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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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Belatedly for Bumble (one should never go to work when there's Kilting to be done...) It's Hugs Tiem

Wouldn't salt peters melt when they got wet? That's not a good thing.

yeah...um, sure...a cold beer...;P

*packs bag for road trip*

*wonders if there's bud in germany, or if she'd have to drink heinekin*

Wouldn't salt peters melt when they got wet? That's not a good thing.

Posted by: Kaffy In Disguise (With Glasses)

*no comment*

*was actually hoping she hadnt meant ready for a cold beer*

the cold beer is lagniappe ;D

I don't wanna go to class!

I changed the picture on the Y site! I noticed the sign when I was picking up my sister from a friend's house last week. The friend lives in a neighborhood with Scotish street names that I've driven through there many times before, but not until last week did I notice that sign. :)

Oh, my...you've all been busy today. Okay....lessee...

1. St. Louis is in St. Louis County. St. Peters is in Rome.
2. Unless you meant St. Peters, Missouri, in which case it is in St. Charles county.
3. Cold beer can be satisfying in many, many ways given a touch of imagination, ya know. *snork*
4. Well, if EVERYONE is runnin' off to Germany, then I would hate to be left behind. Pile on, folks (tee hee...I asked you all to pile on me!), I'll fly us there!
5. There is no 5
6. *SNORK!!* @ Kaffy.

That is all...as you were.

*heads to the Couch 'o Is Sleepy 'Cuz I Stayed Up Too Late On The Phone*


YEEEEEEP! Blue....you gonna clean these grope-mines up one of these days??

St. Peters is in Rome

*thwacks sharon*


thank yew veddy much!

but why would ya want him to clean up the *grope* mines?

Kaffy~ We're abducting you and taking you along to Germany, too. Okay? :-)

Sarah~ Kilt Court. Has a nice ring to it. Could be a street, could be a judicial organization where naughty people are tried but never convicted. Love it.

My last final is at 5:30. I am done studying. I'm gonna relax for the next hour or so, then mosey on over to Kokomo a little early so I can sell back my books, 'cause I never wanna see them again. Especially not the managerial accounting one.

*leaves out glasses of Welch's Grope Juice*

when i was in college the first time, we once had a book burning after finals

I spose we probably shoulda felt bad about burning all those books, but it's hard to get worked up about somethin like that while bein really drunk

besides, it was a really nice fire :)

*is thwacked*

....Okay, I deserved that one.

I didn't actually have a grope with the grope-mines (if the past of "write" is "wrote", then the past of "gripe" can be "grope", right??)...they just keep startling me.

And you KNOW what happens when you startle a dragon....

*waves to TC, who wasn't there when she posted*

Fire....? I DIDN'T DO IT!!!

um, you get a really nice fire? ;)

*waves to sharon, who wasn't there when she posted*

great minds, eh, sistah? ;)

Well, I mangaged to get the skinflints to buy back two of my textbooks; a couple of them weren't going to be used again. But the joke's on them; I got back what I paid for the two they took and made a small profit on one 'cause I bought 'em at half.com, not the bookstore. Bwahaha!

Last final in 45 minutes. I'm fighting the urge to begin last-minute cramming. I know it won't help and will only get me nervous and confused, but I feel like I ought to be doing something in the little time left. I'm all antsy. *sigh*

Well, I'd suggest being auntsy rather than antsy, then. Thinking and talkinga about the wee one always makes you happier!

Umm....like my new accent?? Must be the Italian influence......

so kilties...

let's say you have a friend, one who you haven't seen in a while, but who is a long-time friend.

and let's say you accidentally found out something about which you really think she needs to be aware.

something involving her child (19? 20? and a very immature 19 or 20) who has previously run away from home to meet an online friend, and who is now planning on doing the same thing again.

would you tell her, or stay the heck out of it?

i know if it was my child, i'd want to know, but...

please discuss :)

Oooooh, that's a tough one. 19 or 20 is ostensibly an adult. That's the age (or past the age, really) when we tend to leave home and become accountable for ourselves. Would it really be "running away from home" at that age?

On the other hand, if you think that this is a really stupid or dangerous choice, you might feel obligated to step in and intervene. I mean, if something happened to this person as a result of their decision, and you hadn't done anything to prevent it, how would that make you feel?

But on the OTHER hand (yes, I have three hands, apparently), I remember how absolutely furious and angry I was when my landlady (yes....my landlady, who I'd known for all of three months) called my mother to tell her that my boyfriend was moving in with me, and I was 19 or 20 at the time. She didn't do it for any reasons to do with leases or rent or anything like that, but because she thought my mom "ought to know." I thought it was none of her damned business and that she'd seriously crossed a line.

Um.....I'm not being much help, am I? I guess I can see pros and cons for both sides of the coin.

*smooch!* Let us know what you decide? I'll support you either way.

*tries vainly to heinz*
(vain heinzing is when you're looking in the mirror)

the beer is lagniappe? Is that a local brew?

What happens when you startle a dragon? You get friendly fire.

As to the situation with the friend's child. I'm a mom. I'd want to know. HOWEVER. I've told several of my friends who are mothers what their children were up to. (Smoking. Lying. Out with her boyfriend at midnight when mom thought the girl was safely at a friend's house.)

Never ONCE has it gone well. It's cost me a couple of friendships. Yet, I'll probably continue to interfere. Because I hope somebody will tell me when MY kids sneak out at night.

NOW my take is to confront the kid directly. "So you're smoking at 14? Are you going to tell your mom, or am I?" And then I follow up on it. Yes, I'm a royal B.

S-Girl, without knowing how you know your friend's child's plans, or if this is even possible under the circumstances, here's my suggestion: tell the child that you know about the plan, and that you are obliged to tell his/her parent(s) about the plan, and suggest he/she tell his/her parent(s) before you do, which should be very soon, i.e., soon enough not to allow any rash action to be taken by the child.

Before anything, though, please sign below that you will hold Meanie the Blue, LLC, harmless for any and all consequences of said actions, which shall be considered unofficial remarks not to be construed as advisory in any way, for now, the future and for the afterlife.

I agree: ____________________ (S. Girl)

Finals are over. I have a general idea of what my grade is in all my classes now, and all is right with the world. My world, anyway. I'm going to go eat Thai food now.

s-girl, I see sharon's point(s), and I think it's a matter of how bad it is. What sharon's landlady tattled about wasn't dangerous to her; no one was at risk. It was just pure busybodying. But if you think this person is genuinely going to be at risk in some way shape or form, I'd tell.


You'll make the right decision. You're good folk. :-)

Hooray, Bumble, for finals being over! *is SO envious*

Southerngirl, my take on it would also depend on whether the adult child is living with his or her parents. If mom and dad are responsible, and paying the bills, then they ought to know. If the adult child is now out on his own, living independently, I'd likely say something only if I thought he or she were at risk.

Well, if the person in question WERE 14, the answer would be a lot more clear-cut than that. 19 or 20 is NOT a child. As I said...ostensibly an adult. Still young enough to make stupid decisions (Heee! In that way I'd say we were ALL young at heart!), but the "I'm obligated to tell your mom" thing seems a bit absurd for a 20 year old.

I'm pretty sure I've done a LOT of things in my life that would give my mom a heart attack if she knew about them. But by the time I was 20, she and my dad accepted that I understood the choices I made and would accept the consequences of making them.

But again...by the same token, if someone had thought a choice I'd made at 20 was dangerous or stupid, I would hope they would have the guts to tell me. Though not necessarily my mom. Again...the difference between 14 and 20 is a pretty big one.


*sticks gold star on Bumble's nose*

I'm SO glad it's over for you! And I knew you'd come through it with all your faculties and limbs intact.

Sharon, we don't know if Bumble's faculty is still intact. They may have fallen apart over finals, too.

And Sharon, I used the 14 year old example because it is clear cut. And because that's what I've run into in real life. I agree that fourteen and twenty are worlds apart.

*snork!* The faculty's faculties are in the facilities? Very likely!

(And how are YOU doing, Ms. I-took-myself-off-my-medication?? Feeling better at all?)

And yah....your second post wasn't there when I posted mine. I saw that and knew that the psychic-sistah phenomenon (dee deeeeee de de deee! Phenomenon! Dee de de deeee!) was still up and working.

I was not meaning to say that telling the kid's parents WAS an obligation, that's entirely at your discretion, S-Girl. I merely meant that it might be strategically advantageous if that's how the kid thought you felt. And, yes, it's a lot trickier with a 20-year old than it would be with a 14-year old, but that's most relevant to the legal sense, not to the social sense. If the kid is immature and about to do something damaging, she may have the legal "right" to do it and her parents are without legal recourse, but that doesn't mean you should stay silent.

Mmm. Thai food is still tasty. After this week, I wasn't sure if any food was still tasty. I get queasy when I'm nervous and stressed. It makes eating something I have to force myself to do rather than enjoy.

*hops through the kilt in an excess of post-finals good spirits, scooping up the kilties and bopping them on the head*

And, I think most of my faculty are still intact, but I heard a rumor that my managerial accounting prof is going to be fired. If it's true, I feel bad for him. He's a nice guy and he's clearly intelligent. He just can't teach.

*wonders how many grope-mines Bumble will set off with her skipping*

*settles back on Couch 'o Comfy Kilties to watch*

....after the scooping and bopping, of course.


sg - been there (both ends of the concept of tellin'/bein' told), done that ... puked on the T-shirt ...

Whutever you decide to do/not do ... somebuddy will decide (for you) that it wuz the worng thing to do ...

Good luck ...

HOWever ... whutever you decide ... do it, and then walk away from it ... (unless yer part of a follow-up process ... counseling, whutever ...)

Do NOT let your decision fester, after the fact ... y'all can "whut if" yerself to nervous distraction ...

I KNOW it's not easy ... merely sayin' ...

And yes, Sharon! Either this is another mood swing, or I feel good!!

I no longer want to tear my itching skin off, print has stopped crawling around the page, and I'm no longer throwing up! These are all very good things.

Today I was able to sit down with a textbook and READ it... and the best part is, I could UNDERSTAND it again! So now, I'm cracking down and getting back to work. I have one week to complete 5 weeks worth of material and assignments.

Here.... I.... GO!

Kaffy~ We're abducting you and taking you along to Germany, too. Okay? :-)

*nods n grins*

SG - Would you be able to talk to the 19/20 year old? Just to say "Hey, this is a bad situation, and here are the reasons why". If they'd listen to you about that, I'd go with that. If not, and they really do seem to be putting themselves in harm's way, I'd give the parents a chance to help their child. The child may not want the help, and as an adult they can still refuse but it should be their call.

Re sg's quandary: Excellent advice here, all. I would just like to point out, though, that "running off to meet a friend from the internet" is something that -- *ahem* -- many of us have done, and this group might understand the intensity of those friendships far better than most "normal" people out there, many of whom dismiss such things out of hand.

Safety is key, of course, and maybe you could point out to her that initial meetings should take place first in public places and preferably with a group, but ultimately, assuming we're talking about responsible adults here, it all comes down to judgment.

sg, if you do decide to talk to this "kid," which really seems like the way to go if you feel that she lacks maturity and needs to be called on this, I think your own experience meeting K!lt!es might go a lot farther with her than the countless "You're doing what?"s that she has likely heard from others.

You can affirmatively acknowledge that "internet friendships" can be very real, as we all well know, but still need to be approached with care and safety in mind when first meeting people.

You don't think I was worried about Sharon burning me to a crisp with her dragon fire? I had a fire extinguisher tucked in my purse! And sg -- she could have dragged me under a bed, anywhere! I was ready to alert good samaritan passersby with the air horn on my keychain. And judi, well... who knows what she might have done. However, she did bribe me with J0lt™ brand 24 gum, which I suppose makes my judgment questionable, since technically, I took candy from a stranger.

*is proud of self*

*also Self*

teehee, I said "horn"

morning all

i was coming here to respond to all of you (and thank you!) but first i have to *snork* at KDF!

ya met me, too, and i turned out to be not too scary, huh? ;)

i've decided to hold off on saying anything right now for several reasons. i haven't seen the mother in ages, and the girl in even longer, and i think that suddenly popping up with info like this wouldn't turn out well. especially since i don't have anything other than a comment on myspace to go by. and i think if she has no problem talkng about her plans in a public forum, she'll say more if further plans develop, at which point i can always reconsider.

*hits send, cuz this is already long enough*

another thing (last thing) is i guess i didn't clarify that altho she is 19 or 20, she's both mentally and emotionally closer to 14 or 15. and to the person who asked if she lives at home, (forgot who now, sorry) yes, she does.

one last thing...


*Attempts to resolve blur and rush of wind*
*Realizes it's Neo*
*Picks up and resets grope mines that missed their speeding target*


geez, blue, i thought you were aimin for neo?!?

ya met me, too, and i turned out to be not too scary, huh? ;)

Posted by: southerngirl | 10:35 AM on May 3, 2007

Well, I was referring to you when I said:

And sg -- she could have dragged me under a bed, anywhere! I was ready to alert good samaritan passersby with the air horn on my keychain.
Posted by: KDF | 10:13 AM on May 3, 2007

However, I can see the confusion, as for some reason I stopped addressing you directly, and was talking to the whole group, and referred to you in the third person, so that kinda looked like I was still talking about Sharon.* So please report me to Mr. Language Person, and know that I'm hanging my head in grammatical shame.


And, no, southern sistah, you weren't too scary; at least not before all the tequila shots.

OK, I'm leaving now. :D

*who, in actual fact, did not drag me under any furniture, at any time

*who, in actual fact, did not drag me under any furniture, at any time

*but not for lack of tryin


(I know I have already mentioned this - but heck, who wouldn't tell this one every chance they get?) Since I have had the immeasurable pleasure of being in a hotel room with each of these lovely ladies (KDF, SG, and Sharon - no more than two at any given time though, so far), and performed lingual feats for judi, I'd just like to say that sometimes, meeting internet friends can be very satisfying.

*smooches bozo*

Um, 'scuse me, if y'all will pardon me for just one second here...


just so y'all know, we were very well behaved the entire time.

*innocent look*

and there's no police report to prove otherwise?

Just means you didn't get caught!

kaf, we were very zealous in our attempts to stay one step ahead of the cops behave in an kilt-appropriate manner. ;)


Now WAIT just a flea-bitten moment here.....you were afraid of my dragon-flame?? And that spritz bottle was a fire extinguisher???


And I thought it was a birthday present! (And who knew dragon-flame extinguisher smelled like lemons and lavendar?)

But then...I know how to grammatically construct a sentence, so...PLLLBBBBTTTTTTT!! :p

s-girl....um.....well-behaved? You mean Bozo didn't end up nibbling on YOUR ear??

*TOTALLY innocent look*

I feel good!! I no longer want to tear my itching skin off, print has stopped crawling around the page, and I'm no longer throwing up!

*guesses he feels good, too, if that's all it takes*

sharon, what happens in certain undisclosed locations stays in said undisclosed locations.

just sayin ;P

*provides the obligatory *snork* at insom*

Well, now you're just talking about under your bed again, right....?


I wanna meet some kilties. I'll even go under the furniture, so long as it’s in public. ;-) I met neo, but it was all too brief. And I met Bucket, too, but she hasn't been around in a long while.

I need to speak German with Blue, exchange cute aunting & mothering stories with KDF, discuss literature with sharon, eat bananas foster with s-girl, tie TCK up in a doghouse somewhere, and be in a hotel room with knbtc. When do I get to do all that?

*pouts some more*

sharon, what happens under my bed is always private.

(except that i think neo has a hidden video camera somewhere, so if there is video, and ya wanna watch, you'll have to talk to her. ;)

bumble, i'll be in denver in july...think ya can make it? :)

and from what i've been "told", not that i know firsthand...

*innocen...aw never mind*


..but knbtc is very generous in his offers of

wait...i'm not supposed to talk about that, sorry! ;D

knbtc is also

and...knbtc is also is a line that should have been omitted.


think i need a beer or several...

Bumble, do you ever get to NYC at all? June 1 would be a very opportune time to meet this Kiltie and several bloglits at an RBR concert.....

Ooh. I'm intrigued. I've never been to a RBR concert.

I was in New York once for just under a week in 2000. Nice place to visit; wouldn't want to live there. Travel isn't a big thing for me since I have Delta benefits (even if they are crappy and standby dependent) but I'm planning to try to finagle some time off for a trip to Portland from my boss, and since I just took time off for Germany, I'd probably be wise not to push it by asking for more. I'm not even sure if I can go to Portland.

I'll give it some thought, though. Anyone wanna meet me in Oregon? It's pretty. :-)

I worded that poorly. When I said travel wasn't a big thing, I meant it wasn't as difficult and costly for me as it is for some, not that I didn't do it much/didn't like it. :-)

Ooh. I just realized: that concert will be the weekend after my birthday, which I already asked to have off b/c my sister wants to do a big thing. Two weekends in a row would really be pushing it. *sigh*

Anyone up for a roadtrip to Indiana? It's the "crossroads of America," you know. :-)

i'd love to bumble, but i'm afraid it's not in the cards.

i'll be in dallas and denver this summer, and that's about the extent of it :(

hey...maybe we can get ado to steal blue's credit card again...and all go on a roadtrip...on blue!


maybe we can get ado to borrow blue's credit card again


*luvs s-girl a cold six-pack*

Relax, southern sistah....s'all good, you know.

Gawd. I would LOVE to meet you in Oregon, Bumble. I love Oregon, and miss it dreadfully sometimes. And, of course, it would be wonderful to meet you! We'll make that happen one of these days....I promise!

*smooches* to all.

*takes one of those smooches Sharon was handing out*

You know, I'm just having a bad month.

Somebody broke in to my garage last night and rummaged through my car. They stole the little tray that has the cup holders and holds the change. Yes, they actually stole a piece of my car in order to make off with a grand total of about $5 in change.

I've never been robbed before. After much consideration, I've decided I don't like it.


That's horrible!

I've been robbed several times. Two of my cars have been broken into and the radios stolen (long ago), and two of my homes have been robbed--once while I was asleep in the bedroom. It's a horrible, horrible feeling--I'm so sorry it happened to you!


T'wouldn't take me "much consideration" to decide I din't like it, neo' ... merely sayin' ... (yeah, I've had stuff tooken before ... no, I don't like it ...)

ssa ... yer EXtremely fortunate that "stuff" is all they took when y'all wuz asleep in the bedroom ... I'd say somethin' about "self defense" and various weaponry choices, but after-the-fact is much too late, and p'haps not always the best option ... unless serious prior preparation has been made ... glad yer OK ...


All this talk of break-ins is wigging me out. Parents are still in NC. As far as I know, we've never had anyone break in and steal something, but one time we came back from a trip and found cigarette ashes in a dish on the table. Someone must have been in the house, but we couldn't find anything missing. It was eerie.

{{{sharon & neo}}}

*breaks into the kilt*

*steals insom*

What? I need a security guard. insom, if anyone comes, yell the quadratic equation up the stairs, and I'll make my escape out the window.

I second Insom's Yikes!

Sharon, HOW many times have you been robbed?! And WHO would be foolish enough to rob a dragon?!

However, self defense is pretty hard when you're asleep; just sayin'.

Though perhaps booby traps like the kid set up in "Home Alone" might work.

Actually, when my sister was a little girl, she won an award at school for a story she wrote. It was about a thief breaking in to our house while we were at church. In the story, we came home to find the thief knocked out, because he had tripped over all the toys that little sister (me!) left lying around.

Come to think of it, my house looks a bit like that right now. So I'm safe!

And Bumble, since your finals are now over and your folks are still gone, I'd say that now would be an excellent time to have a party.

Ha, ha, just kidding, Mr. and Mrs. Bumblesparents! I'd never, never suggest such a thing! pst! Bumble! Let me borrow that halo of yours for a minute, would ya?!


I don't know enough people to invite to a party, but I'm having a friend over for dinner and a movie Monday.

In the meantime, I need to mow the yard. Ugh.


Gawd, I didn't mean to freak everyone out. I was fine! My house has been broken into twice...the first time was the "sleeping in the next room" incident. I didn't know anything about it until my cat woke me up early in the morning to tell me something was wrong. I got up, walked into the living room, and.......it had been fairly thoroughly ransacked. The second time (about a year ago), I wasn't even home. They came into my bedroom through a window (they broke it) and stole some jewelry.

But stuff is just stuff and can be replaced. No one was hurt.


*is glad all kilties are safe*

*is sad she kilt the kilt*

I am the personification of efficiency. I don't do household chores often (if truth be told, I'm quite lazy), but when I do them, I do them with a vengeance, because I want to have them over and done with. In the last hour and a half, I've done the dishes, taken out the garbage, watered the plants, drained some water out of Flop's tank and put fresh in, and mowed the vast majority of the yard. The mower died when I was about two minutes away from being done, and by the time I got gas in, it started raining.


*strips and dashed off to the bathroom for a shower*

*make that "dashes" not "dashed"

Hey, I said I was efficient, not grammatical. :-)

*dashes and dots after Bumble, to see if she scrubs efficiently*

*or grammatically*

I did, believe me. I got gas on my hands earlier. I don't mind the smell of gas as a general rule, but it was awfully pungent.

I need a security guard. insom, if anyone comes, yell the quadratic equation up the stairs, and I'll make my escape out the window.

i should tell you my selective service classification is '9-H' meaning in the event of wartime, i can be used as a hostage, or compost, whichever most aids the war effort...

Hostage will work fine; you'll provide enough distraction for me to escape. ;-)

Insom is being held hostage?! What are the demands?

*wanders into/under the kilt*

*hears talk of hostages and such*

*attempts to exit...quickly*



too late...the kilt has taken me hostage

*starts preparing ransom payment*


i think i like this whole "hostage" thing!

Wait...did one of the grope-mines take insom hostage?? Did it "grope" him and not let go? Are we trying to get it drunk enough to release him? Is that why s-girl likes the whole "hostage idea"???

Nosy minds want to know!!

(knowsy minds??)

i just liked lookin at neo's links ;)

I just like the idea of rescuing people. (I'm secretly hoping the one who pays the ransom gets rewarded with a smooch.)

*puckers up, just in case*

*applies chapstick*

(btw, this is comment #1289 here... I've been having trouble the past few days getting the kilt to load properly. Anybody else having trouble?)


....What?? Oh...sorry. I know you weren't exactly looking for a *smooch* from ME, but I just couldn't stand the suspense anymore!

And if you're having trouble, neo, feel free to scout out another spot/thread for us!

It was Bumble? Where did we go wrong?


Might I suggest a new spot (so maybe I'll remember where were)?

How 'bout we move over here?

Oops! Sorry, Bozo, didn't mean to step on you.

We can save mine for another time.

Let's go with Bozo's place. See you there!

pssst, Bumble, don't forget to bring insom

Move?! We can't! What about all my friends? We'll have to change schools! I like this house! We'll have to drive to all the stores now! What happens to our taxes? Aw, man, how are we gonna pack up all this junk? We were just getting settled....



*snorks again*

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