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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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*SNORK!* at all of you and LOL @ blue's link ;)

mornin kilties :)

Neo~ Oh my gosh. I can't believe it. What did you do? Button up right there? Make a dash for it, button up and come back? And how did you not feel that it was coming open? Wasn't it a bit drafty? {{{Neo}}} I've never had a judge prof, but I had a stupid lawyer prof. I would have been mortified if that had happened to me.

I had a somewhat similar experience that was more of at "close call" type of thing. I was sitting in a job interview, and the snap closure on the waistline of my pants popped. I was sooo afraid they were going to fall down when I stood up; they were loose as it was. Fortunately either the zipper or my sweater or something held them up long enough for me to get out of the manager's presence and fix it. And I got the job. :-)

neo, if it were during a trial you could at least say "I project!"

insom, the judge'll probably be bound to recuse himself from any trial neo's involved in now.

Your honor, I move that we proceed to the discovery phase.

my skirt fell off me in class one time, when i was standin in the front of the room. it was slightly embarrassing, to say the least.

Oh, suuuuuuuure, sg, you "lost" your kilt, purely by accident.


I didn't realize that was a classroom , S-Girl.

*wide eyed look*

what, kay, ya don't believe that?

and blue, i can't open that at work, so i don't know yet if you're in trouble. i'll get back to ya on that one...

I was singing in front of a very large audience once, and wearing a buttoned shirt. I took a deeeeeeeeeeep breath, and....

.....well. You get the picture.

And *SNORK!* @ you all!

*snork* @ everybody

*dashes off to get dressed*

Bumble, I simply turned my back to him, buttoned up and turned back around. He was a gentleman and didn't mention it. Makes a better story if I forget to mention that part, let everybody think I sat there the whole conversation unbuttoned. ;) Oddly enough, I wasn't mortified and didn't even blush. (I blush at everything.)

I can't imagine accidental striptitude in front of a crowd. Southerngirl, Sharon, you've just given me more nightmare fodder. Thanks for that!

For that matter, I can't imagine intentional striptitude in front of a crowd, either.

*very carefully and quietly says absolutely nothing while looking completely innocently at the ceiling*

*innocently looks at the ceiling, too*

hey sharon...what are we lookin at?

ceilings...nothing more than ceilings...

Ceiling looks a bit bare.

"She has already caught the heart of the nation"
Very true.

Had a bomb scare near my work. At the local highschool. I have seen previous scares, was even in school when one happened. This one felt much scarier.

I think there is someone who really wants to scare police in Yakima. He is using the NEWS stations to make us scared. IT is unknown if he really has any reason to pull any real thing off.

[While Sharon and Southerngirl are busy looking at the ceiling, a mysterious figure in a black cloak runs through and pants them both]


*wonders why everyone is looking at the ceiling*

*looks up*


[Unnoticed by the mysterious figure, her blouse has come unbuttoned while de-pantsing S'girl and Sharon]

(This is shaping up to either be something from Penthouse forum or from a female version of the Three Stooges)

Holy crap! The summer botany class I'm taking in second session to get a lab science credit is going to cost $845.90! Geez! It's not like they're having to order cuttings from the plant in "Little Shop of Horrors." Dr. Steldt told me they mostly take weeds from the school grounds. And that doesn't even include my textbook. What on earth can possibly cost so much???

Well, hiya, Bumble! You weren't there when I started typing. I've noticed that when you tilt your head back to look up at the ceiling like that, your halo falls off.

I know. I was holding on to it. :-D

I know. I was holding on to it. 0:-D

Shoot. Too slow.

Sounds like you were REALLY holding on to it. Good thing. 'Cause around here it'd just get used as a frisbee.

*Lines up for halo frisbee*

*Also lines up to SNORK @ Insom*

Poor insom. Getting snorked at all the time.

Insom, I've been meaning to ask you for quite some time: do you have any unmarried brothers?

Unnoticed by the mysterious figure, her blouse has come unbuttoned while de-pantsing S'girl and Sharon

Posted by: neophyte

so neo's the culprit!!!

unless i'm missin somethin, which would explain my lack of understanding at blue's *snork* at insom...

(but i suspected it was neo, cuz i *groped* randomly as soon as i felt the draft from bein pantsless)

*reaches out, catches halo frisbee*


oh, (and after heinzing a bit more, let me say "never mind" to my above cluelessness as it related to insom, cuz i wanted to *snork* at him earlier for that annoying lovely earworm), but i just wondered...

*dangles halo frisbee in a tantalizing manner*

♫ who wants it? ♫

S'girl, I'm not sure it's safe to ask "who wants it" while you're standing there in your unmentionables.

(and btw, thanks for the grope!)

Ha. I wasn't wearing any pants.

So neener!

*catches the halo-frisbee*

MAN this thing is beat up! I think we need a new one.

Good luck getting one. >;-)

bumble, you're bein a smart@ss now, just sayin, and NTTAWWT ;)

and neo, why not? apparently it's just us gals here, and i can feel safe in my unmentionables around y'all, yes?

or, maybe not? ;)

besides, sharon's in her unmentionables too, so...

wait, does that make things safer, or even more dangerous?


*runs away*


Since when is that unusual here? ;-)

The rare and elusive Sarah-simul!

How're things out west?

Very busy and unfortunately in bloom

*goes in search of more advil and benadryl*

Also, not very exciting, except that my brother might come to visit me sometime this summer if my parents can find him a ride. And my dad's in India for April and is going back 4-5 more times by the end of july and I don't get to go :(

In sad news, my kitty died last week, but my brother was super-sweet about it. My phone was turned off all day because I'd been in class for 9 hours, so I didn't get my mom's message telling me, but he called to make sure I was doing okay and wasn't too sad. He's the cutest brother ever.


I hope things start looking up. And your brother does sound awfully sweet.

It's good to see you. We miss you 'round here. :-)

poor sarah's kitty :(

sorry, neo., i've got no brothers, married or not...
(two sisters, how else do you think i've got this extraordinary insight into women ? *chortlechortlechucklenort*)

and i don't think of it as *snork*ing with me, so much as *snork*ing at me.



NEW WORD!! Heeeeeee!

And I think insom just saw me in my unmentionables. Just sayin'.

{{sarah!!}} I'm so sorry about your kitty, and I'm glad you have such a wonderful brother.

how else do you think i've got this extraordinary insight into women?

uh, yeah...sure...

*snorks at or with insom, whichever he prefers*

and since it's friday, blog time, let me be the FIRST to toss my pants into/onto/under the kilt

nite kilties

Oh, and......

*gives Bumble a BIG little-sistah hug!*

.....What? Did you think I was going to flame you for THAT?? Nah...I know I lost my right to a halo a looooooooong time ago.

Aw, Sarah, I'm sorry about the kitty too. I know how hard it is to lose one. :(

Insomniac, no brothers? Well rats, is all I have to say. (Well rats are less vicious than ship rats, but soggier than run-of-the-mill rats.) Well rats and chucklenort.

The kitty was 17 years old, had lost the ability to meow, had arthritis in his legs, and failing kidneys, and I'm glad he isn't suffering anymore. It's only sad because I was 5 when we got him.

I'm still wearing pants, it's not time for bed quite yet.

A halo of flames? Ask for Cherub.

Sarah- sorry about your cat. It seems you have a keeper of a brother though.

Breaking happy news!!

I'm done grading for the semester as of about a minute ago!!
YAY! for not having to grade anything for the next two months!!!


Daleks on Red Dwarf.
Lets see who here gets the full joke. And which episode it is from.

Very sorry for the kitty news, Sarah. Hope you get to pick a new one soon.

I too am glad that I don't have to grade any papers.

*Reminds self that he is neither an actual nor an aspiring teacher (OK, Self IS a teacher, but..... oh, YAYs all around!)*

And I think insom just saw me in my unmentionables. Just sayin'.

Posted by: sharon share-alike | 12:21 AM on April 13, 2007

Maybe he won't mention it.


Alfred~ Those things look like something out of Dr. Who, but I've got no idea what a Red Dwarf has to do with anything, so no, I don't get it. :-)

UPS says the tracking number Amazon gave me isn't valid. How rude.

*calls sister to see if she got her Christmas present yet*

Well, I knew someone would mention it.


G'mornin', Kilties!

Hi, Guys.

Rotten, busy day here, so I can only stop by to give Sharon an honorable mention, and then I have to scoot. Or scat. Or something.


shoo bee de doo bop...

Why is "scat" singing nonsense syllables, anyway? You want the singer to hurry home? Or you think he or she is singing s***?

Dang. Now I'm craving jazz. (Not Jazzzz)

Scat as in...

doobie do da wap wap, da bee da boo de doo baaaaa....

Or........scat as in




Take deep breaths and eat some Krispy Kremes on your lunch break. It'll all come out okay.

*scampers off to get dressed for work*

'Nother day, 'nother Wexler demo. 'Nother batch of non-shopping teens to ruin conversion.




No, wait. That's Scrat.

Sharon, we are just THAT good.

Or else predictable.

I'm going with "good." :)

To add to the list of gross things eaten in Thailand (so far the list includes scorpions and rats)

"So in the US there's an expensive lizard that some people keep as pets called "tokay gecko." They get the name "tokay" from the sound that they make at night. Here, they're household pests. Thai people are scared to death of them, and they will bite if you're not careful. When we got home Tuesday night there was one on our outside gate. I caught it with an old shirt and put it in a bucket until Elder Tanachai got home. I asked him what we should do with it. He said we could skin it and keep the skin. I said, well, if we're going to kill it, we have to eat it too... So, I killed it with a knife, we skinned it, and then we deep-fried it with garlic and pepper. It was delicious, but there wasn't a whole lot of meat on it. The local members were shocked to hear what I had done, thought I don't know why, because they sell the lizards as food at the market. Hopefully the skin will dry out successfully so I can send it home. "
Also this week he sent a recipe for a Thai chicken curry soup, which he makes with whatever meat they get, not just chicken, even though there are a lot of chickens in the Issan region. It's really good, I made it yesterday.

because it's 'scat'tered? or delievered in a 'scat'tergun fashion?

*dashes in just long enough to *grope* anybody who happens to be nearby*

*also, to wonder why i am no longer being remembered by pype tad*

*conveniently arranges happens to be nearby*

*gets in on the gropin'*

Hey...I'm having the same issues! (Pype-tad, not groping, sillies). Though it seems to remember me now.

Hey insom...want a glass of muscat?

And let us do say resquiescat in pace for the passing of brilliant writer Kurt Vonnegut.

Egad! A glass what?

kurt vonnegut "and so he went"

SarahJ- Your brother is quite brave. I never told my parents what I ate. My second week in, I am fairly certain it was dog that I ate.
The Tokay Gecko can be poisonous. Or thats the held belief anyway. They are a lot like rats, so it could just be what was around them.

Bumble- This is Red Dwarf.
I watched the show so much, I would quote it on my mission. Seattle has a huge following for the show. PAtrick Stewart hosted a Red Dwarf convention.

Did you know you have to deal with people when you work retail? And that they're sometimes annoying or downright rude? Shocking. I didn't bargain for that kind of crap.

*goes to lie down*

*wonders if she'll get up again*

Did you know it took you a while to say that. I would guess that you have been watching Red Dwarf.

And yes, I understand retail. I work at an optical. People would punch me if they knew were I was.


Why couldn't it have been Kochanski?

Oh, but it is..

Greetings, Kiltheads. Today is expected to be a nice, if somewhat chilly, day here in the NE, that turns into a monsoon overnight where I live, and into a blizzard further north and east.

Isn't nature just grand?

*raises hand from that region north of Blue, where the monsoon is expected to hit just in time for the B0ston Marath0n*

Ain't hypothermia grand?

You were planning on spectating, I gather?

mornin kilties

76 degrees and rain here.

ain't that grand?

*loves kay a warm raincoat and an umbrella*

There are times when I just want to give nature a solid smack upside the head.

Blue - yes, I have always wanted to attempt to run it, but my right knee will not allow such silliness. It is an amazing event to watch live from the roadside, but now I plan to spectate the TV coverage, which will undoubtedly feature tours of the medical tent, as they're talking 40 degrees, freezing rain, and 50 mph windgusts.

Ahhh, spring!

*Gives KDF a solid smack upside the right knee*

*prepares icepack*

*solidly smacks Blue upside the monsoon*

Hey! That was below the Equator!

well, you have to allow her some latitude...

dang. Insom, you're quite sure about the "no brother" thing?

Hooray!! I made my teacher cry!!!


Lest I be misconstrued, I nominated her for a teaching award. She won. My nomination letter made her cry.

*is proud to make her teacher cry*

oh,good, i thought it involved hitting them in the tropic of capricorn...

Least it wasn't cancer.

hey, i'm a cancer!

and i meant of the zodiac sort, in case Blue any of you were thinkin of makin a smart remark. ;P

(i was continuing in he 'below the equator' vein...)

I'd rather allow her some longitude, actually.

*drops Blue on his axis*


*rotates on axis*

*suddenly feels dizzy*

*chews some Orbit gum*

....Huh? Whassat? Puns? Oh no...I'm just chewin' my gum....

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