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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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Well, you know....quiet with "gusto" and all..... But it was the influence of the surrep, I'm sure.

Blue- Yeah, problems. My last big post was more about what I think about when I think of feminism. And how many times I have met people who claimed to be one thing, and turned out to be another. Darcy.

I will not even try to pernounce the name of that rock band.
A friend wants to name his band, "Free Beer."

I try to do everything with gusto. Though the idea has it's scary parts.

quiet gusto is a very good thing. This way, you can do every thing you want, and no one has evidence you don't want them to see.

That is horrible english.

but you made your point. :)

A point made is not a point saved.
brothers motto. He was a goalie.

It's even worse Spanish.


This made me smile

*SNORK!* @ Blue.

Best not get into what it would say in spanish.

is anyone else dealing with the robot?

I give the robot hell, it gives me hell back. We coexist.

Yeah, and he's dealing from the bottom of the deck. I demand a re-deal!

Near-simul with Blue-boy. Whew!

*fans self (not Self)*

You've got the wrong guy, Bumble.

Hee hee hee....the dog's expression is HIGH-larious!

Um....Blue....the robot gives you "hell"?? That's a rather...erm...intimate relationship you have, isn't it??

*snork* at blue and bumble

and bumble, i'm thinkin Self (not self) is disappointed!

ok, self (not Self) is disappointed, too. ;)

*smooches sharon before she dashes out*

you weren't there a moment a go, sistah!

I'm being surreptitious!

Hee hee...

Alfred, that video made me smile, too. See? :)

Yeah, it was cute.

Blue~ You're sure that's not you as a child?

If that was blue childhood. It was pretty terrible. Dress up indeed.
It is Henshin. And you are forming into your super self.

Santa in the Rennaissance

< a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_V57qepGXM">Perhaps one of the cutest videos ever.

It's the price I am forced to pay to get access to the Kilt and other blog threads, Sharon. It holds the power in this relationship.

*tackles Blue*

You gotta get up early and go to work too? At least we can be miserable and drowsy together.


*gets dressed*

Miserable: check. (Snow. Coming. Down. Aaaaggghhh!)
Drowsy: check. Standard modus operandi.
Bruised: check. (But it's a Bumble/Kilt bruise, so I don't mind)

My autopilot mode starts at 5:30 am, and I am nominally (traffic allowing) at work (OK, sitting at my desk while caffeine sifts its way through my bloodstream, as opposed to "at work") by 7:30 am.



That is all.

miserable: not so much...3 day weekend comin up in 9 hours!
drowsy: duh
bruised: nah,...just confused

mornin kilties :)

sharon, you snuck in there in front of me again.

were you hopin for another *smooch*? ;P

"Blarg"? Is that from Chaucer? Dickens? Milton? Or is it Dragonspeak, perhaps meaning "Who let the sun up?"

*rolls teeny, tiny bit of flame on tongue*


People who ask questions of grumpy dragons who didn't get enough sleep should be prepared to face the consequences. THAT time I just lit the wood stove because it's as cold as an icebox in here, but NEXT time.......

Though in answer to s-girl's question.......a smooch would be nice, thank you!


wow, that was hot ;)

Hee hee...surely you expect nothing less??


After several hours of being awake, one cup of decaf, and a nice salad for lunch, my mood has much improved. I'd still rather be home snuggled up in bed with a good book (and yes, I seriously considered typing something ELSE in there but resisted), but at least now I don't feel like flaming people.

*Removes firefighter garb, stows extinguisher, steps out from insulated space-shuttle-ceramic-tiled enclosure*

Phew! That was making things kinda awkward.

what? i've been waitin here all day, and you're not coming home?

*gets outta blue's way as he runs to the little boys room*

oops, almost tripped over a good book that somebody left lyin around.


Dang! Almost made it.

blue, weren't you ever a boy scout?

don't ya know you should always be prepared?

No, SG, I wasn't. Thus I am neither prepared, trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean nor reverent. I am good at helping ladies across the street, though.

And SNORK! at Fergie's Black Eyed Pees CD.

*snork* at self (not Self)

i didn't even notice that!

i was a boy scout

scouting was great - i smoked my first cigar on a boy scout campout

and, i learned more disinformation about chicks then i even care to share

tc, you share that disinformation with us all the time. ;P

and i smoked my first cigar with my grampa

ok, i just lit it, took one puff, and gave it back, but still...

Hey, that counts in my book, s-girl.

Now....where IS my book.....???

i got tired of waitin for all that promised snuggling

i think somebody stuck it under my bed.



i drank my first moonshine with my grampa

*and then snorks*

must be a funny book...

I never got to meet my grampas. I had to learn moonshine-drinking on my own, but I hope they would be proud of me.

there you are, blue!

take back what you said earlier, about all the things you aren't!

course i'm a funny book

also a good book - i'll make you laugh, i'll make you cry

*Wonders how many Brownies TC tasted*

hmmmm...i don't know if i'd want to read a book that would make me cry...

*fingers pages*

.....WHAT??? You've never fingered through a book before?? Of course you have.

Well, if I have to take them back, then it proves I'm not trustworthy.


Lucky Blue, eh?

I like this Menage-rie!

Gad...one triple and all of a sudden I'm talking like a Canadian....

Let's see if we can get Sharon to speak Italian.

is "gad" canadian?

sounds more british

i thought it was "menage a trois", but i could be wrong.

in german i think it would be "gott!"

Ods my bodkins! One triple and I'm talking like a British Canadian!

*grabs a good book*

*realizes it's really a Tumnus*

*isn't disappointed*

'Cause I can read him like an open book anyhow.

ah...i love to be in the middle of a good book.

...whilst enjoyin a sistah triple simul

an open book?

im not really that easy, am i?

no unexpected plot twists?

no suprise endings?

drank my first moonshine with my grampa

Posted by: TCK | 05:57 PM on April 5, 2007

I never got to meet my grampas. I had to learn moonshine-drinking on my own, but I hope they would be proud of me.

Posted by: Meanie the Blue | 06:07 PM on April 5, 2007

I never met my grandfathers either, but one of them ran moonshine. And he was a character. Mom's told me lots of stories about him. Somehow I think we would've been kindred spirits. :-)

Even if you were wrong, we would happily accept, SG.

a good book~ I said I could read you; didn't say I could predict you. Nobody can do that... at least not all the time. ;-)

yes, you're that easy

and blue, i knew i was right ;)

Ahh, simuls all over the place. Just what a girl needs after a long day at work.

some people can predict me, most a the time

but im still a good read

at least i like to think so

a little bit of mystery is nice to add to the mix, imo.

Ooo, agreed. But I'm partial to slightly naughty books, myself.

I know...this comes as SUCH a shock to you all.

sorry, sharon, i don't think this particular book has any naughtiness in it.

ok, i can't even type that with a straight face :)

I started to say...

I thought we all knew that particular book was nothing but naughty. ;-)

Gotta get to church. Singing at the candlelight service tonight... and lighting the candles, so I guess I'd better be there since my two jobs are two out of the three parts of the service. :-) Ttyl!

Oh! I didn't realize we were talking about that good book.

i bet the book didn't either. ;)

later, bumble.

No wonder I didn't recognize it.

I learned poker in Boy Scout camp. Lost $20. Then won it back at school. I was more the craps player anyway.
BAcheratte anyone?

Back! Didn't set anything on fire... other than what I was supposed to. Sharon should've come. She could've lit the candles without having to leave her seat.

Of course, she might've turned them into useless puddles in the process...


Yikes! Watch where you're snorking, dragon-punstress!

*pats singed hair gingerly*

*Is glad he missed the snork*
*Sad that he missed the joke*

*Dresses everyone up as characters in 60s sitcoms*

*wonders where the white go-go boots and headband came from, but keeps them on because they look sassy, especially on a pantsless Friday*

I bid you all a good morning, but I'm shocked, I say SHOCKED... to see that nobody *SNOOOORRRRKED* at Blue way back up there at 6:18. I mean... HAR!!!

I am sitting in the airport, about to fly to Michigan for my mom's surprise 70th birthday weekend. My brothers and I have been furiously scurrying and flurrying about for the past few weeks getting this all planned and ready to go, which is part of the reason I have been scarce around these here parts.

Really, my brothers are cute when they're scurrying. It's kinda funny, actually.


My dad's health has been rapidly declining over the past few years, so I'm thrilled to be visiting for an intensely positive reason. Nothing but severe crisis management for the past four years, so... YAYYY!!!

/end downer paragraph

I'll think of you all whilst tipping back a few beverages and/or scraping my mother up off the floor once we've shocked her this evening. Dad wanted to go for the surprise... I'm a wee bit concerned about the possibility of a Happy Birthday Coronary™, as her life is a tad on the stressful side, so all good wishes for hors d'oeuvres and cake instead of a stretcher and adrenaline are appreciated.

TRAVELERS' TIP: The coffee in the B0ston L0gan terminal housing the airline whose name rhymes with PorthPest... blows.

However, I am grateful for caffeine, and certain that my airplane seat neighbor will be glad that I had some.


kay, have a wonderful time, and b'day wishes to your mom! :)


Safe trip, and best wishes to your parents.

And at least your seatmate won't have to deal with onion breath. I spent 15 minutes helping an elderly couple find some products at work yesterday, and I don't know what they had for lunch, but they reeked of onions.

this might be a stretch, but im gonna guess they had onions for lunch

*rolls eyes, puts hands on hips & flips hair*

*tackles TCK*

I'm betting they didn't eat them straight. I'm just wondering what kind of meal had enough onions in it to leave them smelling that strong.

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