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July 29, 2005


Thanks, of course, to Ted Habte-Mullet.


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Naked Swimming Rash WBAGNFARB.

I, personally, do not want to see a "rash" of naked swimmers anywhere.

"They display their bodies for their own convenience but disregarding the public interest," said Ai Lijuan, a university lecturer in the seaside city of Dalian.

sounds like your average day at the mall.

"I was totally stunned and flushed at the first sight of these naked men" the China Daily quoted Zhao Yanjie as saying.

What, she was so knocked out that she fell in and got a swirly? I hope the toilet was clean!

And if that wasn't bad enough, topless women have been banned from standing on Italian beaches.

No mention if sitting or lying down is still OK. Will this creeping fascism never end?

A.N. -
Moral of that quote:
Do NOT flush when you are stunned!!!!!!

For only $1119 we can senf Judi to Bejing so she could give a first hand account of naked men swimming. Dont get me wrong Judi we love but Dave seems to be doing all the traveling lately and you deserve this 8^)

holy crap, beach volleyball topless??? talk about a pain in the ramparts!

Aching Ramparts wbagnfarb =)

naked swimmers float;
below, giant squid hunger
for Chinese take-out

They display their bodies for their own convenience but disregarding the public interest

On the blog, displaying a naked body is considered a public service.

*snork* snif!

wow, it sounds like I'm having serious bodily malfunctions. but it makes me giggle. a little.

A 'rash' of naked swimmers, eh? Like a herd of cows, a flock of birds, or a murder of crows? Makes sense....

Also, I second Addicted's suggestion that we (and by "we" I mean "The Miami Herald") should pay for judi to go 'research' the naked men swimming. (Note that at first, I thought Addicted wrote that judi should go see the naked men swinging!)

In fact, I think "we" (=TMH) should pay to send judi wherever man are being flagrantly naked. She's earned it.

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