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July 22, 2005


Key quote: "We're concerned people will abuse the list, putting the names of friends on it, that kind of thing," Kachura said in a telephone interview.

(Thanks to JK)


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"Would you like to order a subscription to Goat Herders Monthly?"

"Over my DEAD BODY!"

Pat Kachura = "Auk! Crap Hat!"

For a dollar, it would be a way to permanently get your name on the Do Not Call list -- not a bad idea.



Not Will, mind you.

I never would have thought of corrupting this system by putting the names of live people on the list... until they mentioned it.

and NO, I do NOT need new windows, vinyl, cabinets, carpet, or vacuum cleaners. I will not contribute to the goat lovers' association for the promotion of abandoned kids. at least not over the phone.

Why not just tell the caller that the person is dead?

The do-not-call list took three months before we stopped getting telemarketer calls.

How long will this one take?

Collections for the $1 will be a problem. Just tell them to bill the cemetary.

How long will this one take? Well, you'll be dead by the time it actually works..... (ok, that was a cheap shot, but I don't have much faith in this thing.) Furthermore, I am not sure that blood-sucking leaches--I mean "telemarketers"--discriminate on the basis of vitality! I think you could tell them that someone is dead and they'd STILL try to sell the dead person something! (Extra disability insurance for your credit card, probably!)

it's a trap to get the survivor's numbers because it's a known fact that people who are distraught do not always make good decisions, thus improving greatly the odds of your selling them that subscription to goat herders monthly

"It's horribly upsetting to someone who's alive if you get a call..."

I find this quote entertaining, as if someone who is not alive would be distraught over the call.

"It's horribly upsetting to someone who's alive if you get a call..."

I find this quote entertaining, as if someone who is not alive would be distraught over the call.

"It's horribly upsetting to someone who's alive if you get a call..."

I found this quote entertaining, as if someone who is Not Alive would be upset at getting a call.

sct72 got the relevant point: they MAY stop calling dead people.

"Hello, Mrs. Barry, I'm calling your late husband. Can he come to the phone? No? Yes I know he's dead, but we've got a great deal in penny stocks that will knock him dead... so to speak. Hello?"

Blood-Sucking Leeches (not Leaches)WBAGNFARB or a CBS tv movie.

Another good name for CBS for a Tori Spelling movie: Don't Call Me; I'm Dead.

Of course, only a marketing group would charge to NOT call somebody ....

Zillions of folks pay every month NOT to own a car, batrillions more pay NOT to own a house so it's only natural for telemarketers to think paying NOT to get phone calls is a pretty spiffy ideer.

I've already told my Marine Corps recruiters horror story. In addition to that, even though I am on the "Do Not Call" list, some telemarketers (whose caller ID always come up as "Out of Area") still call. Almost always, the message on my machine goes like this, "Please hold. A representative will be with you shortly. Due to the high volume of calls...etc."
Followed by a human (for lack of a better word) voice saying, "Hello?...Hello?....click."

Oh wait! His Daveness Himself gave us a better word... "Crap Weasel!"

I have been on Pat Kachura's case for about a year now. I can't stand her. You can read about my ventures here: http://PissedAndPetty.com

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