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July 25, 2005


Now they're getting PR agents.


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Probably not enough king snakes around is why . . .

Probably not enough king snakes around is why . . .

This PR agent will also look into the whale siting down in Florida that threatened a water moccasin.

Sorry, I was busy this weekend and never got a chance to comment on how incredibly large Alicia is. I felt sorry for her until I saw the picture and then I felt sorry for the snake. There really wasn't an escape route for the snake to take when she walked in the bathroom.

...the Queen has only been seen in 16 locations since 1979.

What, were the rest of those sightings Prince Charles in drag?

"If all you know about the Queen Snake is its deadly bite, well -- you don't know the Queen Snake! A gentle, loving creature, the Queen Snake would make an excellent subject for an in-depth feature in your newspaper, magazine or television program. Remember: The Queen Snake ... A Snake Fit for a Queen! (TM, all rights reserved.)"

If a trend starts here will all snakes jump on board? Could be the next big thing in the field of PR!

A shy snake - that is so precious! How can they tell? Does it blush if someone talks to it? Does it bat it's eyelashes - if it has any?

What would a queen snake wear?

A feather boa!!!

Gillingwater wbagnf an alcoholic beverage.

Well, I say *bully* for the snake supporters!

And I noticed that the Queen snake has, as its usual main course, crayfish, which I view as part of the Cockroach family [per Dave, when he was writing about lobsters]. This endangered snake is striking a blow on behalf of those of us who want to see the various members of the Cockroach family reduced (g)!

I've often wondered how King Snakes could be so plentiful with no Queen Snakes around. The same goes for these endangered Queen Snakes. Are there female King Snakes and male Queen Snakes? And how many days in jail were given in the name of the Queen to the enterprising biologist who gave her (the Queen's) title to a lowly water snake?

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