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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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eeek. I think it's time for a name change post.

I was considering running away to the Casbah. But I've changed my mind.


Here, I have some Pineapple Lumps. Anyone wanna share??

The cherry pie does not seem to apetizing to me.

Whoever Mentioned pizza- Ever had octopus pizza?

This is reminding of the great food at middleton high. (They say hello back) (Kind of creepy watching a building wave) The food was always good tasting, and had healthy stuff to chose from as well.
We would have Garbanzos pizza 3 times a week. It would be layered, no hace un montana de pizza para mi escuela. Oh it was delicious.
I tell these stories and my siblings kind of die inside. They have meatloaf day today.

*digs into her stash* Hmm... I have Pineapple Lumps, too.

TMI, all of youse...

just sayin...

tsk. pineapple lumps! n here i thought y'all were bein' naughty..

Hmmmmmm... Pineapple Lumps rock.

Pineapple rock lumps? These are good? *Is confused (for a change)*

Pineapple Lumps are choc-covered pineapple-flavoured marshmallow. Very yummy. It's a Kiwi thing.

And if you have a Kiwi friend who sends you care packages from NZ with said little yummy nuggest of goodness in them.....it's all the better!


But that still doesn't mean we aren't being naughty!!


......NEW WORD!!!

*adds it to the Kiltie dictionary*

Paper and presentation due at 5:30. I still only have half the paper. I'm in the library, where my group is supposed to be meeting, and I can't find them. The boy who is supposed to have the other half hasn't answered any of my emails.

***Now entering panic mode***

bumble - STOP!

ah, panic mode - i know it well

like most habitual procrastinators, i do most of my best work there :)

that's not to say that Bumble is a habitual procrastinator - i would bet she's not

she probably does her best work days in advance of a deadline, and then revises and amends for the remaining days until the deadline, striving for perfection


I found him. Still working on it. Wanted to strangle him. Restrained myself. Did his works cited for him. Went to class. He got it done, but I obviously didn't get a chance to edit it, as per our agreement. It was probably full of errors. Oh well. My teacher's first language isn't English; I doubt he'll be too picky. Thank goodness that's over. I hate group projects.

Now I'm going to forget about Vietnam and the Energy industry and indulge in this, this and this. In that order.


TCK~ You're right; I'm not a last-minute person. Certainly not with papers, anyway. I don't do well under that kind of pressure. However, I'm also not quite as obsessive as the person you just described. ;-)

Bumble - in the future, on group projects, i have a suggestion

if you're involuntarily grouped with a slacker, as appears to be the case this time, volunteer to do the whole project

trust me, the slacker will not protest

and that way, you'll know the work will be done right, and on time

true, there's more work for you that way - but you'll know it's done to your standards, and there'll be no panic involved

just a suggestion


sorry, i wasnt goin for that

i meant everything i said as a compliment - as in, i wish i could do that

hiya kilties :)

Hi, sg ...

TCK~ :-) All right, you caught me. I'm that person, except for the "days in advance" thing. It's usually not done many days before the deadline.

And he's not a slacker; that's part of the problem. He does his share of the work and does it well; he just procrastinates on it and doesn't communicate well with the rest of us so we know what's going on. And me being anxiety prone, I panic. I have trouble entrusting any part of my grade to other people, even intelligent people.

And, no, I will not take up for a slacker. I'll fill in the gaps as need be for the sake of my grade, but I'll cream them in peer evaluations. Or go to the teacher in extreme cases. I don't work for other people's grades. It's unfair and it puts too much on me. My life is difficult enough without that kind of crap.

... and y'all, of course ...

{{{Uncle O}}}

how ya doin, stranger?

OK, that guy's me

i wait till the last minute, ignore the demands for progress reports, put everyone else involved into a panic

but at the last second i deliver, and i deliver brilliance

which is why they put up with me :)

but as far as slackers, i think you're lookin at this the wrong way - sure it's unfair for you to do all the work, and for them to get half the credit

but what do you care what their grade is? you care what you're grade is, and teachin them a lesson wont help your grade

I do what has to be done to get my grade. I just won't provide their grade free of charge. As I said, if they don't do the work, I cream them in our group evaluations. It's only fair. It's never been so bad that I've actually had to do that to someone; usually I just dock a couple points.

But if someone was truly doing nothing, I would take them down. Bank on it.

Oops. I seem to have kilt the kilt.

*tiptoes out*

nah, it was global warming

*pull-starts the kilt*



*opens the choke a little*

*pours a little rum in the carberator*

*pulls again*



now that's more like it :)

oooh, it's nice and comfy in here...

good job, tc!

*pounces on Tumnus*

Thanks. Nothin' like a warm kilt. :-)

Betcha didn't know that dragons purr, too.....


*watches as sharon's "tough-dragon" image goes *poof*...right out the window*

*skritches the dragon's back*

ah, it was out of kilter for only a moment...


Very nice skritches....theng-kew!

And I'm the warm-fuzzy-type tough dragon. The type that purrs and likes skritches.

I've noticed that the purrrrrring and skritch appreciation are rather highly correlated to rum availability.

*Rummages for some rum*

*pounces on Blue*

Just 'cause. :-)

*Hopes THIS is not Bumble*

No, I'm not a cat. Typing would be difficult. ;-)

silly blue.

that's not bumble, this is!

and bumbles bounce, ya know.

Gah! That is most definitely not me either, s-girl. I'm no prize, but I'm not that hideous. :-)

bumble, i remembered you sayin once that you didn't know who that particular "bumble" was, so that's why i did it. :)

but you're wrong...you are a prize.


*blush-pounces s-girl*

*gets ready to leave for work*

*smooches sg, just 'cause she's such a sweetheart*

Nah... THIS is Bumble. Sadly, he's a really annoying Bumble. I much prefer a Bumble in a Kilt.

*blush-pounces KDF*

kaf, that bumble is a bit...disturbing...

Back to covering for slackers...

Yeah, group projects SUCK.

One of our 4 group members has dropped the class. Another has cheated his way through the entire program. He is famous for it; cheating is now referred to as "pulling a _________" (Name deleted to protect the guilty.) So far, he has not put in even a token appearance.

The other woman in my project has apparently done a LOT of work. But she refuses to divulge what it is. I've spent over 15 hours so far, and posted my results on the on-line group bulletin board as I go, as we are supposed to. And I received a withering reply: the other team member had already DONE that, and besides some of what I was doing was off base, and really, none of it was helpful.

You know, I wonder if she could be just a little b!tchier, because b!tchiness REALLY inspires me to put in lots of time and work my hardest.

There are no peer reviews for us, unfortunately.

But she'll get what's coming to her. We are to share the research, and then each write our own final paper, using the shared research. We are not allowed to use ANY research that was not shared with the group. Since she won't share her research, she won't get to use any of it.


Ah, who am I kidding?

I turned in an assignment that said, "I could not find the applicable statute." I got 100%. Seriously.

I'm guessing this teacher won't notice who is a team player and who isn't.


*pounces on neo and smoooooooooooooches her without a blush*

Just 'cuz.

......was it my breath? I brushed today, honest!

*pounces on sharon*

*gives her a box of these*

They're mojito flavored.

Wow thats a nice trailer for Harry Potter.

I hope the movie doesn't do this.

... doin' busy @ the shop, sg ... fixin' stuff so I can mebbe go to werk next week and earn a little more OT wages before "retirement" sets in ...

*wonders how neo's non-supportive team member's going to be exposed*

hehehe...kibby said...lotsa stuff. ;)

Uncle O, you're gettin close, aren't ya?

hehehe...kibby said...lotsa stuff. ;)

Uncle O, you're gettin close, aren't ya?

ok, the first time it said "error" and didn't post

but then it did anyway

frikkin bot™

And once again, s-girl is beside herself.


{{Kibby!!}} Nice to see you back in these here parts!

Well...if there's a judge in the room, I'm guessing the "exposing" will just happen naturally. Seems our neo likes exposing her "team members" to judges!

*welcome-pounces kibby*

I was gonna post Germany pics (including one of me leaning on the hood of a genuine Mercedes-Benz [NOT in a bikini though; don't get your hopes up, boys]) on Y-kilties, but I can't get into it. I can log into Y groups, but the link to Y-kilties takes me to "page cannot be displayed," as did my attempt to access it directly using the URL. Is it down for everyone else, too, or just me?

It was down, Bumblechen, but it appears to be working again now. Go give it a try!

It's still running a tad slooooooow, but I did get in there eventually. Looking forward to seeing your pics, B!

and, pssst, Kaf -- I took your advice and moved my blog over to WordPress -- thanks for the push!

*dies laughing*

Gawd I love you guys.

*rescuscitates neo, cuz we luv her too*

Tried to upload some photos; got "page cannot be displayed" again. It created the album, but didn't put anything in it. I'll try again later tonight. Right now I've gotta get ready for work. *sigh*

Hmmm.. can I get a Kiltie group link please? I'd love to see some photos.. if you don't want to post it here, could someone email me pretty please?

Kibby! HI! Good to see you round these parts!

*goes to look at KDF's shiny new blog* Yeah, I love wordpress, too Bl0gsp0t is more popular, but I don't think it's better.



Join and sign in; that's all there is to it!

Thanks, Bumble! Will do!

I did sign up. Apparently I need modification. Well, I looked at myself in the mirror, and, while my body's not perfect, I can't think of anything I'd modify right at this moment.


I think Sarah just has to approve you, which I'm sure she'll do as soon as she gets the message in her e-mail.

although, personally, I wouldn't dream of "modifying" you even the tiniest little bit


*jumps into the *smooch fest* with KDF and Kaf*

what, there wasn't a *smooch fest*?!?

well, there is now...


*feels festive*




*distributes smooches and gropes to anyone reachable (and aren't we all?)*


*ahem* Oh my....the Kilt is frisky tonight.

So.....who's gonna frisk me then??

*frisks Sharon* Hmmm... what's this? I think we need more "investigating" to get to the bottom (HAR!) of this


You found my li'l red lizard tattoo!

Okay, I got a select few of my Germany pictures posted here. Wish I could have put up more; it was a fabulous trip and I have tons, but it was a pain in the butt just to get those few up, so you just get a very few highlights.

If you want to see the rest, come visit me in Indiana. Preferably before my parents get back from North Carolina. ;-)

*rousts self (not Self) from partial slumber, amidst rumblings of...*




w00t! *ears perk up* Party?!

(HeeHee, I said "up")

Hee heeee....you also said "perk"!

What? Me?! Surely not!

*grins ornerily*

Question: Is it possible for someone else to turn on my webcam?

I went to Y ch@t. (oy! Even in the "safe" rooms it isn't safe.) Somebody popped up in my IM box... and my camera switched on. It was very creepy. I haven't used the camera in months and months and months. I'm not even sure how to turn the thing on anymore. So I doubt I could have turned it on by accident.

Is there any way that somebody else could have triggered it remotely? It is now unplugged. AND facing the wall, just to be safe. And I still feel icky. Like some stranger just walked into my house uninvited.

*wraps up safe and warm in the kilt*

eeek! Neo... I know you can give permission for people to work within your computer... but I can't imagine how someone else could play around with your camera..

Neo, it sounds like a very bizarre coinkidink, but if it happened to me, I'd be looking over my shoulder, too. Of course, I'm just a tad on the paranoid side, so I suppose that tendency needs to be taken into account.

My day began with an emergency yogurt cleanup. Hannah flung it far and wide (floor, coffee table, couch, chair and window 10 feet away from the couch) and blamed it on Abby, for pushing her at just the wrong moment. She doesn't seem to get that she's responsible too -- had she been eating at the table instead of on the couch, it wouldn't have happened. Aaaaargh.

And so begins another rainy Saturday!

Bumble, your Germany pictures are amazing. And the Benz looks great on you!

*hopes Bumble went through decompression after having the Benz*

*snork/groan* @ insom

*snork!!* @ insom.

Neo...there's an action on IM that says, "View Webcam". When I click on it, it asks me whose webcam I'd like to view and gives me my address book. I've never used it, but it sounds like if you have your permissions set a little wonky, someone might actually be able to....well....view your webcam!

Okay, I've checked it out....from your YIM window, go into "preferences" and click "webcam."

Make sure the "Always ask my Permission" option is checked, as opposed to the "Allow Everyone to View my Webcam" option. I'm guessing that's the problem. I hope this helps!


Wow, yes, Bumble, the pics are lovely. I love the castles. :)

Bumble, the pics are beautiful! It looks like you had a wonderful time! I'd love to visit Germany one day!

Ooooh, Sharon is smart! That sounds a lot more friendly than suspicions of hacking, too!

Neo~ I wish I could post shots of all the ones I saw on the boat trip up the Rhein, but it would take forever. They weren't quite as spectacular since they were taken at a distance on a rainy day, but there were tons of them. It was incredible.

Sharon, it was a nice thought, but my camera is already set on "always ask my permission." Still, it is unplugged now, so whether I punched something by accident or somebody really does have remote access, my cam is permanently off. No more strangers in my living room. :)

In much happier news, I went to a wedding today. The groom has been absolutely CRAZY about this woman for the longest time. It was a very small wedding, their family and two families from church, and me. I got to sit right up close and watch my friend's face as he looked at his bride. The look on his face was absolutely beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. One of my friends sang, "I only have eyes for you." It was perfect.

:) :) :)

Oh. And they served decadent chocolate brownies. I heard the word "decadent" and thought of you all, so brought you some! ;)

Dang. Well, I tried.

OOOOoooooo! Happy wedding brownies!! Thanks, neo!


And I'm so glad your friend is happy. I saw that expression on my brother's face at his wedding, and I'll never forget it.

*wanders in and notices the kilt bar is unattended*

*pours herself a double-shot of jd & coke*

*flops down on the Kiltie Couch™ and turns on the Kiltie Movie Channel™*

aaahhhh...sweet, sweet silence...

*grabs fuzzy blankie and fuzzy pillow and curls up all alone*

Sorry y'all are alone, sg ... enjoy the JD ... but why pollute it with Coke™? It is, after all, Sippin' Whisky ...

*scooches over on the couch to make room for OtheU*

and that's oh so true

i just thought maybe it'd seem more ladylike if i added coke ;)

*tries to picture s-girl all ladylike & Stepford-esque*


Hmmmm... lots of doings on this here Kilt that I missed.

Except for the Benz, I've been to every one of those places in your photos, Bumble, and I even have a few of the exact same photos only with unBumbley people in them. The Rhein boat tour is still my favorite, and I've done it at least four times. The best was a warm summer ride in the late afternoon for the northbound leg, followed by a full moon-lit return trip. One castle after another, on both banks of the river. I presume you started out at Rüdesheim? Did you get off the boat along the way and take the cable-car ride over the vineyards?

Oh, and please pass the JD, someone? Thank you....

Yeah, I think Rüdesheim is where we started. But we didn't get off along the way or tour the vineyards; no time. Wouldn't have been a good day for it anyway. Nasty weather. The day we saw Stolzenfels, we intended to tour Marksburg, but as I captioned the picture, we wound up on the wrong side of the Rhein. Someone told us we could get a ferry across from the city we were in, but one of the ferries wasn't running that day because of technical difficulties, and the other didn't begin operations until after Easter. We could see Marksburg from where we were standing, but none of us felt like a swim to get there.

Things I want to see if/when I go back: Marksburg, The Black Forest, the salt mines and more of Berlin since I mostly just saw the train station. I also want to see Schloss Harburg again when it's open for tours. We were two days too early.

Maybe the concentration camps too, if I can take it. *shudder*

*envious sigh*

I've been to Germany 4 times, for a week or more each time. I saw almost nothing except the inside of my in-laws' apartment. *pouts*

Some day, I'm going to go back, and I'm going to see the country!!

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