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July 22, 2005


(Thanks; you can stop now.)


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Because that's where his fudge is made.

I didn't send in this headline. In fact, I feel dirty even commenting on it.

I would also like to declare my innocence.

You naughty naughty people!

To quote Depp from that very movie: "Ew!"

oh, bleah!

I only send in high class articles, like the one where the doctor said it was a good idea to eat your boogers.

Depp: What?!

Depp's Agent: It's in your contract. There's nothing I can do.

Depp: But that's just gross. Why would anyone want to know what it tastes like?

Depp's Agent: Just think of it as a liberal press junket.

innocent also. i must add that depp probably has many tasty parts

wow, he knows how to take care of business...

there's no business like show business...ew.

people will have to wait in line to see him do what he does best!

I'll bet he feels like a king...sitting on his porcelean throne.

I hope he doesn't strain--er, WORK so hard.
okay, that's all for now.

wasn't Depp also in 'Chocolat'? As well as 'Pirates of the Carob bean'?

not i.
brief glance at the headline. yuk. no.

I'll never be THAT hungry....

ALTHOUGH......I once ate bluberry muffins made with imitation blueberries, and, I kid you not - my poo smelled like blueberries. (I can't comment on the taste)


I would like to point out that Oompah-loompah's are, in fact, fudge packers.

I would like to point out that Oompah-loompahs are, in fact, fudge packers.

(oops... incorrect use of an apostrophe)

Okay, I think I get it. It took me a minute or two, had to view some of the comments.

(Will you still be my friends...?)

"Fruity Poo" WBAGNFARB. Also, has anyone ever thought of putting the Strawberry Alarm Clock,
Vanilla Fudge, and the Chocolate Watch Band in one package and calling it "The Neapolitan Nostalgia Review?"

I had to look twice, Jacki. My mind just doesn't go there automatically. Be my friend?

don't feel bad - I didn't get it until a read the fudge packer comment - to which somebody should add:


But now... "...everything he makes satisfying and delicious. Talk about your childhood wishes. You can even eat the..." Must stop. Oh that's so bad.

"And the world tastes good cause the Candy Man thinks it should..."

Innocent of this article: yes.

Innocent of seven other things sent in yesterday & today: no.

I am guilty of the 28,000 year-old - ahem - but not of this. Because my first thought was, "Yeah, and he had chocolate running through his pipes, too," and I got completely icked out.

Off-topic: MC - Damn. My head hurts looking at that.

And ... resume.

No, no, no. We musn't post things like that on here without warning.

This blogger's eyes are constanly watching a 2 year old wandering round, attempting to fall off all sorts of various things and imagining images just like this one actually occuring.

Take it back, make it stop.

Or at the very least, promise drive the wee one to the ER in the dead of night when these visions finaly come to fruition.


(PS: Let's just pretend I spelled any of the above words correctly, and used proper grammar to boot.)

I'll grab the Redi-Whip and go ring his doorbell.

Anyone wanna welcome him to the neighborhood?


Yeah, I sent in the San-Diego-toilet-water story on Saturday so it's not like I'm all pure and mighty up on my high horse or anything, but there's just something about the way this title reads that's particularly gross... Tasty Opening? Yuck indeed.


GW - Had to share. Once disturbed it's only fair to pass it on (i.e. "This burrito is horrible. Here, try some.").

Jacki - Sorry! It was on Yahoo and I wasn't thinking about other people watching 2-year olds...


*cleans up kitchen after baking chocolate cookies*

*reads blog*


*decides not to tell husband about headlines so the kids have someone to share the cookies with*


Since no one has mentioned it yet, & I always enjoy reading the frustrated comments, I will take this time to mention the aggregrator-thingy title link issue....

This headline is really gross
This healine I hate the most

Ewww! as for the Ow! pic, I didn't notice her hitting her head at first glance - I thought "yes, that bathing suit wedgie sure looks painful." I'm most embarrassed.

Opening? What? Like a job opportunity?

The "tasty opening" was verified by some guy who had lost a wedding ring.

Don't swallow the everlasting Gobstopper!

dablade, personal experience?



well, I had to look twice, and when I did, i was strongly reminded of a past event, regarding a very good friend of mine...



Article and headline are gone! Oh well.

Monday July 18, 5:27 AM
Depp's 'Chocolate Factory' has tasty opening
By Dean Goodman

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