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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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blue, i think cold water and the resulting small tiny little things would be more of a personal problem for you.

just sayin, and NTTAWWT. ;)

I have to go talk to a teacher today.
Who also happens to be a judge.
So I have to go meet him at the courthouse.
In his chambers.

The whole idea scares me peepless.

*fantasizes about sending students to jail for contempt of trig*

neo, just imagine him with nothing on under his kilt robe, and you should be fine.

either that, or you'll start laughin, and he'll find you in contempt...

um...good luck, neo!

Not exactly, Bumble....consonance is still a repetition of the same sound, but just not at the beginning. The sound can occur anywhere within the word.

I think you're thinking of "dissonance."

Blue Peeps?? You gots blue Peeps, s-girl??


Neo, you'll be fine just so long as you don't touch his gavel. But just in case....

*loves Neo one "get out of jail free" card*

nah, no blue peeps...

just a "peeper" of the Blue variety. ;)

Well...still lucky!

'cept that he ran off with my towel...

*snork* @ insom

Not exactly, Bumble....consonance is still a repetition of the same sound, but just not at the beginning. The sound can occur anywhere within the word.

Posted by: sharon share-alike | 12:02 PM on April 9, 2007

Oh. I didn't think it could occur anywhere in the word. I thought consonance was the repetition of the ending sound, like mushy and pushy. Or if'll you'll all. :-)


1. the repetition of consonants (or consonant patterns) especially at the ends of words

"Especially." Okay, so not necessarily then. Got it. :-)

Nope...anywhere in the word. Including the ending, of course, which is probably the most prevalent use of it. But technically, the repeated sound can take place anywhere, and it doesn't have to be the same place for each word.

are you makin fun of me, bumble bea?


i'm glad ya showed up...i was startin to think the idea of me "towel-less" scared everybody off...

s-girl~ Never! About the making fun of you, not the towel-less scaring thing. But I don't think you'd scare anyone off. Certainly TCK would stay, if no one else. And probably Ado & Blue, too. ;-)

*hands s-girl a big, warm, fluffy blue towel*

sharon~ 'kay. I get it now. Should've studied the list more in lit class. Anyone wanna know about oxymorons? Caesura? Hyperbole? Deus ex machina?

Hey! Where are you going? Come back! It's not like I'm towel-less or something.

*pouts like a child in a toy store shopping for someone else's birthday present with a stern mother who won't buy him anything (which is a really long simile)*

YAY! Oxymorons, how I love them. My favorite.

*Knows where S-Girl's towel is*

Dayum, that's no oxymoron, THIS is!

*Proceeds to bot*

"lady rams"


my favorite oxymoron is Blue!

and speakin of blue...if ya don't give me my towel, i'm gonna have to go searchin for it.

just a promise a warning sayin.

Now THAT is an oxy moron!

Let the towel search commence!

*searches behind Kiltie Couch™*

*searches behind Kilt Bar™*

*searches behind Blue™*


now blue, if you're gonna attempt to hide a towel, wrappin it around your waist isn't the best idea.

cuz ya know we're gonna look there! and, cuz towels don't stay wrapped around waists so well...

*grabs blue's...towel*

*runs off grinning*

*Reveals ..... auxiliary back-up towel!*

Because, frankly, one just isn't sufficient.

(Heh, heh, he said "frankly")

Okay, long story short: I'm back. I finally found the kilt after losing it for a very short time.

Let the perviness continue.

... so those of you with email from me can disregard.

*waves to ado*

a daytime appearance!

and don't listen to blue, i grabbed his "auxilliary backup towel" at the same time. ;)

Shooooooooot. Iknowit.

psst...ado...i think in a couple of cases, it's too late!

Yeah, I guessed that. But I had to try.

And let me say, you towel-less would never scare me off.

`/0|_| |<\\0\\/ \\/||47 1 //\34\\?

Losing one's towel, losing one's Kilt. No wonder we like it here.

Will wonders never cease? I've been active on the MB today. I may even partake in the 24 shennanigans.

neo, just imagine him with nothing on under his kilt robe, and you should be fine.

Welllll.... it wasn't QUITE like that. But I WAS half undressed in the judge's chambers.


Methinks a Penthouse Forum letter begins that way.

*tackles ado and absconds with his kilt, towel and robe*


Haha. You thought that wasn't my plan all along? Now I get to enjoy the cooling breezes blowing through the kilt.

ado, i think i actually understood that, kwim?

neo: details. that is all.

heeheehee...bumble said "absconds"...

oooh...a simul with a kilt-less adonis...

this evening is looking up better already!

Yes sg,I (4\\ |_|\\|)3|2574\\|) `/0|_| |*3|2|=3(71`/.

BTW, kiltless simuls are the best.

I can understand SG perfectly too. It's Ado who's getting my 3*/3'5 crossed.


0`/! //\012E 1EE+!

Snork! I can't speak l33t it seems. As I said... oy.

I got it neo.

4\\|) 1//\ 50|2|2`/. 1|_|_ (||1|_|_ 7||3 1337.

*has no idea what anything means*

*goes back to watching the premiere of "Thank God You're Here"*

Ado, feel free to keep 133+-ing... but I just may not always take time to translate, since my few remaining old brain cells seem to be taxed to their limits these days.

The scary thing is that I have to read my current textbook just about as slowly as I read 133+, and struggle just as hard to understand it! :)

YAYYY!!! My laptop is working again!

Geez, it's amazing how anxious I get without it. Laptop withdrawal....


60 4h34d 4nd p|4y w17h y0ur |177|3 |337 k3y5 7h3r3 4d0. 1 h4v3 n0 pr08|3m5 wh47 50 3v3r. 1n f4(7, 1 h4v3 4 7r4n5|4710n6 d3v1(3. 7h0u6h7 1 h4v3 d15(0v3r3d 7h47 7h3r3 4r3 d1ff3r3n7 f0rm5 0f |337 50 17 6375 k1nd 0f (0nfu51n6.
|{n0w wh47 1 4m 54y1n6.

In other news, I found a place for my cow machinations.

Morning Kilties!!

*sets out yummy breakfast goodies and coffee for sleepyhead kilties*

Alfred...Duuuude! You found a crystal lab!

mmmm...thanks for the coffee, sistah!

*wonders just how much betsy knows about crystal labs*

These dog breeders are getting more and more outrageous. A crystal lab is just way over the top.

Meanie~ That's what came to my mind when they said lab: the dog. I just couldn't think of a good joke. Get out of my head, sir! ;-)

Kicked out of yet another head. Now where do I go?

not here, please ;P

*hugs Blue*

You can stay if you want, but you're not going to want to considering the stuff I'm about to put in my head.

*wanders off to study for a test*

Seems like that's all I ever do.


Fine. I'll stay out of yours if you'll stay out of mine.

psst...blue...linky no worky...

Plan B: ye olde copy and pasty -


Worked for me!

Try cutting and pasting? http://www.worth1000.com/entries/94500/94557uaCY_w.jpg

Who's in who's head now? Great-minds-think-alike-simul!

*tries cutting and pasting*

That worked.


*goes back to studying with a giggle*

Dang. Now everything looks like leet.

I'm reading Blue's link, but what the heck is gasoo gasstuacy?

ok, that's just creepy.

And on second glance, this picture disturbs me. I see what appears to be a baseball bat by her right ankle and a knife in her hand. Blue, WHAT are you thinking?!

(Maybe this is really like a Rorschach test?)

Okay, I didn't cut and paste the link yet, thinking I'd do it after reading the rest of the comments, but...now I'm not so sure I wanna.

Sounds yicky. Not that I'm a fastidious dragon or anything, but.....

sharon~ It's an x-ray of a man's head. It has a tiny brain with a big woman shape sitting on it. I figured the implication was that women were mostly what men thought about. I kinda see the bat, but I'm not sure about this knife neo sees. I'm thinking she's right about the Rorschach thing, but I thought it was funny. :-)

Not to worry, Sharon. What Neo describes is in fact there if you look very closely or enlarge the image, which I had not. If you just look at the overall image without trying to find those items, you'll see what I was jokingly getting at without meaning to suggest anything of a yickier nature.

I know Neo was joking when she implied something more, but she's right that they are in fact in the image. If I'd have noticed, I would have either mentioned them or not used the image.

Okay, I looked. I thought the "knife" was her hand and the "bat" was something chaining her ankle to the guy's brain.


To add to Bumble's explanation, it was a riff on the "get out of my head" theme that we had just gotten on.

I thought it was a very cute riff on what's always on a guy's mind. Which means baseball (or sport of choice) would be up there along with women. I was just trying to be silly; from the common jokes about the Rorshach tests, they tend to find that the testee is always disturbed, seeing sex and violence in everything, thus my comparison of the two... implicating MYSELF as being disturbed...

ah never mind. I should have left it at: Cute link, Blue!

Sign up now for Biology 101. First lesson: how to dissect a joke until it no longer has any humor whatsoever.

neo said 'testee', hee-hee...

Hee hee, insom said 'hee-hee'!!!

He said What????!!!

He said he was a he. Which we knew all along.

Or I knew it anyway. I've seen his picture. :-)

Good morning, Kilt!

*steps in to tame the furniture*

By the way: Old lion tamers used to use a whip and a chair to "tame" the lions. I think using a chair to tame this couch is working at cross purposes.

Hi, Neo and all Kilties. That is nasty-looking furniture, but no worse than THIS.

THIS is about the most I can handle, and even that is iffy.

Here we go again: copy & paste time: http://image03.webshots.com/3/8/9/51/11380951movitVbEWt_ph.jpg

That reminds me of the nasty dog my piano teacher used to have. I used to sit with her mother when she (the teacher) had to go out because she (the mother) couldn't be left alone. The house was practically a dog sanctuary. My teacher and her sister never turned away a stray dog to my knowledge, and they had about eight at one time. Anyway, sometimes I'd have to vacate my chair to help her mother to the bathroom, and one of the dogs would try to annex it. Especially Sissy. She was a spoiled, ugly and temperamental bit of dirty white fluff. My teacher always told me to just grab her collar and pull her out of the chair. So I go to do that one day, and she growls and snaps at me. I got behind the chair and pushed it until it was almost upside down and she fell out. I resumed my seat and read my book and she went off to pout in the corner. Victory!

Bumble, the Sissy tamer?


Yes, I suppose so. :-)


Not the most inviting furniture I've ever seen there, neo!

Morning, Kilties! It's gray, cold, and rainy here today, and I just want to curl up on the Couch 'o Laziassiness (tm thingie)™ today and not even bother going to work.

Can I? Huh? Can I pleeeeeeease??

Dang. Later Kilties.

*Bundles up little Sharon, gives her her lunchbox, and deposits her on school bus*

Oooo! And it's my very favorite lunchbox, too!

Thanks, Blue!

*looks around....*

*is lonely*

Are you done with your homework?

hiya kilties

just got home, and now the second shift begins...


You need some of THIS (make it myself), SG, with a bit of enhancement.

oh, thanks, blue! the first one i wasn't too sure about, but with the JD as incentive, i'll try anything, at least once. ;)

Yes, my homework's done. Now can I have a cookie?

*loves Sharon a snickerdoodle*

*decides to have one herself*

Did I tell you about flashing the judge the other day? I told somebody, but can't remember who.
If I told you, I'm telling again.

I went to meet my teacher to discuss class. The teacher happens to be a judge, so I went to his courtroom. When he summoned me back to his chambers, I had to gather my things. In order to make carrying easier, I slung my purse across my neck. The strap drug across my blouse, pulling on my buttons, but of course I didn't realize this. By the time I got to the judge's chambers I was unbuttoned to the waist. Yes, I flashed the judge.

I've either earned myself an A or an F in that class.

And here are the top ten things that SHOULD be said after flashing a judge:

10. "Your Honor, I just wanted to keep you abreast of the situation in class."
9. "Wow, do I feel like a real boob!"
8. "Your Honor, there are a few things I'd like to get off my chest."
7. "Sir, let me very open with you."
6. "Judge, I'm afraid that last assignment has left me rather undone."
5. "Sir, I asked to meet with you to discuss a couple of ‘issues’ that have presented themselves.”
4. "Thank you for meeting with me, Your Honor, so I could have the chance to bare my soul....and a couple of other things as well.....”
3. "Your Honor, there are just two points I'd like to discuss."
2. “Sir, the last assignment has exposed a couple of big problems that I’d like you to take a look at.”
1. “Judge, I don't mean to make mountains out of molehills here, but about that last assignment...”

Yes, I am very, very, very bad. I admit it. But come on. Exposed in front of a teacher is the stuff nightmares are made out of. At least I need the therapy of laughing about it, right?!

Oh. My. Gawd.




Neo...have I told you how much I adore you? Thanks for the laugh...I very much needed it tonight.

*smooch* Glad to be of service, ma'am. ;)

I stopped fearing what my class mates saw when I had to be a caveman for a play.
I was down to my skivies.
Kept everyone abreast of my problems.

The next play I was in a dinosaur costume, then in a toga, and then as a drunk business man.

Drama class lets you see a whole new world. A lot of them are moons.

It appears that Vonegut is dead.

I hope he enjoys writing in heaven. No slaughterhauses, so he might be bored.

It appears that Alfred has issued another gem.

Top ten SNORKs @ our flasher, not to be confused with


As I was saying..... not to be confused with THE Flasher.

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