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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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*enters the celestial sphere*

It is snowing here. Big, globby, wet snow. It sounds like boulders when it hits the roof of my car.

*contemplates the relative joys of taking a nap vs. a bubble bath vs. watching TV*

*decides to do all three at some point in the evening*

*prefers new Ecliptic gum*

The ecliptic is the apparent path that the Sun traces out along the sky, in relation to the stars, throughout the course of the year. More accurately, it is the intersection of the celestial sphere with the ecliptic plane, which is the geometric plane containing the mean orbit of the Earth around the Sun. It should be distinguished from the invariable ecliptic plane, which is the vector sum of the angular momenta of all planetary orbital planes, to which Jupiter is the main contributor.

*wanders off leaking ignorance n oozing confusion*

*drippy snivels*

*tugs cyn back to zero hours right ascension and hopes for more appropriate weather*

I mean, it's not like we're at eighteen hours RA here. Sheesh.

*Decides Has no opportunity to take a bath, take a nap or watch TV at any point in the evening*

Well, for all my talk, all I've done is watch a very little TV.


*contemplates putting together a relaxation kit to ship to Meanie the Busy*

And in my defense, I'm not usually this lazy. The day before yesterday was the first day in two months that I had nowhere to be and no demands on my time (work, school, etc.), and I worked 9-5 today and put up with pervy men making obscene remarks. And to add insult to injury, they didn't buy anything and tanked my conversion. Grrr...

Thank you, Bumble. Of all three, I would value the nap the most.

did somebody mention a nap?

*curls up on the Cozy Kiltie Couch™*


*loves Blue a warm milk toddy, a soft pillow and a cozy comforter*

I just finished watching a movie I rented called "The Greatest Game Ever Played." It's based on a true story, and is quite an excellent movie. Well worth watching, if you like a little heartfelt/humorous drama. Bumble & Bumble's mom give it two thumbs up!

*boogies in*

Find out what it means to me!

Ooops.. sorry bout that, Blue! Wanna dance?

Bumble- That truly is one of the best movies I have seen in a while. My parents loved it. I had to practically twist there arms to watch it. They were expecting some hokey film that I would get, and they would fall asleep at.

Shia Lebouf is really coming into his own.

Though he seems to have dug a hole for himself with the latest movie he is in.

Kochanski- Do you like Curry?

To get here I have to click on three different websites. So forgive me if it seems that I have odd timing.

/midnight confessions

Alfred - do you have any vindaloo?

I adore a good Curry.

(alfred darlin, please don't feed the trolls. it encourages obsession)

and just sayin'... respect is earned.

mornin all

it's quiet today here in KiltieLand™...

Here, here, Cyn!

Good morning, from the Land of Freezing-Mix-in-Mid-April, Kilties! Hannah news on my blog, for anyone who cares to visit. :)

Ah, yes, the golden sunshine, the bursting blossoms, the freshening breeze, the ...... anticipation.

Ah! Here you are.


Man, I've missed you! How great to see you....don't be such a stranger, sister!

KDF....oh man...I'm still laughing at the "Wilbur" story. That girl is DEFINITELY her mother's daughter. And yes....that is a very. good. thing. :)

And howdy to all Kilties, snowbound and not. I hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Mine started out a bit rocky, but has been much improved. Plus, I'm still not wearing pants.

Cyn, while I appreciate your concerns, I'm not a troll. Just a blurker who happens to have a mild obsession with Red Dwarf and saw an opportunity to say something.

I do understand that respect has to be earned, and while I hadn't planned to post in here much, if at all, the song just happened to be on my media player when I caught up with this thread. So I was singing.

I'm happy to back off for a while and/or do some form of penance. I never expected instant acceptance, but I just can't resist Red Dwarf.

My apologies once again.

sly, good to see you!

*seconds sharon's appreciation of hannah, and her mom*

Kochanski, if in fact you are for real, and have been blurking here, then you know ya really don't want to offer to do penance with this bunch...

or maybe you do...;)

and maybe you won't get instant acceptance, but post here once or twice more, and it'll happen. :)

Hi Sly!

sg, well said.

Kochanski, as you probably know, we're a pretty close bunch, but penance and/or backing off are not necessary. Your 2:44 comments are much appreciated. Also, a working e-mail address will go a long way toward Kiltie comfort. Just sayin'. :)

Indeed, Kochanski, you are most welcome to join the fun! I apologize for not greeting you sooner, but honestly I thought you were Alfred having a conversation with himself about Red Dwarf. If you know Alfred, you'll know why I thought that.


(and psssst! I *heart* Red Dwarf too!)

sharon, *SNORK!*

i thought it was alfred talkin to himself, too!


Sistahly minds, I guess...!


I'm eating a bowl of grapes, and I just snorked grape juice all over my keyboard while reading about KDF's daughter apologizing to her meal for consuming it. Too cute!

I thought Alfred was talking to himself, too! Or one of the other regulars was playing with him.

*rereads that, then decides to let it stand*

Congrats to Wilbur, Kay. PORK!!

Hee hee...neo said "pork"!

*pounces on Bumble*

Thanks, hon. :)

And Neo, *SNORK* @ PORK!!

Is it really, really bad that I'm craving bacon?

Um, hang on a second here, KDF. You're saying that everyone isn't going around in fuzzy pink suits all the time?


Ohmygosh. I didn't think about Scout's ham thing. Perfect. Too funny.

The best part about that was Judge Taylor getting such a kick out of it that he laughed till he could barely breathe.

I told my mom about Hannah and her sandwich. She cracked up. And for what it's worth, I concur with Hannah: There's nothing like a toasted bacon, egg & cheese sandwich. But we make ours on English muffins, not bagels. In fact, I had one as a side to my homemade potato soup last night. :-)

MMmmmmmmmmm....potato soooooooooooooooup....


potato soup... cooked with ham... or bacon...

*drools more*

they are especially willing to accept anyone whose name begins with "k"

of course, its obvious why.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....potato-BACON soooooooooooooup.

With cheese. And a dollop of sherry.

Okay, I know what I'm making for dinner tomorrow!

G'night, Kilties.



ya just gotta love the echo in here :)


*pounces on Tumnus sleepily*

*crawls in bed*

*curls up on the futon of fubar*

*covers neo with down blankie of comfort*
fu, but not completely bar, sweet one.

n miz Kochanski, please excuse protective snarling in your general direction. serious case of mistaken identity. instant recognition.. but very wrong connection ;)

mornin kilties

*waves to cyn, who's up early today*

can somebody please tell me why it's 36 frikkin degrees here this morning?

my boss is gonna be in the office all day today, and he's been in a pissy mood lately. y'all send good vibes that he'll be better today, or i'm gonna be one grouchy southerngirl.

later, peoples!


Hope the grouchy boss gets happy, soon. And 36 degrees? I thought that living in southern LA means that you don't have to put up with that silliness! It was warmer than that here this morning!

My kids are home this week -- April vacation. More coffee, please.

For the first time ever in my 27-year working career, I (and my carpool partner) were forced to turn back around and go home on our trip to work. We travel nearly all major highways along our route, first north in NJ and then east in NY, for a total of about 45 miles. We cross the Hudson River at one of the most traffic-choked bridges in the area, and so we time our work hours to beat the worst rush-hour times.

Today it didn't matter what time we left. It was impossible, worse than the worst snow or ice-snarled days, and worse than the day they closed all traffic on the bridge because of a suicide jumper. Once we got on our eastbound leg, we essentially stopped. What normally takes us about 45 seconds - the trip to and past the first exit along that eastbound leg - took us an hour. Faced with much more rain all day and the prospect of a repeat performance on the way home, we decided, almost literally, to bail. When we reached that first exit, it was A,MF.

Sometimes in awful winter weather, I will take a cumbersome series of trains to work, which takes around 2 hours and 15 minutes. Track flooding wiped that option out today.

Other driving routes were no more promising. We could have taken the George Washington Bridge across the Hudson further south, but every major highway going north from there was reported to be flooded out and closed.

If we had decided to keep going, I doubt that you would be hearing from me until maybe noon. We left at 6:45 am.

A. Complete. Mess.

wow, Blue. you must be in an excellent mood. ;)

i thought about you (and kay) this morning whilst watching TWC, and was hoping you were staying safe and dry.

but hey, at least you still have us! :)


*hugs blue*

Blegh....hold on a sec...

*wrings out Blue*


There you go.

OH, and.....*luvs some coffee (spiked with just a leeeeeetle kahlua) to KDF*

*tiptoes over to neo*

*wraps her in dragon wings*

*...and watches*

Miz Cyn, no apology necessary, but I thank you most kindly anyway.

*sneaks away to curl up in the corner and watch some more*

KDF, tried to answer the question posed on your blog, but I don't think your gatekeeper likes me very much.

Apologies if I managed to multiple-post somehow. And if I didn't post at all, this is what I said:

A toasted bagel w/ bacon, egg & cheese?

Or a mouthguard? :-)

Bumble, that's weird -- never heard of anyone having that problem before. I do have "comment moderation" enabled, so I can approve all comments before they post, but it sounds like you had some other issue. Please try again, if you wish, and let me know what happens!

And yes! You answered correctly, but I think sg beat you to it. But, consolation prize: I'll still buy you one of those sammiches if we ever meet in person. :)

The weather here was not anywhere near as bad as predicted, although I still have a flooded yard and a wet basement. Sounds like the New York area took the brunt of it.

*tosses Blue a life raft with built in cup holder*

*also, a Weissbier*

Sharon, YES, PLEASE!!!

i was right?!?

cool. :)

headin home kilties...later!

I seem to have my days and nights mixed up. But I must say I slept exceptionally well last... um... day. Nothing like a down blankie and dragon wings to let you sleep like a baby! :)

And good mor-... after-... um... evening. I need coffee.

Oh. God. I hadn't heard the news. Oh my God. Those poor students! This is horrible. I'm trying to read about it while keeping my kids from finding out. How do I explain something like this to my kids?! I can't understand it myself!! Oh God, why?!

Oh my gosh. I hadn't heard it either, till now. I just looked it up on the news after reading neo's comment. It's horrifying. Unfathomable.

hey guys, how bout a group hug? i think lots of people could use one.




Not to pile on the sad news, but two of my uncles and an aunt are here visiting. They just informed us that my cousin's wife lost her baby. She was due in November. Went in for a routine exam, and they couldn't find a heartbeat.

This is a very tragic day.


so much confusing chaos is afoot, lately. evil, really. how unutterably sad

*Joins in the hugs*

Oh, man, I was out shopping with my family, and we had no radio on in our car, so this is my first hearing about the horror at Virginia Tech. I hadn't a clue until I caught up here.

Jesus. What a sad world we live in.

Sorry for your cousin's bad news also, Bumble. Another kind of tragedy, not inflicted by dreadful and deranged people, but so sad nonetheless.

[[[Kilt friends]]]

As I said earlier in an e-mail to Bumble: such times call for fun on a humor blog with people you deeply appreciate, don'tcha think?


I know the pain of losing students, but so many, so senselessly...


bumble, extra *hugs* for you, too

i love you guys..."people i deeply appreciate", to paraphrase kay's words.


*gathers up all friends and loved ones within dragon-wings, and holds them very, very closely*

Okay....which one of you goosed me??

oh sheesh, do i have to admit to that twice?

*is disappointed that sharon doesn't recognize her *grope* by now...*

* whistles innocently*

*gooses the dragon again*

S-girl....duh! Rhetorical question!

And obviously yours weren't the ONLY guilty goosers!!

I hereby dub neo the queen of hysterical linkies.


Huh. Sharon, I can see your lips moving, but the sound doesn't match.

OH! I get it. Your voice is dubbed in.


Kochanski was not me. I do not talk to myself. Wait, I have had whole conversations with my self on the kilt. Never mind.

Welcome Kochanski. I personally have never had a vindaloo. Though I bet it goes great with some Chate d'simple 1772 in a pint mug.

The Virginia Tech thing is pretty depressing. We spend a great deal of time worrying about other peoples lives, yet not caring. Then tragedy happens and we truly wonder how they survive. I myself think it is the noblist thing in the world to keep on living. So that those who have been forced not to can be remembered.

I really hope that is not taken badly. I tried to chose my words as best I could.

that's a very profound sentiment, (((Alfred)))
well said.

Hear, hear, Alfred! You should listen to yourself more often.


And I agree with the others, Alfred...they are good words and can be in NO way taken badly.

G'morning, Kilties. Where's the coffee, please?

*Looks for a dub-dub to rub. I'm getting a sense that this isn't what Sharon had in mind, though*

I'll share, Sharon....

alfred, you said it perfectly :)

and on a much less serious note...

I do not talk to myself. Wait, I have had whole conversations with my self on the kilt. Never mind.


Okay Blue, scoot over. My turn.

S-girl...I gave a mighty *SNORK* at that, too.

So how is everyone this day? I feel like a wrung-out washcloth after teaching my two classes, and I think I may stop at the store for a four-pack of Strongbow on my way home from campus tonight!

Who's joining me? Anyone....?

(and this invitation includes any particularly shy international sistahs who may be hanging around waiting for an invitation........??)

yes, sharon, it's been a long day, and i'd love to join you.

i don't know of any shy international sistahs, tho. ;)

suuuuure ya do. i been tryna invite her for .. um .. minus 3, carry the international date line... a long time! sets out welcome basket. hummm. *adds jello to the hot tub* there! if that doesn't say hospitality, then i just don't know what does!


(of course i got that on sale. why do you ask?)


cyn, i know international sistahs, i just meant i didn't know any shy ones!

but she better show up soon, cuz i see there's only two bottles in there, and well, ya know...

*innocent look*

*loves s-girl the cold, bubbly beverage of her choice*

And you keep yer mitts offen them bottles, sistah! We'll break 'em out if our elusive friend stops by tonight.

And if she doesn't....we'll just have them for breakfast tomorrow!

y'all was a 'mite (that is short for vegemite, is it not?) early for the international crew, wasn't ya?

(way. but, maybe also not too happy about all the fuss. awa a rather pointed comment elsewhere. shame if anyone feels the need to lay low. that's been the way the stomach churned for too long)

As The Stomach Churns is a great soap opera.

I believe we are being invaded.

Don't know about you, but I don't want to lay low. I want to lie high. *climbs into top bunk* goodnight!

Apparently the international crew is here. And a littl overwhelmed. But I'll get over it.

*cracks open the bottles of bubbles and waits for friends to turn up* These things (like so many others) are always better when shared. Speaking of which, I brought black forest gateau!


*takes away just a wee bit of Kaf's whelm*

There...you just be just perfectly whelmed now. Better?

And....can I have some of that cake, please??

*commits typo in sistah solidarity*

*sniff* I feel so looooved!

freaking yum! (Kaffy and the cake)

*wanders in*


oh, look! it's a kaffy!

*welcomes* and *smooches* for our newest kiltie!

(oh, and the *gropes* were accidental)

and if you believe that...


*smoke ring*

Hiya, Kaf. :) :)

(d#mned if i'll say blows)

i'm gonna need more ciggies

Aw man....neo got the top bunk AGAIN!!

....anyone have a permanent marker on 'em??

*refills Kaffy's glass*

Hey...no *smooches* or *gropes* for me?

(hee hee, cyn won't say "blows")

this time I'm for REAL going to bed. Really. I am.

*Blows kisses*

And yes, I realize that is the perfect set-up. I'm happy to be your straight man. In a sense. ;)

Um....NEO! You're AWAKE!

Heh heh.....um......


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