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July 28, 2005




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Which would make Dave a Dingle-Barry.

At least it won't ruin a blue shirt.

Also, I should point out that Inflatable Poop WBAGNFARB.

Giant Inflatable Poop, of course, WBAGNFARB...

Hey, my third first! Yay me!

Dave seems to have developed a real penchant for standing between the legs and under the unmentionable areas of large male objects. I think I'm worried.

That's classic, Lou.

Snoop- Doggy Poop?

*hi5's DjT*

Suzy Q ~ It does seem to be a disturbing trend.

camp poopy?

That's Dave standing under a Snoopy
While Black-Shirt looks on like a groupie
But Dave would prefer
That Snoop's bowels don't stir
And create up an inflatable poopy

Fish - Great minds... and simple ones... ;)

I wonder how the actual conversation goes when Dave takes these crapcam pictures at random locations. Maybe something like:

DAVE: "Excuse me ma'am, can you please move your kids off of Snoopy?"
WOMAN: "Why?"
DAVE: "Well, I have this website and I post pictures of myself on it in random poses for other people to look at and ...
WOMAN: "Pervert."

Dave and the Giant Statues (wbagnfarb?) tour, Summer 2005!

Is Dave my satellite? I'm sitting here in Minneapolis, and have now witnessed Dave's travels from the British Isles, to Two Harbors/Duluth, south to the Twin Cities, and now to Bloomington- home of the scary/gaudy/hugely overwhelming MOA (Mall of America) *shudder*

Dave, I once had a summer job watering plants & trees inside Camp Snoopy! Yee Haw!

*has warm fuzzy feeling, knowing Dave is just a few miles away*

just a question... who would want to inflate poop?

personally, i'll let someone else be the one to blow it up.

Is that one of those moonwalk things?

Can we have one of those at the oft thought of but never been planned eventual Barry-Blog and Blogette get together?

It looks fun.

Dave i triple dog dare you to come back in February and have your picture taken in front of all the same things wearing the same clothes. Unless of coarse you are back writting your column.

Our hero is seen
standing in the danger zone
poop could fall, Good Grief!

Someone help Dave, he's looking for peanuts.

Off topic:

My son recently shared this with me and I thought you all would enjoy it:

He was in school, and was supposed to be reading when he nodded off. He had been resting his face in his hands and his elbows on his knees. (He was seated at a table, not one of those desks with the fixed seat.) So, his elbows slipped off his knees, and he awoke to find his head between his knees. He quickly reared up hoping to avoid the embarrassment of being caught sleeping only to loudly bounce his head off the underside of the table, which of course, attracted everyones' attention.

I told him that if he had only managed to fart simultaneously he would have elligible for the Embarrassment Hall of Fame.

Was the giant inflatable poop filled with helium?
Or was it a denser substance like vaporized Iron?
Or am i trying too hard to analyze.

Snoopy rests on poop
Dave stands proud in the shadow
my, what is that smell?

poopie loopie ice-cream scoopie

Is it just me, or does Snoopy look like he's flipping the bird? (not Woodstock) Millions of children are traumatized.....

See what happens when Snoopy hovers? It almost gets on Dave.

Boy- with all this serious talk about poop I would swear everyone in the blog has a new-born in the house.

(name) - and if not a newborn, then perhaps a dog. I personally own a 106 pound Doberman Pooper.

Now that I look closely at the picture, I'm not entirely sure that Snoopy isn't flipping us the Woodstock, IYKWIM. Though, to be fair to Snoopy, you can't possibly point your middle finger at someone when you only have 4 fingers.

dave started it.

poop poop poopy poo poo

Which just goes to prove my point.

Men claim they never fart; they just always happen to be standing by a dog who did.

Since you are in the neighborhood, it would be a SHAME to miss the SPAM Museum! I know that standing under a giant SPAM always makes ME feel inadequate, and since this seems to be "Dave's Inadequate Tour - 2005" ....Go4it !

the guy in the front left corner of the picture appears suspicious to me.

I think it's the combination of the backpack and the extreme hair loss.

are you thinking what I'm thinking?

are these things going to be in the macy's parade? is that their one time to leave minne-sota?

Know what you mean. I have travelled around the world, and if there (not their or they're) is one thing I have learned, it is this. Evil does not come from [edited by request] or any such group.

Evil comes from Microsoft.

And so are you by repeating all those words - unnecessary and done to serve some evil tittilation of your own -

get out of here - we are nice people

Not - Please accept apology, did not mean to offend. Put the words in quotes to emphasize that I do not use them. Poor taste. Not again.

not - please reread and check your (not you're) sense of humo(u)r.

(name) - I got the joke, but there are some people who really take offense at anything that might possibly be construed as having some semblance of being vaguely politically incorrect... please refrain from trying to be funny in the future.

Your resident queer,

Politically Correct!?

This blog?

*tries not to be funny*

"Politically incorrect" is not the problem -I know what she/he meant, but seeing those words is offensive whether in quotation marks or not -- there are funny ways to say the same thing without those words

mudstuffin, LOL! You've got to post that other fart story again, unless you already have somewhere else, in which case never mind.

The other night on Leno, he did a segment about "shopping at the 99 cent store". One of the things he'd bought was a candy bar that a foreign company had labeled: "Fart" bar. So last night, we're putting the kids to bed, and the girls heard a "little noise" from somewhere around Dad's vicinity, and the oldest girl asks, "Daddy, did you just cut the cheese?" and I said, "No, honey. Daddy was unwrapping a candy bar."

OK, maybe not funny now, but it was funny then. Guess you had to be there.

Aunt Nance: I'm sure he was standing next to the dog at the time.

Amy!!! Nice to see you! How are you?

Busy being the mistress of the night. If you know what I mean.

Losing my mind.


Hmm, pictures not working on the new blog...

Snoopy Poopy !

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