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July 28, 2005


...you read something like this.


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Giant Squid anagrams to icky, squishy phallic fish

The giant squid's only known enemy is the sperm whale. Whales have been found with squid in their stomachs, and battle scars believed caused by its suckers.

*wants to make a comment about this, but is unable to formulate one. suffice to say a comment is needed*



"accidental self-ingestion" WBAGNF something, I'm just not sure what.

Well, what else are you gonna eat down there? The takeout stinks.

haaaa cannibalimari, whaaaahaa. with white or red sauce?

See, this is what happens when you introduce slang to other species. The whole "eat me" thing goes right over their heads, or into their mouths, or something.

Hey, EVERYBODY loves a good plate of Calamari.

The Giant Squid Sucker Scars WBAGNFARB.

"Mmmmmmm! We taste just like chicken!"

...and battle scars believed caused by its suckers.

Humans get those too. They're called Hickies!

And all too often the scares last a long time...

I'm not sure how they can stand eating each other without tartar sauce and chips.

[MORE] Sperm whales with battle scars believed caused by its suckers.

If I were a betting man, I'd say the scars were left by the beaks. Suckers good. Beaks bad!

Make that scars.... mumblemumblemumble

What's a squid to do about
Calamari bites

Squiddles piddles inky-do
ookey gookey slimey too

MeThinks that was a haiku snif?

"They have eight arms as thick as fire hoses and large and complex brains."

I think I'm in love.

Wait a minute...fire hoses...sperm whales...suckers??? Is this some kind of marine biologist porn site?

bbescuela, my Net Nazis software didn't catch it!

a true squid haiku...
tentacles long with suckers
where's my pet sperm whale?


And here I thought sperm whales only ate lost seamen.

Nah, that was Rod Stewart.

Leetie -

Careful, Leetie. Trystan may come and shake his finger at you ;)

I have a few battle scars from my, umm, suckers

"scientist Simon Jarmon said while the study could not rule out accidental self-ingestion"

i wonder, do the tentacles regenerate like lizard tails and starfish arms? perhaps they are completely self sustaining. ewwwwwwwwwwww.

Duly noted, DJ.

*eats some more pop rocks*

The giant squid is the world's largest invertebrate, believed to grow up to 18m in length and weighing up to 900kg.

In other words, giant, spineless weenies.

*I hope this doesn't double post*

Re: "accidental self-ingestion"

SQUID1: Yum!

SQUID2: Hey, you just ate one of your tentacles, or whatever those things are called!

SQUID1: Damn! I hate it when that happens. It was good, though.

SQUID2: We really need to develop better brains.


It's not the weight, it's the circumference.

Damn blog is screwing up the punchlines. (It's all in the timing!)

Must be different time zone problem, Jeff.
That's weird.

*hands Leetie a Coke*

(Re: Brainy's link) The suckers have teeth!


*Snorks* to GDogg & Chianca & Snif & Mike & oh hell the whole thread's hilarious!

"accidental self-ingestion"

I hate it when this happens!

Good thing I brought the laptop...

Well jamester - at least you're (ny) almost out.

Well jamester - at least you're (ny) almost out.

I don't yet see the fabled "light at the end of the tunnel"...

They Might Be Giant(Cannibalistic Squid)s wbagnfarb. Unless it's already taken or something? ;-)

Accidental self-ingestion.

Geez. I thought I was a klutz.

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