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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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mornin blue

ya wanted breakfast?

and bumble, i am so ladylike!

ah hell, i can't even type that with a serious face. ;)



*dashes tear from eye*

OOOH, thank you, s-girl, I needed that!!


Can you just see her in a ball gown and pearls, sipping tea from a china cup with her pinkie sticking out?

Quite a contrast to the image of her sprawled on a couch in shorts and a tank top drinking JD. ;-)

methinks my sistahs are mocking me...;)

and bumble, the second scenario is much more likely. :D

I thought so. ;-)

Btw, my preacher said something interesting today: "Those who think they're wearing a halo should remember that if it slips about eleven inches, it'll be a noose."

*assumes an innocent expression*


i ain't buyin it, bumble


*snork* @ Bumble's preacher

*flops on the JD Couch™ in southerngirl sistah solidarity™ *


Hey, KDF, you flopped on me!

But I can understand that....we dragons are SO easy to miss. So unobtrusive, you know.....quiet, retiring, modest......

*flops down against the dragon, howling with laughter*

Hm, I heard somewhere that dragons are modest, sociable, shy, assertive, and outgoing.

Di'n't I?

*wishes to reflop, but trudges off to accomplish stuff instead*


*drags KDF back onto the couch*

oh, no, sistah...ain't nuthin needing accomplishing right now...it'll still be there later

oops...sorry sharon, didn't mean to *grope* ya...

didn't see you, ya know, with you bein all unobtrusive, and all...

Not to contradict southerngirl, but finals will need accomplishing tomorrow, so studying's got to be accomplished now. *sigh*

*skips around, accomplishing nothing*

*must accomplish studying in order to accomplish finals*

What the?

That 4:10 wasn't showing up a minute ago, which is why I posted the 5:24. What's up with that? Stupid typepad.

...and if your halo slips further you could use it for a hula hoop!


not to *snork* at insom

*grabs the JD, and heads under the bed*

*chuckles @ insom through tears*

My sister and my darling nephew are in North Carolina with my parents right now. I really wish I was heading for the airport instead of heading into a week of final exams and work.


*wanders off feeling sorry for self (not Self)*

Hmmm.....you know, I heard that somewhere as well, sistah. Well, I guess "quiet" and "retiring" are highly overrated, anyway. And you can stop howling now, Bumble dearling...I'm back to my old draconic self.

And what do you MEAN that wasn't an intentional grope, s-girl??? What, you no longer find me gropable?? Damn...I'm going to have to start being more obtrusive, then.

I, too, am feeling the crunch of the end of the semester. I'm getting through my piles of grading, and I still have a week of classes to teach before giving finals. And then I have to grade them, too. But I'm sure all our college-Kilties will do wonderfully on their exams, they being so brilliant and all.

I'll have the gold stars ready and waiting!


yes...i definitely still find you *grope*able ;D


*sticks a gold star on s-girl's nose*

Thanks, sistah!

*is not so sure about the "doing wonderfully on the exams" bit* I'm considering asking for an incomplete. I just can't catch up.

Camping is great.

That is all

*dresses everyone up in camping gear, then sets up a tent*

Cheerful greetings despite the awful Monday morningness of it all.

Seems everyone is busy being busy with business, so I'll add my two pence to say that work is maddeningly busy for me right now, too, and I have dreadfully little time to participate here much. Please keep the gropes and the JD flowing, and I'll join in when I can.

*Distributes invisible grope mines all over the Kilt floor*

*Directs mental skill-enhancing energy forces, plus stamina waves™, to all final-taking Kilties, and prepares for inevitable smart-@ss respondents who will claim I am in no position to spare any*

Two finals today.

I'm so nervous I feel like I'm going to be sick.

You know you've studied.
You know the material is masterable by persons of reasonable intellect.
You know you're a person of more than reasonable intellect.

It's natural to be nervous before a final, but keep your cool, keep your mind on the material, and it will work out fine.

My brain knows that, but my stomach and my nerves can't be convinced.

I'll just be glad when this week is over.

Wasn't it about a couple of weeks or so later than this time last year that we heard multiple boastful reports of acing all kinds of finals?

Or is my brain cell malfunctioning again?

I didn't have managerial accounting last year. :-)

Psh. You eat Managerial Accounting for breakfast.


You'll be fine, both of you. Just remember...a grade is not a reflection of YOU as a student or a person--it is an indication of how well you did one thing you produced at one moment in one class for one teacher with one certain set of expectations. Teachers don't grade you.


*wanders over to the Kiltie Coffee Carafe (tm thingie)™*



EEEEEEKKK! BLUE!!! We're gonna be finding these things for months!!

*wanders in*


guess this is blue's way of keepin things bouncin around here, huh?

oooh... There's GROPES to be had? Oooh... *heads for the Carafe* It is filled with Killer Coffee, isn't it?

Alfred.. am I right in thinking that this camping gear has some... um, strategically cut holes? It's definitely an.. interesting look. If not a little drafty.

Oh, and a word on the accomodations. I visit nature. I don't sleep over. *puts on her pretty princess crown*

Well, German's over. *sniff*

Now for the hard part.

Y'all say a little prayer for your Bumble come 4:00 PM, eh? Whether you believe it them or not. I'm gonna need it.

*dashes off for some last-minute studying, chanting you will do all right in managerial accounting. you will do all right in managerial accounting. over and over to self (not Self)*

self (not Self) is gettin kinda old, i think

yet it never ever fails to crack me up ;)

good luck, bumble...you'll do just fine :)

I don't believe it them even a little bit.



But good luck anyway. :)

Who says you're (not your) gettin' kinda old, S-Girl?

*Pulls Kaffy into tent and ducks again*

*comes to clutching a bbq fork with a flaming marshmallow attached*

*stomples flames with .. hiking boots?!*

Alllfffrreeeeddd! (mmm, marshmallows!)

*ducks into tent and gooses blue*

watch it, buster!

*wonders if this is "pick on SG about her age" day*

*decides maybe it's "ignore SG" day*

*doesn't care, cuz now i've got the rum and the tequila and the JD all to myself*

so neener

*pounces on s-girl*

Ignore you? Forget it. You're too good to be forgotten. :-)

In other news, that was, without a doubt, absolutely positively, the hardest test I have ever taken in my life. I've never been this worried about a grade before. The final exam period is two hours. I was working on it for just over three. And I'm still not sure I did okay. Usually I have some inkling, but at the moment I have no clue what to expect when grades are posted. Oh well. Can't be fixed now. Time to move onto other things.

*strips off camping gear in the tent*

*jumps in the lake for some skinny dipping*

*watches sadly as halo floats away*

What have you people done to me? ;-)

Hmmm... this isn't just any tent, is it?


just, whoa

that is all, carry on...

Hey, at least you're not being ignored. ;-)

neither are you, bumblekins ;D

Hold the phone... Bumble is skinny dipping and happily haloless?

What is going on in here?

*has no inkling either*

I see that Bumble's halo doubles as a float ring! Excellent!

I also see there is some tenting going on. That is almost always a good thing.

(Bumble, don't worry about the grade. I'll bet you didn't do badly. But whatever the outcome, at least it is over!!)

Yes, I'm glad it's over. I'll be even happier when my last final is over Wednesday. I hope.

I've been quite depressed tonight. I think it's a combination of loneliness, school stress, work stress, home stress and poor eating habits over the last week.

But I had a good cry and some chicken soup, and I'm just going to have to walk through everything one step at a time and try to deal, I guess.

But knowing that doesn't change how sucky I feel right now.


*wanders off to watch Jeopardy and read a Dave book*

Hmmmphh. She gets to watch Jeopardy and read Dave books while I'm up toiling on yet another budget for my church.

*Takes off Treasurer's hat, and goes to bed*

Oh, and I forgot! *loves KDF an inkling.*

Blue~ Only for tonight. Tomorrow I have to study for my last final all day, and Wednesday I have to work for a few hours, then go and take said final.

And at some point, I need to clean Flop's tank and mow the yard.

My life isn't all sunshine, daisies, chocolates and Dave books, you know. :-)

A few days ago I got tired of the effects of a medicine; it was causing more problems than it was curing. One of the problems is that it has stolen my comprehension, my ability to think and to remember. So I can't study. I'm in a fog all the time... when I'm not knocked completely out. It makes me sleep 14 or more hours a day.

So I stopped the medicine, cold turkey. Not a good idea. Really. Nausea, shakes, sweats, chills, killer headache... feels like the flu. With mood swings. Wild mood swings. Think PMS cubed. And agitated. Then the itching started. I'd like to remove my skin please; it feels like bugs walking on me. And now the print in my textbook is crawling too.

Yes, in retrospect, stopping the medicine was probably not too smart. Yes, I did discuss it with my doctor today and no, it's not dangerous. Just unpleasant.

All I want is to finish my homework and get this semester over with. But I can't focus enough to do the homework; nothing makes sense. At this point, I'm not even hoping for As anymore. :( I think I'm going to ask for an incomplete in one or maybe both classes because I simply can't manage it right now. This sucks.

Oh, in case you hadn't figured it out? This is one of those mood swings. Sorry to inflict it upon you all too.

(((Neo))) Feel better soon, hon!


Don't despair, lady. We all share our woes at one time or another, as we need to.


Inflict away, sweetie! We'll be standing by with the chocolate and mojitos!

And you don't want to know how many incompletes I had to take in college and graduate school. You'll get 'em done, one way or another, I have no doubt.



Hope you feel better soon. I can't imagine how awful it is trying to study when you feel like that.

*adds her {{{neo}}} to everyone else's*

*Shudders at "PMS cubed"*

*Still shuddering*

stop it, blue!

you're shakin the kilt!

Whole Lotta Shaking
As performed by Blue Meanie and the Comments

Come on over baby
Whole lot of shaking going on
Yes I said come on over baby
Baby you can't go wrong
We ain't faking
Whole lot of shaking going on

Well I said come on over baby
We got stirrin in the Plaid, ooh huh
Come over baby, baby
Blue got the trembles, got em bad
He ain't faking it
Whole lot of shaking going on

Well I said shake it baby shake
I said shake it Baby shake
I said shake it Baby shake it
Said shake, baby shake
Come on over
Whole lot of shaking going on
Ahhhhh, Let's go !!!

Shake it, baby, shake
Shake it, baby, shake!
shake baby, come on baby shake baby shake
come on over, whole lot of shaking going on

(and this would be one of those mood swings in the other direction)

whoo hoo!

bravo, neo!

*snork* @ neo,



Got both swings covered.

Hang in there, girly, and *smooch!*

....stirrin in the plaid....


Goodness, gracious ....

*decides not to touch the Great Balls of Fire line*
*ogles instead*

Psst! Kay thinks I swing both ways! ;)

NTTAWWT, right? ;)

psst...neo's ogling blue's...you know

Errrr..... Good Golly?

I know - Ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong!

If not, well.... Booger!

Yeah, I hope you get feling better neo. I think your name says it all: you're the One!

Hey dudes. I can barely believe it but I'm blogging from a smart phone. Pretty sweet but it takes longer.

Wheeee, Adonis!

Question: Who put the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop?

*tackles ado with a bear hug*

*goes back to studying*

*Curses his dumbphone*


hi, cutie pie!

and *snork* at blue and kaf

Gawd, my phone won't even do pictures.

*is envious*

Answer: A-she-ron-ron-ron, a-she-ron-ron!"

Thanks for the warm welcome. Actually I can curse with with my smartphone. Dammit.

oooh..ado said a bad word...

where's mom and dad?!?

(sharon, heeheehee...and i don't have a camera phone, either)


oh shit, ado's already bein a bad influence...


S-girl...have I mentioned recently that I wuv you?

why, no sharon, i don't think that you have ;D

but you can still *grope* me if ya want

i'm easy that way

Here....just step over here, s-girl....that's it....


Courtesy of Blue!


(that's all me, tho!)

Studying is over, for now. It will be resumed tomorrow, after work.

But this time tomorrow night, I'LL BE DONE WITH FINALS!!! Thank heavens for small huge blessings.

Can I have a hug, please? Mom's out of town. I'm experiencing lovedness withdrawal. And that's the last thing I need during finals week.



I just looked at your pics of Germany. I forgot how beautiful it is. And the castles just stick out. Makes me want to go there right now.

So there. Hope you have a nice day.

Psst! Alfred! Let's run away to Germany together. We can tour castles, look at mountains, and eat schnitzel all the live-long day and never have to go to school again. ;-)


I'll hug and *smooch* you, but I'm not running off to Germany with you.


Aww, why not? I'm a fun gal. And touring Germany's much more fun than grading papers. :-)

Ever tried to korrect German papers? Keep in mind, they are in another language.

I my self am very tempted on the offer. But I will be taking my money to visit friends in Hawaii and Denver.

I understand the need for a change of pace. I myself kind of need one too. But first, I need to find a pace I like. So then I can be homesick while gone.

I discovered one of the reasons why Bedays are not used in the north as much. Cold Water.

Friend of mine has one, so I decided to hook it up. It works fine now. I am impressed by its engineering even. Man its cold water.

That is all.

yep, I just killed the kilt.

Shhhh, Alfred, they're just all asleep!

Bumble can I run away and tour castles and look at mountains and eat schnitzel, too? And can I have red cabbage with it sometimes? {{Bumble}}

*giggling at the cold water*

*sleepily wanders in, yawning and stretching*


whoa, thanks blue! that sure woke me up!

*smooches sharon and neo and bumble, just cuz*

hey sharon, what county is st. louis in?

and how bout st. peters?

(this is a work-related question) :)

I have heard, second hand, as it were, that saint peters are no different than normal peters.

blue, not only was that not very helpful, it was blasphemy, i tell ya!

*heads under the bed to avoid the inevitable lightning strikes*

*silently snorks*

ow, that hurts...

*crawls under southerngirl's bed too - just in case*

Salt peters are a different story.

*quietly turns on the top-secret-under-the-bed cam*

*scooches over to make room for tc*

hey darlin, the beer's cold...ya ready? ;)

*senses spying eyes upon us*

*grins wickedly*

neo- Of course you can run away to Germany with me. And let's kidnap Blue & sharon and take them, too. And KDF. And s-girl. And TCK. And Alfred, Ado and Sarah. Heck, let's just take them all and have a kiltie vacation. :-)

am i ready?

im always ready

um, you meant ready for a cold beer, right? :)


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