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July 27, 2005


They don't actually come right out and say his name isn't "Habte-Varwell"... (Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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Everyone may need a dream, but some people need a job. Ted, did you notice that the most famous mullet wearer was Billy Ray Cyrus? Hmmm??

ted name hyphen name does NOT have a mullet. its just curly hair. but this varwell guy, maybe a little nutz?

By the way, would someone please just shoot me now? I found myself wondering if any of the dresses pictured might go nicely with my hair.

*dances away in the vinyl ball gown*

AllieKat ~ I'm sure I could find somewhere to wear one of those dresses. The vinyl would get very hot, wouldn't it?

If he's cute, he can come visit Mullet Park here in Georgia. It looks like my back yard, but it...once wasn't?

Tammy likes the Scottish accents.

anyone else think "Mullet Addicts" wbagnfarb?

My cashier at JCPenney yesterday was a woman with a mullet...a femullet, I guess.

I thought of you guys and Ted Haberdashery.

From MC's article: "Bogan (pronounced BOE-gun) is a derogatory Australian slang term for somebody who is perceived as being an unfashionable "lower-class" person, typically of British Isles ancestry..."

Someone correct me, but aren't ALL Aussies (excepting Aborigines) of British Isles ancestry? Wasn't Australia like, a British exile for nasty prisoners? They're deriding themselves, no? Just checking.

This is Ted for sure!
Ted - why are you using an alias, we all know it's you in search of the TRUE MEANING OF LIFE AS A MULLET WEARER *snork*

Targetgirl, I think Australia is much more ethnically and racially diverse than that, at least nowadays.

Oops. I said nowadays--gotta go catch the geezer bus.

mullet oh mullet
beer cans piled in car on lawn
tee shirt armpits rot

The hairstyle, a fashion staple in the 1980s, has been reborn into a trendy fashion faux pas, partly thanks to uber-cool soccer babe David Beckham.

Obviously the Aussie press has it all wrong. It is our own uber-cool Ted Herbert-Grabber that is bringing back the bold fashion statement.

The self-appointed "mulletologist".........

oh. my. gawd.

That story was so lovely that I shed a little tear. I now know what I have been missing in life- a purpose.

*scouts out the area*

*sees a stocked bar, a pudding pit, and lots of couches*

looks good to me!


WOW!!! sg, you're quick!!!

Works for me!!

Damn....JUST missed a triple-sistah-simul.

*stakes (not steaks) out a place on a couch*

steaks are fine too, neo, just maybe not on the couch. ;)

nite kilties...catch y'all on the other side.

*hurries to the other side o the couch, hoping to be caught*

*brings steaks*

*realizes that the steaks are too high*

*lowers steaks (not standards... not sure that'd be possible anyhow)*

Great, Finals for a month and you all moved.
Hi yall

OtheU- You might get a laugh about this.
First up some background. I was at my grandparents 50th anniversary. I saw the pictures of them as kids. They grew up in a very flat and arid area. Frankly it looked pretty boring. Then we drove through it on the way home.
So today at the optical. A lady called to ask when her glasses would come in. She said she was leaving to Missouri tomorrow. I told her that I had no real control over when the lab sends the glasses we ordered. Lately they have not arrived on time.
"On the brighter side though, at least you won't see Missouri."
She was from there.
"Well, I'm from the ugly part of Wyoming. We called it 'are we there yet?'"
I didn't mean to say any of that. I love the people from the many towns I am from. But I guess seeing the pictures of those areas just hit a weird spot.
For payback, I now have a soar throat.

Just thought about it after she yelled at me. The conversations on different States and there beauty. Maybe you could say what is nice to look at in Missouri.

alfred - sharon. :)

Greetings from the ugly part of my office (i.e., all of it).

That's interestin', Alfred ... I understand how local folks feel about their surroundings ... it seems almost a requirement of growing thru adolescence, that one will (at least for a time) dislike -- even detest -- the land of their upbringing ...

I like various parts of a great many areas ... tho some are barren, as the deserts of Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona and New Mexico ... or merely flat and characterless, as the Red River Valley of Nodak ... each has its own charm and attraction ... usually, for me at least, that would be the people ...

The people I've met ... that's whut's been the best parts of my current employment ... new faces, new ideas -- and yet many of those ideas are the same, no matter where I may travel ...

It's an adventure, leaving home is ... some people cannot wait to get back, others will never return ... by choice ...

Ah, who has more fun than people?

/end philosophy session ...

sg -- that was exactly what I was gonna say. :)

Speakin' of the "ugly parts" of Nodak ... um ... that'd be ... um ... Fargo ... IMHO ... sorry, Fargo ... that's how I see it ...


*SMOOCHES her sistahs*

*but still can't WAIT to get out of Missouri*

i've actually been to missouri once, sharon.

it was a long drive. :)

I personally enjoy misury.

Missouri, too.

Sharon- I aplogise profusely. I forgot where you are in the real world.
If you must know. Yakima has its pretty parts, but on the whole, it seems pretty uninteresting. The people are great, very nice, they will give you a smile anytime they can.
I would bet that you have some really nice people where you are at as well.

OtheU- I would say badgers. They seem to show up and have a grin on when ever they see me. Or is that a snarl?

It's okay, Alfred...but I guess it is a good reminder not to make assumptions, huh? I know I'm still terribly guilty of that from time to time myself.

Plus...I have to say I'm not a big fan of living in Missouri, so...no offense taken here! I'll be moving to another state hopefully later this year.

sharon~ Indiana? Maybe? Possibly?

*is hopeful*

Indiana's dull, too. A dragon would make things real interesting. :-)


*feels loved*

I have NO idea where I'll end up. Wherever there's a university that wants to offer me a tenure-track faculty position, I expect!

I believe a dragon would make any place more interesting.

If it's got Neo and Sharon and Sly in it, then Missouri is worth seeing.

sharon~ Apply to IUK and teach business classes. Please. Or if you must teach lit/writing, I'll change my major. I'm half tempted to anyway.

*goes back to studying for managerial accounting exam*

I'm sure tenure must be a wonderful thing from the prof's perspective, but if you're a student in a class with a horrible teacher who's got it, it takes on a whole new dimension of dreadfulness.

No, Alfred ... I'm perty sure that's a snarl ... all the badgers I've dealt with have held a fairly nasty attitude about most everythin' ... except these ... ... they're Hockey Fans, and that's a totally different animal ... trust me ...

Note: Above reference is offered with respect for those folks ... they're some of the greatest Hockey Fans I've ever seen ... seriously ...

What do they throw onto the rink? I would think Badgers would be in bad taste.

I have NO idea where I'll end up.

what?!? you're gonna end up in new orleans?!?


oh....never mind


*prepares breakfast for all morning-type kilties*

sheesh, so i didn't actually prepare it...give a gal a break, ok?

'nite kilties

OOOoo, nummy! Thanks, southern sistah.

Hey, I MAY end up in New Orleans....ya never know. I mean...I LITERALLY have not a clue where I'll be living a year from now.

It's rather unnerving, actually.

And *smooch* for Blue...that was very sweet. :)

G'night, Kilties.

I would think that Badgers would taste bad.

Blue, that was very sweet. But I'm not in Missou; I'm Illinoised. I just drive through MO periodically on my way "home." It's a beautiful state, and so I'm fond of it.

Neo...let me know next time you're passing through, and let's meet up for lunch! Or dinner. Or mojitos. Or some such thing.

*Puts out some good vibes for everyone*
*dressed Sharon and the other Missourians as kings and queens*
*Teaches a badger to smile*
*Dresses everyone else in Senator Fan Gear*

*Teaches a badger to smile*

Please don't bury your gems that way, Alfred. That's priceless.

Don't worry, Blue...dragons find and hoard gems, remember? I won't let any get away!

*snags one of s-girl's breakfast goodies*

*wanders over to the Ye Olde Couch 'o Caffeination (tm thingie)™, 'cuz caffeine doesn't do any harm on the Kilt*

caffeine's not harmful, is it? hope not, cuz my ability to form actual non-random thoughts is completely dependant upon my level of caffiene intake

Caffeine is harmful to me, TC. In my late 20s, I was rushed to the hospital because we thought I was having a heart attack...crushing pressure in my chest, I couldn't breathe, terrible pain. After many, many tests, it turned out I was NOT having a heart attack, and neither was I having a pulmonary embolism, stroke, or anything else. The docs then decided that I must have been doing drugs, so they did a tox screen and a bunch of blood tests. I kept telling them...all I'd had was a cup of coffee.

Well, the tests came back negative for drugs, but they did show that I'd been poisoned.

Apparently, my body just up and decided (all on its own, certainly with out consulting ME) that caffeine was poisonous. Nearly done in by a cup of coffee! For years after that I couldn't drink any kind of coffee--even decaffeinated--and I couldn't eat chocolate. Now I can tolerate decaf okay, but too much chocolate or if someone accidentally slips me a fully-leaded coffee, my heart still goes into palpitations and my chest gets tight.

It's a curse.

no caffiene, ever?

oh the humanity

but you can still drink booze, right?

*wanders in and finds her goodies being snagged*

hmmmm...this day might be lookin up after all.

*SNORK* at sg

*twitches uncontrollably at the thought of a caffeine-free world*

*loves Sharon just a li'l bit o' chocolate*

Oh, yes.....definitely booooooooooooooze!!!

Tee hee, s-girl said "lookin"!!

And thank you, cloverleaf...that hit the spot.

Hmmmm....maybe this day IS lookin' up!

actually, i said lookin up

as in...under a kilt?

you were lookin up under a kilt?

or you were lookin under a kilt where somethin was up?

it was your kilt...you tell me. ;)

couldnt of been my kilt, cuz if it was, you woulda known just by lookin :)

wait a minute

i dont wear a kilt

Well, now, that's a darn shame. I bet you'd look adorable in a kilt.

nah, it'd clash with my boots

Will you please put something on, fer cryin' out loud? It's not Friday yet.

werent you listening?

i got boots on

i kinda like him kilt-less.

just sayin ;)

blue, you can wear the kilt if ya want to, we wouldn't mind. ;)

erm, `cause it's pleated, it will make yer butt look big, guys. just sayin :)

pssst...cricket...i don't think it's the size of their butts that they're concerned about.


Have I mentioned lately how much I *heart* you people?


we *heart* you too!


Interesting how the words "hear" "hearth" "earth" "heart" and "art" are all in there, isn't it?

Well...there's also "the" and "ear", but I couldn't find a way to make those significant...

Go ahead, Sharon... I'm listening...

Man, you'd think I was E.F. Hutton or something.....

Oops. Was that a geezer reference?

I'm NOT a geezer, I'm NOT a geezer, I'm NOT a geezer.....!!!

sharon, i remember that, too.

oh yeah. i am a geezer...

never mind


geez those were stupid commercials!


um, im not a geezer either

but apparently in just under 11 months, i might be

less than 11 months, as you damn well know!!

*thwacks tc*


oh. you said in just under 11 months...

ya want me to take back that *thwack*? ;)


did i not say just under 11 months? just under is the same as less than i think



yer pretty hot for a geezer

ruh ro

oh geez, we're thinkin alike

should i be worried? ;)

and nice save, btw, after the "geezer" comment

you were almost in big trouble for that one.


just barely stayin outa trouble is what tiggers do best :)

aahhh... so the T is for tigger...


*munches popcorn whilst watching the show*

If that's what Tiggers do best, then maybe you should counsel some of your brethren.

you're mocking me, arent you?

and hows about sharin some of that popcorn dragon lady?

yes, popcorn please, with lotsa butter and lotsa salt. :)

and blue, we all know that tiggers like to fondle, and they do it almost as well as they *pounce*

or maybe sometimes it's a combo-type thing...

hey, i only fondle willing females, age 18 or older!

well, 18's a little young - lets say 25 or older

that tigger is no brother of mine

I'll share my popcorn ONLY if you don't call me "dragon lady" again, since that moniker has a rather perjorative meaning. I prefer "person of draconic aptitudes" theng-kew-veddy-much!

And I mock because I love, you know that!

we only mock those we love best

and i'm still waitin on popcorn...;)

person of draconic aptitudes?



OK, no more "dragon lady"

i promise

but im pretty sure ill never remember "person of draconic aptitudes"


is it OK if i just stick with dragon bud?

OOooooo! Dragon bud works!

*passes large tub of buttered, salted popcorn to TC and s-girl*

Hee hee....I love making people do the "bwaahahahaha" laugh....

OK, dragon bud it is :)

and i love popcorn, specially when i got the munchies :)

so, informal poll:

popcorn with butter?

or without?

Oh man. I hate being at school all day. I miss so much kiltie-type fun. You guys are hilarious. I barely survived a managerial accounting exam today; I'm still twitching.

...lets say 25 or older...

Posted by: TCK | 08:58 PM on March 28, 2007

*wonders if he'd settle for 23 in approximately 2 months*

*can't believe she just wondered that out loud*

*changes the subject*

Stefan wrote me back. In German, like I asked him to. Be careful what you wish for, etc.

*wanders off to a translation webpage*

With butter, of course.

Pass me some too!

*munches popcorn*

thanks, sistah!

tc, did you not read the above? i think the consensus is that we all like buttery salty things.

you pervs take that as you will.

bumble - for you, i would gladly make an exception for 23 in 2 months

just for you tho

and i wouldnt think of it as "settling" either

*grins & blushes*

And you know I will take it, too!

*nictitates @ s-girl*

*licks butter from fingers*

*wonders if anyone will notice she didn't say whose fingers....*


*mouth waters at the thought of lickin buttery fingers*

*wonders if anyone notices she didn't say whose fingers*

Dragon tongues are the best! (Must be one o' them aptitudes.)

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