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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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Cajun tongues are the other best!

Besides, of course, [insert regional/cultural/ethnic/species or other known Kiltie affiliation here] tongues.

{{{Blue's Fingers}}}

*goes to bed*

'Night, kilties!

And dragon tongues can DEFINITELY tie cherry stems into knots.

And now I have witnesses.


Ohhhhh, so it was BLUE'S fingers, eh s-girl??


Dragon tongues are apparently 27" and surrounded by big yellow teeth. To experience one will cost you $100! Really!

Oh. But be careful. Upon further study I find that dragons' tongues are fertile "both ways."*

*IMAGINES the possibilities!!*


Tiggers and dragons.
A tiger is my favorite animal, and the dragon happens to be my favorite mythological animal. I even study up on how they could have lived.

I will not hide my gems. But when they are gems, could somebody please tell me?

My dog actually smiles when she really wants to play fetch. She has a huge snarly grin on her face.

Anyway, bit of a problem right now. One of my teachers will not allow my password into his class. It's an online class. So not being able to sign in is a bit of a problem. As is having to order the books online. (luckily at a tenth of the price) So I don't know what I am missing from my books not arriving. Ignorance is bliss my foot.
Of course it is. It's just an apendage.

Alfred, what's the problem with your password? Is it offensive? A format problem? Same as someone else's? Too many/not enough appendages? Can't you pick a different one that works, just for this semester?

Sounds like a problem that needs fixing immediately. You should work it out and keep your education moving along, no?

I will not hide my gems. But when they are gems, could somebody please tell me?

Yep. That's another one of 'em, right there, Alfred.


Good morning, finger lickin' Kilties!

G'Day, Kiltie-lickin', I mean, gem-pickin' members of the Cult of Kilt.

yes alfred, that was another gem. :)

mornin all!

*will be thinkin all day about kilties bein finger-lickin good*

and Kilt Lickers WBAGNFARB

Oh great...now you have ME thinking about it, too!

Actually, I thought "Kilt-licker" sounds like some form of Hebredian insult...


But then, it's early and my brain is permanently weird, so...

hey sharon, maybe you can use that phrase in your next book! ;)

Meanwhile, back at the Main Blog.....

geez, blue, did ya have to run everybody off? ;P


At least she's consistent.

I have to say.....I thoroughly enjoyed that...erm....rousing performance.



Sheesh. Who kilt the Kilt?

Wasn't me.

It wasn't me.

they both look guilty to me.

Uh oh... blog clock trouble!!! 12:22 right now... let's see where it lands...

Alright! I confess, I did it! I was jealous - murderously jealous - of the fawning attention the Kilt gets. "The Kilt is great!", everyone says. "I adore the Kilt!", they blubber. All this glowing praise for a ... a .... collection of silly and sometimes salacious comments woven around a suggestive posting of some ugly piece of cloth wrapped around some guy's loins. I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to do something! Ohhhhhh, it's all too ....... too....

*Breaks down into uncontrollable, racking sobs*


me, too.

*smooch*es blue

oh, and FIRST to fling her pants onto (into?) the kilt!

Ah, attention at last. It's all I crave. Except for the occasional Sn!ckers. And some of these. (Off is best.)


i like it!

*forges writes prescription for monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), Serotonin-specific agents, Lithium, Alprazolam, Single Malt Whiskey ... hands to 'Blue to improve his momentary clash with reality ...*

I think these are more along my line.

But I also am feeling the spirit of pantsless Friday, so.....


*imagery blows several fuses in whut passes for brain ...*

Wow. You really CAN find anything online.

Sharon, shouldn't you have *SHED*?

Holy crap....that's AMAZING!

So neo....are you a priest, a mage, or a warlock??

(Imma guessin' NOT the priest, tho....)

Um. Hmm. I don't exactly qualify as any. I guess I just won't wear any pants.

However, I think we all should be wearing this .

I'm not wearing pants either. ;-)

ok, that's it...

somebody's got to find a way to get that halo, and keep it away from bumble!

As I said, this one's not removable. You have no power to effect that change.


[The bot wouldn't let me post this in its entiretly, so prepare for multiple posts.]

I generally stick with the tried and true,

but sometimes I get a little disoriented.

Sometimes, it gets worse, and then worse still, and then I feel I should come out of the closet. But then I just put it all in perspective.

celestial pants -binds when equipped-i've heard of underwear that binds when one is equipped....

Burma Shave!


I may be a young whipper-snapper, but I know about the old Burma Shave adds. Someone in my county got all nostalgic and put up multiple signs along the road to my church that added up to the following slogan: "You'll love your wife, you'll love her pa, you'll even love your mother-in-law if you use Burma Shave." When I asked my parents what that was all about, they waxed nostalgic too, and dad told me this one that he remembered: "Other shaves will let you down faster than a strapless gown. Use Burma Shave."

thank you blue, for the multiples

*snorks*, you pervs, i meant *snorks*

they waxed nostalgic too

Yes, it was a memorable evening.


Poor nostalgia. I'll bet you wish they'd used burmashave instead. *loves nostalgia an ice pack*

Um....no offense, neo, but I don't want to wear ANY pants that bind my legs together. I mean...how would I walk let alone....erm....you know.....

And yes...I'm also *snork*ing at insom.

Wow. We can always count on our lovely judi to keep us relevant.

Hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeee!

Sharon said "hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeee!"


Hee hee heeeeeeeeeeeee!




so is anybody else buzzed on tekillya right now?

bozo? anyone? bueller?

Oooooh, I have some very fond memories of tequila....

Pass the bottle, s-girl!

I'm sure that I have some very fond memories of tequila, too. However, those particular brain cells RIP.

Happy weekend, Kilties! I hope everyone's out doing something fun and springy.

*looks around for Tigger*

Hey! Where's our springy guy?

hiya kilties!

how the heck are y'all?

sharon, he's probably out doin what tiggers do best :)

*dances in*

Today is my first divorceaversary!!

*is very happy*

Congrats, Neo! (BTW, he's not becoming your brother-in-law, right? I missed how that got resolved, somehow).


*luvs neo some luv*


happy divorceaversary, neo!


(I'm pretty sure that would be a NO, Blue)

Okay...I spent the entire day grading papers, and one of my students actually made me laugh until I cried. In public. Uncontrollably.

He was writing about the Renaissance idea of "Sprezzatura," as formulated by Castiglione in his famous "Book of the Courtier". Sprezzatura, in a nutshell, is the idea in literature of a studied nonchalance, the act of making something extremely difficult look absurdly easy (the early modern poets LOVED this and did it a lot). So here are the first few lines of this guy's paper:

"Sprezzatura. The word itself rolls off the tongue like a wet piece of linguini. Sprezzatura. It conjures up images of an exotic cheese that would spice a Mario Batali antipasti.


sharon, students like this make it all worthwhile, yes?

Most definitely yes!

That's perty cool, Sharon ... you find a gem once in a while, and it makes the rest of the grind worthwhile ...

Well, he sure understands the value of using specific imagery in his writing. Now he just needs to get his head out of the pasta pot before he gets all cold and sticky.


KDF, do ya need somethin for that *snorgle*? ;)

I'd say she does!

*luvs KDF a Strongbow*

....Strongbow! It's not JUST for breakfast anymore!

looks like it's just us gals here this mornin...y'all wanna watch a chick flick?

nah...me neither

*looks around for hidden videos of kilties in compromising positions*

one of you guys bring the refreshments, ok?

I got chips, agua pura and some mini-Snickers™ ... and a cartoon from my daughter ... did I post the link to that here? no, guess not ... It's on my photobucket page, if y'all have got that ...

can't get my present copy of the linkage to werk ... I'll go get a new one ...

try this:


or this

yep, seems to werk ...

A Sunday treat for all.

Okay, Blue, I don't know about you, but a heavy wee in a bottle is NOT my idea of a treat!



Dragonmead? A strong under-the-kilt ale, not a treat?! OK, then.....




sorry, blue, you'll have to excuse me for a moment whilst my brain explodes.

*brain explodes alongside s-girl's*

Okay...the idea of "Dragonmead" is pretty darned cool, but STILL!

"sharon and s'girl and the exploding brains" WBAGNFA...

um, nothin, probably...never mind...

mmm-k... I think I'll go with brain implosion, just for the sake of variety.


i *heart* my sistahs

just sayin

Me too also, yes. I *heart* my sistahs, you fabulous, brilliant, funny, wonderful women.


What? Oh, just a tickle in my throat, is all. Don't mind me.

Thanks for asking.

*hugs blue and gives him a big 'ol smooch*

we luv you too, ya know! :)


What s-girl said.

Awwww, you guys .....

I want in on the love fest! *starts smoochin' randomly*

Who's this Randomly person?

that would be me.

*smooch*es neo

adds a *grope* for good measure

OOoooo! A drive-by smoochin'!

Gotta love it.

What about me? Do I get smoochies?

I am pretty cute, IIDSSM.

*bumble tackles(tm thingy) adonis*


hey, somebody randomly stole my *smooch*, which was meant for adonis!


Ooooh. Been a little while since I got one of those.

They're nice.


... he said, meaning both the smoochies and the hairflip.



I was wondering when that would start! Woo-hoo!

no time like the present!

*wonders when GROPEFEST 2007! begins...

Hmm, isn't it usually held simultaneously with PUDDINGFEST and GOOSEFEST? Usually next door to YIPE!!!FEST.

*wonders if she could get a smooch*

It's been a long weekend and a long night. My internet connection has been spacey for the last couple of days, so I haven't been able to kilt around, and one of the stupid boys in the group I'm with for a project (we've got to turn in a paper and do a presentation tomorrow) didn't send me his sources, and yet I'm supposed to somehow magically transform the tripe he wrote into a proper paper with proper citations. I've been sending him emails for the past three days, but he never responded, and I don't have any other way to contact him.

Plus we had a floor move at work tonight, so I'm dead tired.


Somebody hold me? Please?

*Send Bumble a case of new and improved Smooch'N'Hold™, with advanced staying power and Super Smooching Bubbles™, for that special stinger glow.*

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