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July 15, 2005


Chicken-seller Thin Sandarin, Our Lady of ... no, wait...

(Thanks to everyone)


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inexplicably grew a penis? WHAT???

Key Quote:

"If I was not married, then I too would want to become a man!"

yeah, because all they do is dick around...

I'm not gonna touch that one.


er...you know what I mean.

That's nothing. I know a guy who turned into a giant a**hole.

She must have been answering pop-ups. She now has more confidence with her swing and isn't embarrassed in her swimsuit comes off when diving.

All I have to say is: Oh nuh-uh! If men could just "decide" to grow their appendage, hardware stores couldn't keep hose reels in stock.

for you old 'Who' fans

I know that I'm perceived as quite a surprise
I know that there is 'cause it's grown between my thighs!

Now I can pee for miles and miles!
Now I can pee for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles!

If you know about Nature and all the little tricks she plays,
You've never seen what just appeared in my bath
one day!
Well my plumbing's not right
I'm a hermaphrodite.
My 'little man in a boat'
Is now worthy of note!


I took for granted I'd end up my days as some man's wife.
Now they tell me I'm headed for the thrills of a monastic life!
They say, "Now don't cause a fuss,
Your sex is am-big-u-ous."
But I've got a Plan B
It's Jerry Springer for me!

(chorus and fade)


Bravo! Bravo!

(throws roses at your feet)

insom's on a roll!

"Her p**** appeared at the site of her cl******,"

*is confused*

not sure i actually believe this one. uh...

echoing kibbs and queens...not sure i "buy" this.
i'm so confused...shouldn't there be a Dr. hailing the "miracle"?

"watering mine for weeks"...*snork*

"Thin Sandar and the Sudden Gender Change" .....gnfarb....

I can see the spam mail coming now!

1. A chicken-seller named Thin Sandar. Is that Colonel Sandar?

2. Recycling (deconstructing) an old anagram: "Grow a penis" = "Spiro Agnew".

To all those "Ladies" who think they would like to be a man....

You want to deal with irritability ALL month?

You want to have an implacable desire to change TV channels on other people?

You do not want to see dirt?

Do you want to communicate with your friends only by grunts, and "That's not a Foul!" exclusively?

You want to have Prostate trouble, and end up having to pee three times a night for the rest of your life, instead of just during Pregnancy?

FOR THE TRUE HERMAPRODITE: You wanna get yourself pregnant?

EB Personally, I would not want to go there...

Well jeezly ... I mean ... anyone who remembers stuff learnt in anatomy class knows that the pen*s is homolygous to the clit*ris ...

So, what's the big deal ... NEway?

Oh ...

What was once a "big" deal, is now a "bigger" dealy ...

sorry I asked ... (but not much)

this sounds *seriously* like the real condition that Jeffrey Eugenides' narrator has in his book Middlesex. The person is chromosomally male, but with what looks like a vagina and a larger than usual clitoris, which is actually a small penis. When puberty happens, the penis develops, and the voice drops. The testicles are internal. In this case, I think that 'she' just got tired of pretending to be a girl, and outed herself.
If this is the same condition, then he is sterile.

(Martinishark is clear for the 3-point shot)

"The 21-year-old treated it as an awe-inspiring omen."
Coincidently my wife treats mine the same way.

(Instead he drives in for the layup)

golf widow -

BWAHAHA! Colonel Sandar! well played ...

"not sure i actually believe this one. uh..."

QB, It was on the internet. It must be true!

heh. U.O. said, "homolygous." heh.

Jeezly, I can't slip anything past you, Alan

oh, GREAT. i just found out that Middlesex is the next book chosen by our book club. thanks, Insomniac... this is JUST what i needed to find out before diving on in... sheez. whatever happened to reading Jane Austen???!!!

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