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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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*smooches* and *gropes* for anyone who's around. I'll try and hang around to hand more out later.. *blush*

Darlin', I learned LONG ago not to trust you with a sharpie in your hand. Or super glue. Or clown noses. Or ducks. Or... well, pretty much anything. Or rather, I can trust ya to cause me trouble! ;)

*SMOOOCHES Sharon and runs, so as to not get scorched*

marks sharon

hey guys, that means she's mine, now

but i'll sharon share-alike ;D

*hugs neo g'night*

*whispers* i'll hide the markers! that `stash took forever to wear off!

Coool! Glad I happened to still be around! I got a grope!

*Settles in to sleep with one eye constantly watching Sharon* (which should be interesting as she gets ready for bed)

Tsk. SUCH distrust. As if I'd REALLY do the same joke twice.

And you should know I'd never scorch-smooch! My smooches are carcinogen-free.

*smooches all Kilties new and veteran*

*curls up with her sistahs for a snooze*

*finishes midnight snack*

*curls up with the sistahs*

Well good night all.
It was good to see comments on such a night.

*Welcomes Kaffy. And coffee*

Sorry about the belated response here, but I had a hard time finding my dancing shoes. I'm quite ready now. (But YOU're gonna need safety shoes).

Oh, and don't I need to learn to dance counterclockwise in NZ?

Nope. Just upside down, because you're standing on the underside of the globe.
The water goes anti-clockwise, the people don't.

Sounds good, then. Unless we're dancing underwater, in which case I may need more practice.

Wow. I knew you had a lot of rain in your area, Blue, but I hadn't realized it had gotten quite so deep.

*Blllluuuuubbbbbb, bbblllluuuubbbbb, SNORK!, bbbbllluuuuubbbbb*

BTW, anyone happening to be in the New York area in early June may wish to take note of this.

YAYYY!!!!! Kaf's here! Welcome, sweetie.

Woo hooo!!!


Okay...Scotch hangovers are JUST as bad as your basic beer-and-tequila hangovers, only you feel like you've been hit upside the head with a sock 'o gold doubloons instead of nickels, and you have silk-and-satin-mouth instead of cotton-mouth.


It was worth it, though, for the sleepover with the sistahs!

YAY! for Kaf joining us!! YAY! for things going well for people!!

YAY! for wet weather!! It's rainy and overcast today, just beautiful, which is great for studying, finals end on Monday and I leave for a week in CA on Tuesday. YAY! for seeing my family (except for my brother in Thailand and my dad in Hyderabad) !!!
We finish earlier than a lot of other schools (on a semester sched) because we have no spring break

More exciting news: today my roommate is being baptized in the West Jordan River. I hope it doesn't rain too much while we're all standing outside for the occassion. YAY! She's one of my two engaged roommates (getting married next spring, the other is getting married in Oct and has a ring)

*wanders into Kilt*

*is buried in an avalanche of YAYYY!!!s*

*adds one more YAYYY!!! to the pile, 'cuz you just can't have to many of them*

Thanks, Sarah...we desperately needed to restock. Glad you were here to oblige!

aw, it's so nice to see a cheery person. :)

hi, sarah! is your brother still enjoying his time in thailand?

Impressive dancing, Blue!

*blushes* thank you all!

Jeez. You leave the kilt for two days, and it's all changed around. Who moved the sofa for contemplating whether the fact that there's two weeks of school left is a glass half empty or full?

*wonders if she should study for today's managerial accounting quiz*

*calculates grade based on previous quizzes*


And greetings to Kaffy! I remember you from the MB a little bit, and look forward to getting to know you better. Welcome to the pervy ranks of the kilt! :-)

We finish earlier than a lot of other schools (on a semester sched) because we have no spring break

truly this is an enlightened school...our 'spring break' is never really in spring, and more often than not the weather is horrible...why they can't skip it, and get an extra week off in april or may when the weather is nicer is beyond me!
*yes, i'm an old geezer, if you want to prove me wrong with tales of spring-break debauchery, go ahead, but they'd better be good ones*

Part of the reason we don't have a spring break is to avoid any "spring-break debauchery," another is to have time for the "continuing education" programs later in the summer, and the last and according to administration the most important is to give BYU students a head start on jobs/internships. I often wish we could have a four day weekend for a spring break (two days off isn't much) just to preserve my sanity, but it's not too bad to go without it.

Good to see SarahJ around.
Welcome Kaf.

Spring Break Deabauchery? All I did during it was catch up on my sleep and get some chores done.

Congrats to your roommate.
BYU tends to have a lot of marriages.

I got a big honking tattoo on my shoulder during Spring Break this year...does that count as debauchery?

(okay, my dragon doesn't actually honk, but she DOES get growly from time to time)

my brother and sisters have spring break right now, which is too bad because I visit next week :(
but my mom's taking them out of school for a couple of days to spend time with me and my seastar. YAY! for my mom!! YAY!

*tosses a fewmore into the truck*

Just for fun, my new favorite comedian is Maz Jobrani. I really respect what he's trying to do and he's really funny


I love that truck.

heeheehee...nice link, sarah!

and sharon, i gotta tell ya, i was wonderin about the whole "honking dragon" thing ;P

The baptism went great, despite the hail that turned into snow while we were standing outside in our Sunday clothes. YAY!

You should know better than to wear Sunday clothes on a Wednesday, Sarah. You're lucky there wasn't an earthquake.

Blue, get out of my head! I had JUST started posting something that looked remarkably similar to that, got distracted by the phone (ooo! shiny!), and by the time I came back your post was there and I had to delete.


But I'm nowhere near done in there, Sharon.



I'm absurdly moved and flattered that someone would compare the inside of my head to the British Library, which is one of my favorite places on earth.

So....let's see yer library card!

"Get out of my head
and into my hearth"

Witches version.

I can't seem to get onto Youtube to view the video.

In other news. I got a new camera.

*Digs through wallet*

Ah, here it is!

And, I stumbled across this, which reminded me immediately of Alfred and Ado.

Blue- I did give a hearty guffaw. Or IDGAHG which is sort of how you spell the name of the state I grew up in. I am certain that some of my friends back there are spelling it like that. Well they wouldn't be that drunk yet. Give it 3 hours.

drunk poeple dont spell

just sayin

blue, i was expectin a robotic cow.


I've never seen a more elegant admission of drunkenness in my life.

An elephant's trunk,
An elegant drunk,
Remind me of my kilties

I hear the meter, just don't hear the rest of the rhyme.

de-dah', de-dah',
de-dah', de-dah'
de-dah', de-dah', de- "Guilty!"

Goodnight, darlin's :)
*distributes goodnight smoochies*

"people have thunk
my rhymes are bunk
so i'll be pleadin' 'guilty!' "

TCK- Very true.

Insom Neo- first off, and Insomneo sounds like some kind of food. Or diet pill.
Second off, What song are you guys writing about? I can't seem to remember it.

SarahJ- I was able to get the link to work. Apparently they thought he was a terrorist.

"I will not debunk
that I have far sunk
into these gleeful guilties!"

Er....maybe not.





Just cuz. :)

A coffeeless funk
No donut to dunk
Feeling somewhat ill at ease

(Yes, I'm keeping my day job)

A Haiku:

Sweet seven month old
still learning to sit up straight
pulls Auntie Bea's hair


Turkey, beans, peaches
ground up in soft puree form
airplane in hanger

And finally:

Sweet smiles and coos
diapers, diapers everywhere
cuddles for Aunt Bea

Guess where I am? :-)

Let's see ....um, Tavern On The Green? Le Cirque? Spago?

Heaven. :-)

oh,i see...you wanted a permanent halo ;)

Didn't I tell you I got one at Wieskirche? It's untarnishable, too. ;-)

How do you fit it around the horns, though?

thanks, blue

i really needed a *snork* right about now.


Just 'cuz.


Y'all are just jealous 'cause I've got a sweet engelchen to cuddle and you don't. :-)

{{{s-girl & Blue & sharon and anyone else who's about}}}

Ready to listen, S-G.....

*Seconds Sharon's hug*

*seconds Blue's "Ready to listen"*

Tank of gas, $28.50. Overnight bag, $25.00. Presents from Germany, 60-ish euros. Strolling back and forth on your sister's deck with your niece snuggled against your chest singing this while she smiles up at you adoringly, priceless. :-)

Wow....your niece is REALLY talented if she can sing that while snuggled against your chest and smiling, Bumble!


*looks to see where sharon ducked and hurls baby toys in her direction*

*gets bonked on the head with a plastic ducky*

Hmm...how appropriate.

Shhh! Baby's sleeping.

*tiptoes to the couch to read a book*

psssstttt,..... is baby awake yet? Things are awful quiet here.

*wanders through with brass band*

Oops. I guess the baby's awake now, in any case.

She only slept for half an hour. She's up. And happy. And grinning. And cute. Oh so cute.

Can I just stay here? I don't want to go back and face my finals.


Sharon got bonked by a duck? Aren't there laws against that?

Kaf, WHEN are you going to learn the difference between "bonk" and "boink"????

Or is this a NZ thing?


Oh, btw....couldja pass the rum thisaway?

Ducks have a free range agreement on bonking. If they begin to bite toddlers, they are lunch.
So the bonking clause was put in to tell people that the ducks want to be left alone.
Just imagine several thousand ducks headbutting eachother to loud John Tesh music.

Here. See meanings 1, 3.1 and 4.1

*passes the ruuuuuuuum*

Dragon-duck relations are forbidden in several American states, however, enforcement is rare ever since a famous case that occured in, I believe, Missouri. It seems that several counts of mallard molestation were brought against a certain lady dragon, however, all charges were dropped after the bones and several bits of crispy skin from the plaintiff were found on the judge's plate in the court dining room. The lady dragon's repeated denials of having anything to do with the duck's demise were always accompanied with a wink and a flame-enhanced laugh.

The Lady Dragon's Denial WBAGNF a fantasy/romance book with a little whodunnit thrown in.

it sure would

mornin kilties

happy pantsless friday!

IT WASN'T ME!! I didn't do it!!!

I mean...okay....they found feathers in my bed. But I SWEAR that's from the down comforter, and the jury believed me.

There WAS that incident with the Peking tom duck, tho....

This can only mean one thing, Sharon: you have a rival dragon in Missouri, and he/she is committing crimes that are intended to make you look like the suspect.



oooh...mystery on the kilt...i like mysteries.

We always have Alfred.



*seconds KDF's GASP!*

What?? Someone's trying to frame me?? A sweet, widdle, innocent dwagon like meeeee???


*peers through fingers to see if anyone's buying it*

It's for sale??!

*grabs coupon book*


Yes, we here at Dragons R' Us (tm thingie)™ are here to serve you for all your Dragon needs!

But I'm not for sale, darlin', sorry....I already have a fully time job looking after YOU guys!

sharon, you're fully cr*p

(sorry, i just couldn't resist) ;P

Where was the keeper of the dragon and his lovely assistant Greta between the hours of 11am and 2pm? Inquiring minds want to know. If you happen to have video surveillance as well, that would be a bonus.

I thought S'girl said Sharon was fully crisp. Guess her fire backfired a bit. Singed a bit, are we?



♫ I'm on the Highway to Hell...Highway to Hell... ♫


oh...you said singed a bit?

sorry. thought ya said sing a bit...

never mind

The Sheep in Wyoming aren't safe. And apparently there is a malificent dragon faker who is attacking ducks.

The man of Mr. E (Nice fellow, likes cars way to much)is here to solve the case. Apparently the duck faker is out there, some where? Over the Rainbow.

Aha. Obviously the Duck Faker is in Kansas, got bored of living there and is now in Missouri. In no state flat it will be wandering all over.
Run for your wives gentelmen, run for them all.

I myself will be running for club treasurer on pertaining to robotic mammals.

Also, Play This. It is one of those games, that after finishing, you want everyone else to play it as well. Reminds me of a story in Huckleberry Finn.

Ahhhhhhh...nothing like a warm kilt waiting for you after a long drive.

*lays out drinkables and shnacky foods*

*curls up by the warm fire and waits for any lonely, wayward kilties who might happen by*

Thanks for the hot chocolate Sharon.

Boo! at Llamapalooza! They have a permit to make as much noise as they want until 1:30 pm. Unfortunately they are next door and I have a final in the morning. :(

But then I'm down to one final, a take home history final that needs to be 18-20 pages. So far it's about 1 1/2, but I've only done one of 5 parts, so there may be hope.

There is no hope for the band currently performing. They better keep their day jobs, or stay in school so they can get one, because music isn't going to pay their bills.

*skips out with noise cancelling headphones*

*shtumbles through for shnacky foods*

*curls up by the warm Sharon and waits for the fire*

Wondering what she is listening to now?

*Dresses everyone up as geese*
Hope this doesn't get you all down.

*snicker* @ Alfred



hi kilties

alfred, you're on a roll lately, aren't you? :)

*gooses s-girl(

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