrs. Nibbles. I'll buy one for sure when it comes out.

If this can be replicated in rats n mice, maybethey're on to something. Instead of D-Con, I think I'll just throw a couple cigs behind the fridge.

Sondra, In the words of the Great Dave, "I am NOT making this up."
(BTW, the product is Always Pads.)

Evidently, the women of the blog (except for Sondra) do not find this as odd as I do. I'm a guy, but I have know a few women in my time and rather expected a crowd of women rising up and, I don't know, filling a trebuchet with femenine hygene products, setting fire to them, and launching them at the company that came up with that campaign.

evidently you have not noticed the full moon.
i have a feeling, (call it a hunch) that many of the bloggettes are gnawing on economy sized bars of cadbury's milk chocolate and steeling themselves to not trash the tv.
of course they dare not comment, lest they reveal the true lupine nature of a raging pms.

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