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July 28, 2005


"Where are you going, dear?"

"Oh, just the museum."

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Gabr)


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So much for putting your hands in your pockets.

Think I'm going to head out to the nearest Nude Beach and set up a Museum of Natural Wonders sign and call it art!

Then charge admission, of course...

Leave enough distance to see the other person's headlights.

Oh wait...


Didn't your mother tell you it's not polite to point!

8:00 am: got up, didn't get dressed, fixed bacon and eggs for breakfast . . .

You really like that painting, don't you Elmer?

Didn't your mother tell you it's not polite to point!

*muffled chuckles

Everyone in my office thinks I'm weird now.

Everyone in my office thinks I'm weird now

So do we Victoria, but you are among(st?) friends here.

This is what I love about Austria. This, and the Von Trapps. And Schwarzenegger. Naked museums, Von Trapps, Schwarzenegger ... Yes, that about covers it.

"Please refrain from touching your artwork..."




(I'm too far away to bribe, Ted!)

Leave it to Ted to uncover the day's most relevant and pressing news articles involving nudity.

"Hey, honey this is a nice piece. Can we take it home?"
"Nah, I think like those hanging baskets over there better."
"Hmm, I'm not sure. Can these be hung?"
"Well, that one certainly is."

I hope they charge admission on a per-pound basis. Not all skin is good skin.

Or is that too shallow? Not that it would be any bargain for me to get in, either.

Brainy: yes.

But that's why you fit in so well here - if we all weren't shallow, we'd be doing something deep, like reading Sarte, or Dostoyevsky, or studying The Theory of Relativity - OK, that's all the deep stuff I know the names of -

Eleanor wants it deeper?

MKJ - fried bacon, whilst undressed? OUCHIE!! Grease spatters!

Meanwhile...I wonder if they'll have any portraits that were done by Harry Butz?

Hey! Whaddaya think you're doing?

Sorry, thought you were a fountain.

That's how I ALWAYS go to museums, so what's the big deal? Funny how I never get past the first two or three paintings before the police show up, though. Maybe I should fly to Vienna..

Naked at the museum of art
I found myself holding a fart
I didn't want to squeak
for fear sh1t would leak
and the trail give patrons a start

*Nominating mudstuffin for Pulitzer*

"You can't handle the Naked Truth!"

The Theory of Relativity is a lot easier than Sarte and Dostoyevsky.

Hey, so how's the mud, uh stuffin been?

Hadn't smelled ya in awhile.

Jeff- I was just picturing myself being there, and overhearing someone. No biggie. no. wait......

Amy, actually, I'm pretty sure that would be the Pulmyfingeritzer.

Well Mister Hop-to-Gay-bar, I hope you're (not your) satisfied.

Mr. Fish: I've been blurking a lot lately - changed jobs back in April and didn't contribute to the blog for a while. You know, got to "feel out" the new boss to see how he'll respond to his staff posting fart jokes on the internet on company time and all.

good idea. glad to read ya back.

Well, at least now I know who's been letting those SBD's.


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