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July 22, 2005


It has reached a new low.


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There's a thriving black market in toilet paper?

Alert KGB agents surrounded the truck and demanded that "everybody, roll out!"

Well that just wipes me out...

The Hemrrhoid Prevention Squat -- er -- Squad strikes again!

Why was toilet paper being transported by tractors? They really take care of their live stock.

Police say they have nothing to go on.

Police say they have nothing to go on.

Ian: Brilliant.

Now that's what I call a police blotter!
[/got nothin']

Carr- There's a thriving black market in lots of weird things. One of my hobbies is weaving baskets, and I found out a while back that basket reed is sold on the black market sometimes. ???

well, these comments are all just charmin. i'm floating on a white cloud of laughter. stop me before i hurt someone.

Ian *snorked* me. Well played, old chap.

The officer who was screening the raw sewage from the other link has now been assigned to the TP task force. He is the latrine officer of the day.

...or in a far more frightening turn of events, possibly used by terrorists in a massive toilet-papering of the Kremlin.

Since when has the term 'frightening' ever been applied to an old fashioned toilet-papering job?

m.c. - if it was used first!

insom - yuk! *snork* but yuk!

insom - I was going to say that but I knew I could count on somebody out there for it...


...so I didn't have to and stuff. Cheers.

You would think that the market color for contraband toilet paper would be brown, not black.

And T.P.'ing the Kremlin is frightening only because if you get caught they send you to Siberia, where there is no toilet paper.

Well, the page wouldn't load, so I don't know what the story says. But I've been to Russia and I can only comment that if the crime rate is down, it's bad news for the Russian economy.

Oh, and about Russian toilet paper... You know those brown paper bags from the grocery store? If you cut one up into 4"x4" squares, you get a stack of Russian toilet paper. If you ever go to Russia, I recomend reservations in an American owned hotel.

Perhaps they are sending it to Finland where the toilet paper manufacturers are still on strike.

What a charmin' little story!

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