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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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nice hairflip, bumble ;)

Thanks. It would've been smoother if it hadn't been so singed. :-)


Look, I'm SORRY about that, okay? I forgot my pilot light was on.


*hugs all Kilties*

*sends good travel karma to her sistah*

so, can you light a ciggy with that thing?

um, without torching the person holdin the ciggy?

cant find my damn lighter again, and if i dont get this thing lit soon, well, lets just say i could get a wee bit irritable

hard to beleive, i know, but....

name change

you lost it...again?!? ;)

My pyrotechnic aim and acumen are legendary, TC.


*lights TC's ciggy*

There you go. *smooch*


*dashes off to work*

Type to you later!

yes. i lost it again. i have no doubt that after i find it, i will lose it yet again. i've been losin it and findin it and losin it again for a good 15 years now. it's become somewhat of a habit

and thanks dragon bud :)

Belated thank-you for my retro-snork, KDF. I'm glad someone's paying attention.

Have a great time shocking your mom, and hanging out with your scurrilous brothers, and generally whooping it up, while we breathe our onions and search for our lighters and keep ourselves as unsinged as possible. A full report is expected.

were you sayin somethin, blue? ;)

Oops...I didn't pay attention.

How much do I ow?


how much do I 'ow'?

how much do I owe?

two questions a woman doesn't want to hear after sharing an intimate moment...

I think it would go something more like this....

Man: "How much do I owe?"

.......menacing pause

Man: "Well...?? How much do I...OW!!"

Just sayin'.


*snork* @ sharon

*wanders off in search of leftover pizza*

Is the moon still full? All the weirdos and annoying people were out on the prowl tonight.

Have I mentioned how much fun it is to work in retail?

*hopes the above is dripping with sarcasm as was the intention*

not all the weirdos...i've been home all night!

meh, its retail. The other day at work, we had a lady with a full beard.
Then there was the couple that brought in a wooden chest. When it opened they both said, "Ooh". They had a coupon in it. I wish I knew they where joking.

Pssst...Bumble...don't listen to insom. He HAS been prowling tonight, but just on the Kilt!

*hugs insom*

I know you'll be dreadfully disappointed to hear it, but you are quite normal compared to the whack job I had in the store tonight. If you want to be considered a weirdo in my book you're going to have to work a little harder at it.

But being an instructor of the math persuasion, I doubt you'll have much difficulty. ;-)

I'll tell you all about this crazy of whom I speak once I've been fortified with some leftover pizza.

Alfred~ Where do you work?

Ahh Pizza! helps you find your special place.

My Dad's optical. He is one of the only people that actually takes care of people with medical coupons and insurance. Some of the customers are just poor.
Others are poor for a reason.

today I had a customer step 3 feet away from the door out side and lite a roach. She was the mother in the room.

And I just offended everyone once again.

I am such a nerd that it took me several minutes to understand. I thought you meant a roach. You know, the insect. I was going to link to a photo but I googled for pictures and now I've got the heebie jeebies. And as much as they creep me out, the thought of lighting one on fire is even nastier.

Did I creep you all out, too?

To be honest, I didn't know what a roach was until a commercial told me about it. It was an anti drug campaign. It said that most teenagers find out what it is at the age of 14. I was 16. I guess it is better to be informed.

Now I am wondering what my Biology teacher would be thinking about the subject.

*knows what a roach is*

But I'm STILL a nerd! I swear it!

And no, neo...you could NEVER creep me out.


Yeah, smoking a roach.


quick. Brain bleach. Ack.

I knew what it was going to be. I did! And yet I clicked anyway.


By the way, I see that my "Last poster" honorific showed up on my name a few posts ago. (It seems to be random.) Dave D is having a competition over on the LAST thread. Wysiwyg is determined to win. (Do you all know Wysi?) Anyway, I'd like to see him tromped soundly. So, can I send out a plea to you all, to please come participate?

Happy Birthday Alfred!

Cyn- wow. You figured out I was 26 and everything. And my love of flying is right there as well.

Would love to own a dirigible too.

Sorry Neo. It was a very fast joke. It took me all of 15 minutes to make that. But some one had to make the picture.

Just figured out how you knew it was my B-Day

Happy Birthday Alfred!

I just stopped by to wish Alfred a Happy Birthday.

*zips out*

SuperSNORK@ the Flying Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday, Alfred!

Ummm, which one are you , again?

*Special wave to the Zipper*

happy birthday, alfred!

*wonders if tiger will win one for the zipper"

Happy b-day alfred!

*groans @ insom*

Many thanks to the ever-gracious Eleanor for directing me to the ever-elusive Kilt. Without her help I couldn't get here to wish Alfred an incredibly, overwhelmingly, intensely
Alfred, remember to check your cow at the door. You wouldn't want her to explode when those candles get lit.

(((((((all kilties))))))))

The cows are specially built to not light on fire. She has chain flame throwers hooked on her udders after all.

Wow. So much love.


I'm sorry to get to the party so late. Judging from the size of the cake, I'd guess there's a slice left?

I hope this year is your best year yet. (And the one after that, even better still!)

Can we **SMOOCH** the birthday boy?

*sweep, sweep*

Hmm...methinks neo is being a tad emphatic today.


Hey! I've been outswept!

Hm. Well we have an extra-clean kilt today.

go ahead

If I may be so bold

I DID close that tag. I did! But obviously I didn't. Sorry about that.


Thanks neo.

I know I missed it by about a week, but up there on the 3rd there was a lit discussion that I would like to add my part too. First, the Gutenberg Project is awesome.

I live in the midwest where there tends to be more closed minds and closed books than there ought. I started reading classic books, especially those by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, when I was in elementary school because they were epic sci-fi stories.

But now I've come to have a new appreciation for them and their ilk. Their abilities to predict the future are excellent and beyond understanding. (Technological and the ramifications thereof for Verne, Social and the ramifications thereof for Wells) It saddens me that these novels are being passed off as fit only for juvenilles or bad big-budget summer movies. How could you read "Paris in the Twentieth Century" by Verne and not worry about the state of education? Or how about "Of Mice and Men" by Wells and worry about bioscience?

In a wider scope, how can you live your life, at any age, and feel that you've learned enough? How can you look at yourself and say that you have the majority of useful knowledge and you don't need any more? How is it possible to feel smugly satisfied? How can you not want and strive to learn more about everything? I maintain that you can't have a real life and be those things. And I don't mean being interested in the newest season of Survivor, (no offense meant to fans) or other such mindless froth. But that's what our world has become and hopes to attain more of: smaller attention span, more entertainment, less substance, more outlets, less love, more selfishness, less goodness, more things, less wisdom, more knowledge.



Not that I'm bitter or anything.

/unasked-for crazy-person-in-the-park rant.

adonis, I agree with just about everything you've said (except when you said that "Of Mice and Men" was written by Wells...that's a Steinbeck novel). I would only add that this is by no means a new situation. With every innovation/advancement/era comes the "what are we coming to??" question (they did it in the Middle ages, and the Romans weren't too happy when Constantine converted to that whole new-fangled Christianity thing).

As far as I can tell, every major era and period has its "We have all the knowledge we ever need so STOP GOING OUT AND LOOKING FOR MORE BECAUSE YOUR DAMN KNOWLEDGE IS INCONVENIENT TO US!!" mentality. We are no different...and in spite of it all, knowledge does continue to advance.

I hope. And we truly are working hard to preserve what we already have. I'm pretty confident that I'll always have a job, because many people do understand that Shakespeare still has relevance and can teach us things and move us with his (mostly) glorious poetry.

So here's to kicking complacency and smugness in the fanny and continuing to learn new things!

Ooops, you're right ssa. I meant "Food of the Gods". That would make more sense anyway, wouldn't it?

"What, was George a bioscientist? Was that why he worked on a farm?"

Let me say just one more thing:

Complacency scares the h3ll outta me.

heh. Woke up this morning. realized I needed to wash my clothes. Then sat down and vegged with the computer for a while. (Whats a vegetable that mice like?) I did not go to get all the free stuff for a birthday boy. I just didn't feel like doing anything. Fica is the word my roommate calls it.
I only saw the movie over "Of Mice and Men". It was creepy in its own right. I remember reading "East of Eden" and reading about how people were reacting at that time. The thing is, you see everything he wrote about today. Just with new stuff to replace the old.
Kathryn is still a very strong name. I have wondered what people like that have been in my life.
I think the big thing we have to realize, is that not all new stuff is real. So the information we go through - and there is a lot more today then in new york times past- we have to figure out what is going to actually effect us. And what is just some temporary thing. We have typhoons, Y2Ks, and Cartoons to get through.

As just a note. A friend of mine has been studying John Nash's work because of Survivor. So it doesn't really matter were you start, it matters what you do with it.

Oddly enough, John Nash worked on Non Cooperative Game Theory.

He is the guy in A Beautiful Mind.

Yeah, I enjoy mindless froth too. I guess the real problem is where your focus is. Do you think the the mindless froth is the esscence of being or do you realize what it is and attempt to spend the majority of your time elsewhere? I guess that question really defines the cerebral divide.

Seeing as I spend my time imagining all sorts of things. I can't really tell. I mean some of them might become classic, while others will simply disappear.

Froth is the foam of the good stuff. And actually makes it taste a little better. Nothing like freezing froth in a chilled mug of rootbeer.

I am one that believes the reason we have cooking is because of the words, "Dude, dare you to eat it."

Yeah, but you don't scoop out a big glass of pure froth, do you? And continue to do that, demanding that other people do the same and never enjoy the soda from which it comes? Knowing you as little as I do, I answer with a resounding no. Which is why I relate to you (another sign of being on the right side of life). And the cooking thing I totally agree with. Being openminded and willing to take risks, even for a dare, is part of truly being alive.

Existentialism with a purpose? Or porpoise, whatever.

I love how porpoi and popeye sound alike.

reading a book on modelism for biology. I suddenly realized while reading it, that I could probably get a few credits by just showing the stuff I have worked on. Thus making this quarter a little more bearable. I know i can't handle a bear. They should go back to there bear colonies.

I am certain that some one was enjoying some froth when they said, "Man, this would taste good iced and with syrup." and thus Ice cream was made.

Makes you rethink Root Beer floats in an existential sense doesn't it.

hitting the sack.

Peace man.

Nah, I think you could always examine rootbeer floats in an existential way, if I understand the philosophy correctly. It does bring up interesting virtue-normative ethics questions though.

I mean, what kind of world are we demanding where having rootbeer floats is an indicator of morality?

A kiltie kind, definitely.

And how about the ice cream? An illustration for the power of inventiveness or blind luck?

Both, hopefully.

But what does the glass signify? That we all need to live within societal norms, or that even the most closed-minded have shining moments of lucidity where they can see outside their self-created prison?

Agin, hopefully both.

There's more, but I'm too tired to think of them. There's always more, that's what's so great ...

Good night, er, morning.

Good morning back atcha, and at all kilties!

On our literary/end-of-civilization note, I try hard NOT to see the current balance of content vs. froth as a manifestatioin of Orwell's prescience in "1984" (Reality is held in the hands of the few; the rest of us -- the proles -- are to be kept amused with lowest common denominator fripperies and mindless pap), and just when I'm really gettin' depressed, I think, "Yeah...but WE have the Internet"!

Truth is not a closely held commodity; it's out there -- now, OUR job, should we choose to accept it, is simply to identify it. Oy vey.

/end pent-up rant.

And a Happy EastOver/People's Vernal Festival to all!

Quick Easter greetings to my literate yet sometimes frothy Kiltmates.

The "more" might include the straw, or the spoon, Ado' ... merely ... thinkin' of whut's fer breakfast ...

Or perhaps it's my frothy yet sometimes literate Kiltmates?

Happy Easter everybody. Glad I found you yet again, frothy or not. Anybody fixin' anything special for the blog for Easter? I brought some dyed eggs.

Nothing wrong with froth...long as you don't mistake it for a comprehensive wordview or the basis of a political philosophy.

Up with FROTH! (Fandango-ing Roisterers Of The Happy-go-lucky)


For Reality, O The (H)Umanity ...

*dang ... meant to correct that other item ... really gettin old ... *


And have I mentioned that I love you guys? I have...? Well, I'll just sit quietly over here and mention it again.


Happy Easter kilties!

*smooches* to all

i love you guys, too. :)

"go froth and multiply"

*hehehehehehehehehe @ insom' ... whut else is new?*

Happy Easter! :)

What else is new? Adonis here while the sun is up. That's new. And thanks for the ideas UO. Once more than a handful of neurons are working I'll get right on the socio-philosophical ramifications of those illustrations. I promise. Just give the red bull time to work.

*tackles all kilties and gives them sticky marshmallow peep kisses*

Happy Easter!

I must be a lightweight 'cause I can't have more than three or four boxes of peeps without having stomach problems.


I second that. I only ate two. Peeps. Not boxes of peeps.

Ado, you should have gone to your local B&BW this weekend. We were giving away free peeps with any purchase yesterday. :-)

Along with friendly Bumble-esk employees. :) Sounds good to me.

No, they weren't giving me away. I'd quit. We get some real freaks in that store.


But would you mind if an adonis, a cadillac of men, showed up?

You don't really need to answer that.

No, I really meant that I would have awesome assistance in finding a product.


I *heart* Peeps! And I went to the store today for the express purpose of buying Peeps and...and.....


...there was not a Peep to be had for love or money.

Erm...not that I would have given away my "love" for a mere Peep, mind you....

I also *heart* saying the word "Peep"!!



Dang, that IS fun to say!!


Happy Easter to all my peeps.

Hey, it's still Easter HERE for 15 more minutes! ;)



That last one is one HECK of a peep, neo!


not a peep was heard at my house.
To be honest, I had forgotten what day it was. I was walking around, waiting for my laundry, in my underwear. I was wearing shorts over them, and a bathrobe. But suddenly my roommates family walks in for Easter Dinner.
We have a bigger house then my roommate's parents.

I agree with Sharon, that was quite the peep.

Wrather frothy the peep is.

So my roommate was complimenting himself on adding a new flavor to his mush. It was garlic sauce. And it tasted quite nice.
"Ingenuity drives the man forward!"
"Thats not what you said when I put butter pecan syrup in my macaroni."
"That was insanity, this is genius."

And on the fourth day, he had to go to work. Grrr.

Full disclosure: I don't like Peeps, although I too like to say the word.

I was promoted to genius the day that I invented, on a pure whim, the banana ginger omelet.

mornin kilties

blue, we always knew you were a genius ;)

psst...blue...i don't like peeps either - never have...solidified sugar, if ya ask me.

now if'll you'll all excuse me, i'm headin for the shower (does bumble have all the fluffy towels?!?)after grabbin a cup 'o caffeine, and then i hope to return at some point, at which time i'll be a little less grouchy.

altho it's monday, and i have to go to work, so don't count on that.

y'all just save me a spot on the Couch 'O Crabbiness™ just in case, will ya?

*retrieves extra "lls" and tosses up a space*

(altho "if'll" sounds like an interesting sorta word, yes?)


this does not bode well for my chances as far as mood enhancement...

*really needs coffee*

I thought the whole expression "if'll you'll all" had an interesting ring to it, S-Girl.

Sharon, is there a term in English grammar/writing along the lines of "reverse alliteration", or something? If not, then I claim it. (Wait that would be "noitaretilla", wouldn't it? Never mind....)

*Peeps in shower*

But would you mind if an adonis, a cadillac of men, showed up?

You don't really need to answer that.

No, I really meant that I would have awesome assistance in finding a product.

Posted by: Adonis | 11:39 PM on April 8, 2007

No, I wouldn't. And yes, you would. :-)

My Sunday school teacher came in on Saturday, and I sold her $90 worth of Wexler products. I figured her husband would be fixing me with the evil eye come Sunday, but he was as congenial as usual. I suspect he's used to this sort of thing. :-)

Blue~ I think the word "consonance" covers that phenomenon. Am I correct, oh great dragon of the literary persuasion?

hey, who put these "peeps" in my shower?!?

oh, it's blue...

did ya bring me a fluffy blue towel? ;)

I claim no responsibility for this.

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