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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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*changes the ( to a '*'*

well hello there, sistah ;)

*wakes, yawns, and stretches wi ..!*

i think i know who gandered off with the ruuuuuum last night.

*bats feather from eyelashes*

*paddles around in the coffee*

*waves to cyn*

how ya doin, my friend?

*goose-steps back into the Kilt*

Um...I meant to bring the rum back, of course. Of course I did. I just forgot. I got distracted. I had stuff to do.

.........Rum, anyone? :p

i'm sure that bozo might like some. :)

*smooches southern sistah*
(pack, move from point a to point b. unpack. rinse, repeat. *groan*!)

there's some rum left? whew! i figured i polished it off, sharon. i have no memory of exactly how i got onto this costume.

*waddles reluctantly back to the sturm und drang that is moving*

cyn, you moved into a storm drain?


*snicker* (feels like an airport runway re length)

*fires up taxi* chile' needs to get to roller skate date.

y'all be good;)

Just imagining a roller skating goose.

S-Girl- I believe it comes from the lack of school for the moment. All of my mind is being used for everything I do, instead of constantly thinking about the essay I have to write.

Alfred, I hear you're on a roll. Please be careful.

The divine wind does not allow suicidal ducks in my peking order.

I wish I didn't have to think about the essays I have to write, or the 20 page take home exam due at 8 am on Tues or the textiles final I'm taking on Monday.
I also wish I didn't have to go in 15 minutes to help my sister move her stuff to uhaul. I just want to be selfish and say "find someone else to help you move. Isn't that what home teachers are for?"

(just for now, maybe after dragging her stuff around I'll feel better, but it might take considerable amounts of chocolate)

Chocolate...did someone say chocolate?

Sarah truly understands bribery

My mother isn't very good at mailing things on time (or hand delivering, but she's too far away for that) and my Easter package came today. I go there on Tuesday, so she could have saved the shipping $ and given it to me three days later.
The best example: I forgot to bring my flannel sheets with me after christmas so I asked her to ship them. I got them mid March, when it was already warm.

heh. Why do things on time when you can do them later?

Just saw a movie called, "Idiocracy" it was a lot more intelligent then I thought. Then I found out it was not promoted much, even though it had an all star cast, and the director that made King of the Hill.
Laughed pretty hard at some scenes.
Then later, more scenes began to hit me at there funniness. It is one of those movies.

Well going to bed.

*marches back and forth through Kilt banging cymbals and blowing horns*

(Tee hee...I said "banging" and "blowing"!!)

WAKE UP, KILTIES!! It's a beautiful day!

*wheels in cart 'o breakfast goodies and a big pot 'o coffee*

I'm awake. Barely. Quite possibly bare as well.

Save American chocolate!!

Well hmph!

I spend ALL day grading papers, and my students don't give me ONE SINGLE idiotic thing to share with you guys! The NERVE of them....! Becoming better writers and depriving me of one of my great sources of entertainment.

But at least my grading is done.

And...um...I'll bear the bare in mind, Kaffy, but bare is a relatively frequent state of being around here!

Some baad righting for sharon:

Shakespeare got his name b/c he shook spears alot. The e was just too make it look fancie. He rote lots of poems called bonnets. He also rote plays like Much Ado about Something, The Temps, Hamhock, The Taming of the Screw and Romeo and Julia. He stared in Shakespeare in Love, as well as righting the screenplay.

*feels much better*

Thanks, sweetie!


To Kill a Mockingbird:
Beats me, I didn't learn how to kill one by reading this book. And to be honest, we have quite a few in my farm. It would be nice to get rid of them. Instead its some court trial. Ugh. Barely read the book.

My first internet Video. Starring El Padre Mio.

I will probably take this down soon. So check it out when you can. I wanted to see how easily I can transfer video from my new camera to the nets. I see that I can do that very easily now. So I am quite satisfied.

*Returns to many a SNORK*

I worked without a 'net the entire weekend and came down with a severe case of Kilt withdrawal.

But reading Alfred (he's a Mormon, you know) write "run for your wives" was yet another gem that reminded me of exactly why I love this place.

Yeah, that was hilarious. I meant to tell him, but I forgot. :-)

*tackles Blue*

Glad you're back. :-)


*tackles ASK* Good to see you buddy! And...erm....can't say I've had a weekend like that recently....

I subscribe to the Oxford English Dictionary's "Word of the Day" service (yes....I am that big a nerd), and guess what the word today was??

dragon1 SECOND EDITION 1989

(drægn) Forms: 3-4 dragun, 3-6 dragone, dragoun(e, 4 dragowne, 4- dragon. [a. F. dragon:L. dracn-em (nom. draco), a. Gr. , -; usually referred to - strong aorist stem of to see clearly.]

I. 1. A huge serpent or snake; a python. Obs. (exc. in etymol. use).

c1220 Bestiary 759 e dragunes one ne stiren nout..oc daren stille in here pit.

Hee hee heeeeeeeeeee!

Well it seems there was a funeral, so Ask had to be here by proxy.

Thanks for the Snork.

I myself took up cross country because I was trying to catch a wife. Then I realized the apple of my eye was not that fast. I lost interest in her soon after.

I just realized. I had a mojito (minus one ingredient that you are thinking about) and it was quite tasty.

Alfred.. ya gotta have the blue rubber band. It's a necessity.

ask - I'm surprised they didn't request that you deliver the eulogy.

So, didja ever have one of those weekends where you find out that someone whom you hardly knew but who considered you his best friend has been dead since Wednesday and the funeral is in the morning and you have two baseball games to go to and then have to work from 8 pm to 4:30 am at two separate shows and then get up for church the next day because they expect you to lead the music and then have to build a scale model of a komodo dragon?

I'm glad I have to go back to work tomorrow.

Posted by: ask | 11:08 PM on April 22, 2007

hittin the rum early today, are we, ask? ;)

rum pum pum pum.

Random Curiosity Survey on my blog this morning. All participants will receive a sample tube of toothpaste!*

*to be purchased by the participant, at their local drugstore

*flicks KDF*

*dashes off to school*

*skips in*

Good morning!!!

*skips out to take textiles final*

KDF's blog doesn't like me and wouldn't let me post.

And I had SUCH important things to say about toothpaste, too! It wouldda changed the world.

Ah well.


I dunno why it does that sometimes -- I think Bumble had the same problem a week or so ago, and eventually it resolved itself.

Frikkin bl0gsp0t.

*fears spontaneous webpage deletion*

It took my comment without any problem.

*Revels in neenerage*

sharon~ Are you at work? I can't post on her blog from school computers. Perhaps your school is the same.

*flicks Blue*

KDF - have you tried WordPress? Much gentler and more friendly, I find. You can import all your bl0gspot posts, and then leave a redirecting post at the original site which sends all your friends to the WP bl0g. Painfree, really.

Ooo, I hadn't looked into that, Kaf, mainly because I didn't know I could import existing posts. That is good to know.

Ever since Bl0gger made me switch to the *new* Bl0gger, it has hiccuped a bit too often. Thanks, Kaf. I'll check it out.

Hmm...my post disappeared.


*checks to see if it worked*



Run away, run away......!

Or placate it with rum. Or sumpfin.

i'd like some of that rum, please.

or sumpfin.

*dresses like The Blog Monster*

*readies to be placated*

*placates the Monsterphyte*

How dare you impersonate me!

*prepares to grab kilties and eat their posts*

Wow!! If I were only male, that'd be GREAT!!



My bread is almost ready to go in the oven! I'm soooooo excited!! YAY! for food!! YAY! for taking a break from writing my last final!!

pssst, Sarah has bread in the oven!


*munches crunchy crusted bread with homemade strawberry jam (made two weeks ago)*

eating posts and bread in the oven...


*thinks maybe she missed a little excitement around here*

neo- boing, your a male!

SarahJ- I am a very kneady person.

Blue- So true, you did post. Just brings up some really psychological thoughts for us all.

Yes, it does, Alfred. I'm feeling an onset of Post Post Stress Disorder at this very moment.

*feels Blue's Post, Post Dis-dressed Disorder*

What?! Just empathizing. *borrows Bumble's halo and perches it jauntily overhead*

neo, as bumble has emphasized on many an occasion, her halo is permanently attached.

guess you'll have to try somethin else ;)

And untarnishable. You forgot untarnishable.

*hands out these to kilties to protect their eyes from the shine*

*flicks bumble*


*reflects and decides not to sink to s-girl's level and flick back*

*tackles s-girl*

*finds herself bumble tackled(tm thingy)*

sink to my level?!?


*flicks KDF*

Posted by: Bumble

*flicks Blue*

Posted by: Bumble


you were sayin?!?


*evil smile*


you were sayin?!?

...something ironic.

Hmmmm. That bread wouldn't happen to be in bun form, would they?


And Bumble....Supergluing your halo on is cheating!


*decides not to dignify that implication with an answer*

*goes to bed*

My first final is tomorrow. *sigh*

G'night, all! ;-)

Did I imply something??

Damn...I thought I came right out and said it.

I want to go to sleep!

I'm soooooooooooooooo tired I can hardly think. My sister just called to see what time I wanted to leave for the airport and I wasn't making any sense so she rephrased everything into yes or no questions so I would stop blathering on about nothing.

My final final is almost done! YAY!

The Final Final is finished, And the Post from the past has caused post distressment. I hope no one goes postal. I would recommend UPS. Less stamps for bugs. WE don't want people bugging our houses now.

Just finished Babel.

Happy ANZAC Day, y'all. Don't celebrate too early, okay?

*skips through singing "I'm on my way to San Jose"*

Sarah, is that your Final Answer? (Please provide your answer in the form of a syllogism).

Bumble, while you appear to be keenly focused on keeping your halo from tarnishing on the outside, an even more insidious hazard is degeneration from within. I'd say that's your tougher battle.


*raises wings*


All examinations are finished.
Not all Finns are examined.

I like Puffins. Yum!!

*Returns after failing to convince bosses that the significance of ANZAC Day merits a company-wide, or at least Meanie-wide, holiday.*

*Is disappointed that he can't spend the day HERE.*

Hee! I LUV the way Kaf says "y'all" with that New Zealand accent....!

And if Sarah's eating puffins, then she must be just as adventurous about her food as her brother, I'm sayin'!

Hmmmmm...I wonder if I can convince my university to give us a holiday for ANZAC day..........prolly not.


Guess I'd better get ready for my classes, then.

Later, Kilties!

*is disappointed that all the kilties can't spend the day there*

Don't forget breakfast!

right now i'd rather have lunch. :)

Oooh.... I'll have what S'girl's having! *drools* And a croissant. Pretty please and thank you very much.

Unsurprisingly, I missed the dawn parade. Public holiday? Before 7am? Fugeddaboudit.

*Cancels plans to invite Kaf to the next solstice sunrise celebration*

Ew...if you take the olives, peppers, and sausage off that pizza, I might eat it. But I'll definitely have a croissant with coffee...er, I mean Kaffy!

better, sharon?

blue, you can invite me to the next solstice sunrise celebration, but can ya make it a little later in the day? ;)

I'll have the sausage, peppers and olives, Sharon.. don't you worry about that! I may even have a slice of the cheese pie.

For someone supposedly on a diet, I'm not doing very well, am I?

pssst...kaf....Kiltie food's gots no calories!!

wheeeeeee! In which case I want a double bacon cheeseburger with fries n onion rings!

I need a designated day off so I can make myself thoroughly ill on fatty foods

*loves everyone double mocha lattes to go with the yummy buffet*

(wut? the caffine helps burn off alla those non calories)

*Stands firmly on the side of the pizza purists/dogmatists.*

A good pizza can stand on its own. I can even see throwing a favorite item on it as an enhancement, but having to add a bunch of extra ingredients is a sign of an inferior, unauthentic pizza.

I'm sorry, pizza is a passion of mine.

*Chants "Stop Pizza Pollution!"*

well, excuuuuse me!

that's the last time i offer any of you guys anything yummy like pizza.

*sultry southern hairflip*

*wonders if TC is the 'bot, cuz the word "craWfish" seems to turn him on*


I was hoping that would make me feel better. No such luck. I've got a group project due tomorrow: a presentation and a 15 page paper. My job was to edit the paper together since the two guys I'm working with aren't great writers. They were supposed to send me their stuff by Sunday at the latest so I could get cracking. One of the boys (who is doing the lion's share of the research) still hasn't sent his section. He's planning on having it to me by 2 or 3 in the morning. I had to get someone to cover my shift for tomorrow morning so I could stay home and try to get this wrapped up before I have to leave for my first class. And I know he's working hard and is stressed out b/c he's got other projects/papers/exams going on, but guess what? SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE! Do the work ahead of time and show others a little consideration so they don't have to rearrange their schedules for your crap.

In his defense, he's not a slacker. He does his share of the work, unlike the people involved in most group projects I've done. He just doesn't do it punctually. I am not a last minute/all nighter kind of person. I can't function that way. This kind of stuff drives me crazy!

Oh well. There's nothing I can do about it right now. Time for a shower and some dinner and my bed.

Ummmm.... S-Girl is right, the missing words were "Thank you". I still hold my very opinionated opinions on the subject, but her offer still counts as generous.

I nevert knew doing one of THESE was so complicated.....


Sorry and thank you, s-girl. I'll have a slice of the cheese, please!


you're welcome, sharon

*waits for blue's personalized apology*

*just cuz*

I'm already having a slice of everything.

Cherry pie and coffee for a midnight snack?

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