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July 29, 2005


We are positng this alarming item even though, as far as we can tell, it does not have any naked people in it.


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Also, though the article doesn't mention it, all the naked people were in the back room playing Strip Yahtzee.

Even snakes gotta have the good stuff.

*mmmmm. pizza*

I suspect the snake was naked, so we're probably safe posting this.

...Also giving credit to the idea that The Naked Snakes WBAGNFARB.

Well...I was doing a search on "snake" and "naked people" and let me just say, I am sorely disappointed. But now that I'm here...

I think that the question we need to be asking ourselves is when and where will this snake terrorism strike next? At Al's Pizza on Market Street? Mario's on Third when it's all-you-can-eat side salad night and the pizzeria is packed with young children who, no matter how many times you say "Don't go near that snake"...well, we can all imagine the horror.

Or will the snake terrorists go beyond the pizza parlors? It doesn't take too much imagination - only of a certain kind - before the today's fast food kiddie ballpits become the serpentariums of tomorrow.

And I don't know whether you've been to a big box pet store lately, but just anyone can walk in there and buy a snake.

Will no one think of the children?

Well, that's all for now.

Only, next time you advertize naked snake terrorists, please deliver.

BTW, love your stuff.

I might share my pizza with a python, but definitely not my beer.

ewwwwwwwww. dave should write a python book. no, not those pythons, although that would be fine too.

If this story were a dream, it might be worth analyzing.

The snake was probably just looking for the bathroom.

Speaking of snakes, here is a real name of former rock band: Snake Jacobs and the Church of the Bearded Skeptics. Used to be in San Francisco. Gone but not forgotten. At least by me.

Strip Yahtzee:

"Hey look! I got a large straight!"

"Yeah, yeah, we see it. Now shut up & roll the dice."

Missing Reptiles wbagnfarb...

Maybe it was Eric Idle running around in the buff, scaring people. I mean, at his age...

"Python in a Box" wbagnfarb, no?

strip yahtzee, someone got the rules for that?

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