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July 26, 2005


It's not that different from Love, American Style¹, apparently.

Key quote: "If anyone has doubts about my manliness, let them send me their wives and they will become convinced of my prowess for themselves," the leader of the Popular Front of Azerbaijan party, Ali Kerimli, told journalists.

(Thanks to Mollenkamp)

¹Bloggeezers may have to explain this reference to the whippersnapper contingent.


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Wow, first AND second.


*creaks in on rocking chair and waits for whippersnappers*

Wow. He is manly. Did you notice that he didn't put any qualifiers on his "send me your wives" offer? Aren't women in that part of the world stereotypically bow-legged Belushi look-alikes with pendulous bosoms, vodka breath and hairy facial moles?

Only a real man would make that offer. Yikes.

whippersnapper here!

Ok, I'll bite. What does the reference mean? And does it go well with jam?

Well, gotta give the credit for chutzpah. I think he's treading on dangerous ground asking for people to send their wives. I would be quite fearfull of whom would take him on his challenge.

Bloggeezers may have to explain this reference to the whippersnapper contingent.


Best line of the day! H*eck. Best line for a while

Love, Love, Love

Love, American Style,
Truer than the Red, White and Blue.
Love, American Style,
That's me and you.

And on a star spangled night my love, (My love come to me).
You can rest you head on my shoulder.
Out by the dawn's early light, my love
I will defend your right to try.

Love, American Style,
That's me and you.

Love, American Style was a popular board game played Back In The Day. It involved going to bed with politician's wives, and occasionally livestock. I never played, but I was allowed to spin the spinner sometimes.

I have no expertise on the sexuality of Azerbaijani politicians, but I would like to point out that a headline further down the page revealed that boffins plan to make a chocolate drug.

THANK you Lord, I'm healed!

A leader of the Popular Front
said "I vill prove if you want"
"Babushkas? No problem,
I send'em home throbbin'
I'm never choosy with c___"

Well, gotta give the credit for chutzpah. I think he's treading on dangerous ground asking for people to send their wives. I would be quite fearfull of whom would take him on his challenge.


I don't suppose he wants people to send husbands?

bloggeezer?! i'm a bloggeezer?!!?? oh, the humiliation. better send me your carefully screened husbands.

Just give me the address, crossgirl. But I'm cheap, so he's going parcel post. It may take a few weeks.

&ltsnork> @ LabSpecimen!

We should send him a cross-dresser and get it on tape.

&ltsnork> @ LabSpecimen!

Uh oh, DJ. Looks like you have to turn in your pocket protector.

You know you're old when a daughter's friend comes to the house, takes one look at the rotary phone and gives up.

You know you're old when you remember who Monti Rock the Third was and you're wondering where the hell he's been.

This article explains a lot about the positions (har!) that Arnold takes down there in California. In fact, I do believe Arnold used an expression quite reminiscent of this. Has California gone communist?

Lab - new job, new computer. Still haven't figured out the best way to post... :)

i like the term bloggeezer. has a sort of je ne sais quoi about it.
bloggeezer and the Azerbaijanis wbagnfarb

Love American Style was a TV show in the seventies. It was on Friday nights, as I recall.
Happy Days was a spin off. Mork and Mindy and Lavern and Shirley were spin offs of Happy Days.

bless you amy, i'm feeling less geezerish as i have no idea who monti rock the third is. victoria, hold off on the hubby mailing, i'm going to move overseas and open a post office. i'll get back with you on that address

if you scroll down to the other headlines, you will also find:

"Killer Eel Strikes Again" involving an eel eating both a Jack Russel Terrier and an "unsuspecting goose" at Tommy Finn's trout farm

also of interest are:

"Boffins create zombie dogs"


"Lord love a toilet duck"

(sorry - can't figure out how to copy the links here)

crossgirl ~ I'll put him in storage for now. With the temp being in the triple digits, he may not last long in there, so try not to take too long, ok?

Oh, and the phrase, "Jump(ing) the shark" originated from Happy Days.
Excuse me, but now I must get my geezer self over to rite aid to get a bottle of geritol.

thanks victoria, you're the best! i've long been unhappy with the state of the u.s. male service. opening my own male drop just might be the solution.

jump the shark?!

Jumping the shark refers to the downward spiral of the show "Happy Days", from being a show most people liked, to being a show that EVERYONE made fun of.

It was an episode where the Fonz (eyyyy) actually jumped over a shark on skis. (He was on skis, not the shark)

Really liked the "bloggeezers" .... how about a judi dictionary? Even though I am at work, I am posting in a state of nakeditity. Bloggeezers indeed.

Now we know how you get to be the leader of a Popular Front...

dave, please use another name... that one's taken. :)

Dave, TMI.

And for those not 'in the know,' the modern-day version of "Jumping the Shark" is "Biting the Salmon," as featured in the absolutely, mind-bogglingly horrible Hasselhoff video for the song "I can't stop this feelin'" (aka "Ooga Chaka")


Geez, you leave the blog for a few hours and you miss propositioning Russians, TV references and the making of new words. Still not spared the humiliation of knowing that reference without having to ask, though.

Targetgirl - describing the hasselhoff video is the same as admitting that you have actually watched the hasselhoff video - which demonstrates uncommon courage on your part


Please Dave... I beg you... crapcam yourself and post... pleeeeez??!!??

Must medicate myself. Can't get a naked David Hasslehoff singing oogah chaka out of my mind.
Targetgirl must be stopped.

Lab! thanks for the laugh!

Saw a rotary phone in a movie last night...a movie from 1984! Was it that recent that rotary phones were in use?

[shakes "mental torment" jar in front of clever targetgirl] Um, you owe us at least two bits for mentioning the Hasselhoff video!

Do we need to help "dave" [aka nospam at AOL] find a new name? Doubtless the creative minds here will be of great assistance... I know Boo Agustus was helped immensely.

[offers cheeze cracker to our new Boo and nods to Minsc]

snif, calm down, it's not THE Dave, it's just A Dave.

!!I'm naked too!!
Under these clothes of course.

spinner ~

I'm crushed... be still my beating heart...

I guess I will only see Dave's nakeditity in my dreams... oh, to disrobe him of his blue shirt and run my fingers through Flo-beed hair...

I read or heard recently that in some Pacific Islands gay, cross-dressing men are considered special and desirable, as they can go to the men-only gathering places and do the "women's work" such as cooking and cleaning.

(I hope I don't lose my Friend To Women standing for posting this. Note that I put the un-PC term in quotes, which I think means that I'm "using" the term even though "I" don't think it is a good term. It's all in the name of "science.")

wasn't the fonze also supposed to be like a troubled teen that was only kept from going bad by the positive influence of the cunninghams? it seems like henry winkler was like about 50 when the show finally went off the air

Worst ever? I think not.

What about...

*scene opens with Fonzie wearing a pink t-shirt and brown courderoys. ralph, potsie, and rich gather around, wearing togas with panties on their heads*

Fonzie: Ayyyyyyyyy!
Rich: What's up, Fonzie?
Potsie: Funny as a crutch, Rich.
Rich: What?
Fonzie: Ayyyyyyyyy!
Ralph: Hey, Fonzie's a mime!
Fonzie: Exactamundo!
Rich: Are you going to act that way on our free cruise on The Love Boat?
Fonzie: And what if I do?
Potsie: Funny as a crutch, Rich.
*jonie enters, played by Bea Arthur*
Jonie: Ack. *cough* Ayyyyyyyyyy!
All: WTF?
*gilligan, skipper, and gopher enter*
All: Ayyyyyyyyyyy!
*alligator consumes all*

if the topic is now worst happy days episodes, i think you're all forgetting the one where mork from ork trapped fonzie in a time warp

Took my daughter down to Emerson College (in Boston) to check out her dorm for the fall...found out Fonzie is an Emerson Alum! (So are Dennis Leary, Jay Leno and Vin DiBona)

I hope one day my daughter will have a fabulous career that eventually goes down in a blaze of glory, leading to "Night Shift - the Sequel"

Oh - and does anyone know if "Sguiggy"s dad was Peter Lorrie?

Memo to Robert F.T.W.

You are still in good standing! Your brilliant analysis of your own post in italics saved the day!!!! :)

M.C. ~ Love the picture.

To be honest, I never saw the episode. I heard, saw and read references to it, so I looked it up a few years ago.

M.C. ~ Love the picture.

To be honest, I never saw the episode. I heard, saw and read references to it, so I looked it up a few years ago.

MEMO You cannot be considered a geezer or a bloggeezer unless you are often heard to say: "There's no place like the home."

well, i am certain that squiggy's father is NOT peter lorre, who was a well-known actor in Hungary in the 1930s. i think he died in the mid-60s.
and, i'm not sure about much of happy days because i didnt watch it too much; i was in grad school doing important academic research on the # of flies in minne-sota, however, i do remember some episode where fonzie made reference to his grandmother, mrs. nusbaum. that was really confusing. and they never did explain what happened to the older brother, Biff, or Chuck, or whatever, who only was in the first season. and they never wanted fonzie to wear a leather jacket in the first place because they didnt want him to appear like a 'hoodlum' [look that one up, kids] the fonzie leather jacket is now in the Smithsonian! But like I said, i never really watched.

I have a better idea. Let's send him Charo and he can star in his own series, "Love Azerbaijani Style."

I never watched any of those shows 'cause my wife at the time, the former Ophelia Upner, couldn't pedal the bicycle generator hard enough to make the TV come on. That's ok, though, 'cause I would have had to get up and walk three steps to change the channel every time a commercial came on.

The worst of it is not that we need to explain the "Love, American Style" reference. It's that we need to explain the "Soviet" reference. Kids born after the fall of the Soviet Union are starting the 9th grade this year.

Actually, I guess that's a very good thing. It reminds me of an ad I saw in an old WWII-era Life Magazine, where a kid is looking at a book and asks, "Daddy, who was Hitler?" Intended as a look at the unimaginable, but happy future.

As for jumping the shark, it's ironic that "Happy Days" jumped the shark LOOOONG before the shark-jumping episode.

Dave,I know who Monti Rock the Third was and I've been trying
to forget him since the '70's.

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