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July 22, 2005


We're done here.

(Thanks to Prairie Dog)


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This kinda makes me imagine what the mug shot of the outhouse dweller looked like.

My girlfriend thinks hers is solid gold.

didja click on all of the "this one" links? some real winners there. Especially the midget one.

I ♥ midget porn truly is a choice t-shirt to be busted in.

Likewise, spraying evidence of your clear and brazen stupidity all over your face is pretty classy, too.

Goodness know what y'all would be saying about the guy if the spray paint had been brown.

Chocolate, indeed!

sct, I actually did click on some. I like the 'tongue out' & 'bird flipping' mugs (of the same person no less) myself.

Note to Mr. Tribett:
When C3PO says, "Kiss my butt", it is just an expression.

Thank you for the pics. I may now feel much better about myself. Maybe we should introduce them to blogging. A much better addicti.... I mean hobby.

Woo hoo, I got one in!

Actually my favorite is the white paint guy. He looks like the loser in a pie fighting contest.

Woo hoo, I got one in!

Actually my favorite is the white paint guy. He looks like the loser in a pie fighting contest.

sj - nice call. That guy looks like the typical first contestant of the ol' bite-the-nail-in-half party trick.

Prosecutor: Your Honor, the defendant in this case is charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication.
Judge: Defendant, how do you plead?
Female Defendant: Not guilty, Your Honor.
Prosecutor: Here are the results of this defendant's tox screen. She had a blood alcohol level of .22.
Judge: But why are you charging her with disorderly conduct?
Prosecutor: She was standing in the median of a four-lane highway making obscene gestures at passing motorists.
Defendant: You can't prove that!
Prosecutor: Yes, I can. You were making the same gestures as seen in your mug shot photos. *hands photos to judge*
Judge: Hmmmm...I see.
Prosecutor: Also Your Honor, as you can see from the photos, the defendant does not have a mullet.
Judge: I hereby pronounce the defendant guilty and do sentence her to a year of cleaning toilets in snake-infested neighborhoods.
Defendant: But, Your Honor!
Judge: And you must listen to only Barry Manilow music as you work.
Defendant: NOOOOOOO!!!

That is cruel and unusual punishment Aunt Nancy

Gold sniffer
He's the man, the man who's inside too much
He don't hide much!
Such a sloppy whiffer
Gets his jollies from the Home Depot
But he doesn't know.
Golden paint he's got splashed on his face
But he don't think it look out of place....

*sipping his java* deep Insom...deep..

Why gold? Could it have possibly made him feel better about doing this? On the other hand...nevermind.

*leaves deeply in thought*

On the other hand he's earned some "goldwings".

*sorry couldn't resist, forgive me*

"..If I only had a brain"

doo da do do do doooo

I thot he (Goldybeard) looked as if he was about halfway thru the makeup job for the original Planed of the Apes ...

Sheesh! Planet !!!

What planet am I from? Gaaah!

I feel the need to remind the people of this blog that Mr. Tribett has yet to stand trile for any offense and nothing has been proven in a court room. Therefore in mentioning this account you must say he was "Allegedly" huffing gold paint.

Did I really write "trile"???

Me spell bad? That's unpossibile.

cyn- You're a freak! I love it! :)

yeah? me too;D. teehee.



Now go sit in the corner with James and SHUT UP.

*scowls at Bodazhang and James*
*returns to blog*

Cyn, can you link us to

This Is Your Brain With a Side Order of Bacon?

cyn, I thought Miss Piggy was in Cedar's Sinai Hospital in LA for a chitlinectomy!

no. no. she went to st. tropez and fried out instead.

cyn, she's trying valiantly to get over Kermit's comment that his religion doesn't allow him to date pork.

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