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July 26, 2005




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I wonder if they have the texas chainsaw massacure on display.

OMG a blue sweatshirt!!!

I had dinner with Chainsaw Art once. Boy can he carve a turkey.

"So, how do you manage to incorporate what looks like real human bone into your art, Tom?...Where'd Tom go? D'you hear that, honey? Sounds like Tom's fixin' to do some art right now!"

Dave - I see the cold front that rescued us here in Iowa last night rescued you as well. Nice sweatshirt. Me, I put on my favorite hoodie, stuck my favorite CD in the SUV's player, rolled down the windows, cranked the tunes, and went shopping tonight.


P.S. Looks like you're posing for Tom. I see your image as a nice hickory or walnut bust. Take that any way you like.

I like that you pulled over for that photo opp. Good eye, Dave! Good eye!

What were the first two lefts?

Sp-8: I think they would be, respectively, "His and Hers Manure Spreader Outlet" and "Swen Olsen's World renowned ball of used chew"

A. N. Isn't this Iowa weather 1000x better these last 2 days?

Ooooh, Dave. You look so, I don't know, manly.

I need to grab my oxygen and go lie down.

That pose is just pure sex.

Um, what kind of chainsaw art? Wood? Ice? Bloodied heaps of flesh?

For some reason, I'm picturing Meatloaf in The Rocky Horror Picture Show

i wonder, if my dad had had a crapcam when we were growing up, if we'd have been allowed to pee more often when we traveled.

Am I the only one who finds the phrase "Tom would have to paint Dave's bust blue" fascinating, and yet somehow sickening?

OK, Judi.

We know that was YOU.

judi ~ I would have had the same problem, if my mother hadn't threatened to kill my father if he didn't stop.

scat- does being a CSI watcher count if I like the autopsy parts?

scat- I know what you mean, if I read this thing right, (bear with me, I'm new at this blogging thing) someone out there thinks I'm Judi.

For a man, that's disturbing.

OMG, Dave is writing a new book! Crapcamerica

Brad - Yes, with a whole poopery of culture.

My question is, why is this blog wandering around Northern Minnesota? Is the blog lost? Should we send a search party?

Or is the blog doing this on purpose?!

(I hope Somewhere North will keep a look-out; the blog may wander into Canada soon!)

Somebody warn Peri and Zoodle! And if all else fails, sandy beach will have to grab him.

*hopes Dave isn't planning on doing the Iditarod again*

Tom (3rd left) will make
Of Dave what nature nearly
Did - a Work of Art

I'm becoming addicted to bloggerel. Dang you, insomniac!

I bet Tom could help with that snake from my toilet...

Yes, yes, yes...but the pressing question is, what's at the 1st and 2nd left turns??!?

Good question, tropichunt.com guy.


Dave, could you bring me back a souvenier? Say, something small, like a key ring?

Everybody has a little Captain in them...

OH!! silly me. i didn't recognize dave. i thought that *was* sveine's art. i suppose the blue shirt should have clued me in.

Dave, I just want to say how much I appreciate the way you keep us in mind when you go on vacation. It is extremely thoughtful of you to take all those Crapcam pictures for us wherever you go. Thank goodness for this blog! You've been so generous about sharing your experiences and musings with us that your "retirement" from the regular column has not been nearly as painful as I thought it would be.

Three cheers for Dave! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

Dave, I just want to say how much I appreciate the way you keep us in mind when you go on vacation. It is extremely thoughtful of you to take all those Crapcam pictures for us wherever you go. Thank goodness for this blog! You've been so generous about sharing your experiences and musings with us that your "retirement" from the regular column has not been nearly as painful as I thought it would be.

Three cheers for Dave! Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!

judi/Victoria- Be careful what you wish for. My dad once pulled over to get gas on a trip. My mom had been sleeping in the back, but she woke up and went in to go to the bathroom. He didn't know, and he drove off and left her.

Aunt Nancy/El Norte- Thank goodness the weather turned. I work at a greenhouse and I've been miserable the last few days. Last night we were under tornado warnings, though. I was at the theater, and they stopped the movie and herded us all into the bathrooms. Then most everybody refused to stay, so the rest of us crammed into a little basement office/storage room. The lights went out and all the kids started screaming, then they came back on and one little girl points to a shelf all excited and says, "Look mom! Jolly Ranchers!"

and there's gonna be some great columns when he goes back to 'work', ahem. OR a brand new book.

I like the sculpture in front of the sign- how much is it? I want to purchase it and put it on my front porch to scare off REAL journalists.

Dave- You could probably bribe some bloglits to call Tom and ask about his art. Anyone not at work want to get the skinny on this?

Tom Sveine Wild Life Chainsaw Carvings
1563 Hwy 61
Two Harbors, Mn 55616

Also, make sure to stop by the R.J. Houle Information Center, which sounds like a peck of fun! Also, be amazed by the giant ore carriers, which, it goes without saying, wbagnfarb

Two Harbors
Trailhead of the North Shore Highlands, County Seat (population 3,600). One of your first stops should be at the R.J. Houle Information Center located at 8 Hwy 61E in Two Harbors. The friendly and informative staff can help you with your vacation plans while in our community.

Enjoy the best viewing of the giant ore carriers being loaded and maneuvered in and out of our busy port from Van Hoven Park or Lighthouse Point both located on the waterfront. Tours are also available aboard the historic "Edna G" tug and through the only working Light Station on the North Shore of Lake Superior. If history is what you like stop at the Lake County Historical Museum and inquire about the many other historical points of interest, many within walking distance. Enjoy our City Band Concerts (celebrating 100 years of performing in 1997) every Thursday evening during the summer months in Owens Park.

*opens windows, takes deep breath*

Aaaaaahhhhhh!!! Cool air!

scat - I guess maple's OK, as long as its a hard maple. Soft maple scratches too easily. And even though pine smells nice after its carved, the wood's too soft (IMO) to make a decent chainsaw carving. No, when it comes to Dave's bust, I think a hard wood would be best. Take that any way you like.

P.S. No, I don't do chainsaw carving, but I do work with furniture grade woods in my shop sometimes.

huh huh. she said 'woods' ... i'll take that as i will.

Dave! Barry! you're my idol! i try to write like you and i've just discovered your blog! oh no, i bet you're really pissed off caus i'm like a groupy! oh no and i don't capitalize either!?! I'd like to say i'm a great big fat fan (not really fat though) and if you would could you check out some of my stuff ? (www.bottomlocker.com -> archives -> vanish). If you like it could you email me? oh no come back from vacation anyway! okay bye!no periods in that comment!!!!!

Vanish, welcome to Dave Barry's blog. And don't worry, we're all sort of gropies... er, groupies ... er... yea, wood, take that any way you want!

yea, that's it!

Anyone notice how Dave's colo(u)r coordinated with the sign?

... just thought I'd mention it.

Suppose he picked out the clothes?

*gropes Kibby*

How old are you Vanish? You sound like a 15 year old girl.

“I did an African god once,”

So did I - at least that's what he said he was when I met him in that bar....good times!

Somewhere North- Vanish is in high school. And a boy. I checked out the link to avoid helping my mother weed. Didn't say how old he was, though.

I'm diggin' the Sear's Catalogue pose, Dave.


p.s. Did you check for ticks? That grass is taller than Judi.

Either that's a really large sign, or Dave is really only about 2 feet tall. Funny, he looks so much bigger in person.

Mike! get back to bed this instant!

Hey, I'm FROM this area, watch what yer sayin'!

p.s. isn't the World's Largest Ball of Twine around here somewhere????


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