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July 27, 2005


There's a crime wave on your shores.

(Thanks to Dave Paul)


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Seriously? What kind of sick thrill could a young Amish man derive from such treachery?


Yes, Geauga county is that boring.

Yes, Geauga county is that boring.

They heard loud music coming from the buggy? Either he was ferrying around an acoustic band, or he's going to be in trouble with the elders when he gets back.


Sarcasmo ~ We both had the same thought. Music? Where the heck is he getting music from?

And Gnome is right. Not just about the county, but Ohio!

I knew them Amish was bad. Fo' shizzle.

Stealing flower pots? That's punishable by death for the Amish....

"stealing items from outside houses"

Well, the next step is stealing from inside houses.

whenever i don't want to draw attention to myself i also find it very helpful to play loud music in my car, especially in an Amish neighbourhood

I really don't feel sorry for people who don't lock up their house numbers at night...they're only asking for trouble...

MOTW, now I see. He's slowly working his way into the houses, as his courage grows. First flowerpots, then numbers...

....Gnome, you're next. Hope you're watching your back~

And all week long, your Amish City youth'll be
Fritterin' away, I say, your young men'll be fritterin'
Fritterin' away their noontime, suppertime, choretime, too
Get the numbers off the house
Never mind gettin' dandelions pulled or the screen door patched
Or the beefsteak pounded
Never mind pumpin' any water 'til your parents are caught
With a cistern empty on a Saturday night and that's trouble

Yes, ya got lots and lots o' trouble
I'm thinkin' of the kids in the knickerbockers, shirttails, young ones
Cheekin' flowerpots in broad daylight after school
Ya got trouble, folks, right here in Amish City
With a capital 'T', I don’t mean 'P'
Don’t be such fools!

those amish are to be feared. they are the real terrorists.

What, I wonder, does the discriminating Amish youth listen to while he drives? Snoop Dogg? Britney Spears? Inquiring minds wanna know.

If the Amish have taken up theft, they really need to get a better get-away vehicle.

to the Buggy-Mobile!

Hey listen home boy, my rap is real brief
that Byler is a crook, a liar and a thief
he was toolin' down the road with his buggy on cruise
the man pulled him over and he gave him the news
said "your gonna have to pay for that, I know you didn't buy it
and you know I've heard it all before so don't you even try it"
Byler says "hey buddy, I'm a plain and righteous fellow
I was listening to some new mix and gettin' sorta mellow
when some outer-space man came along and sat down next to me
he beamed the pots and numbers up from where they been a-restin'
then he left and I'm holding the bag, man that's wack from my perspective."
Then he belch and what came out smell like nail-polish remover
Police man say "your story stink worse, and suck just like a Hoover
now make like your mama and spread 'em, put your hands 'round behind
now watch your head, Right Said Fred, thou art going for a ride"

Somewhere North - I was just thinking the same thing. That, and I'd like to see the high speed police chase.

If there was music coming from the buggy, the boy was more likely Menonite, an off shoot of Amish. They resemble Amish but have no problem with some level of technology like stereos in their buggies.

We now return you to funny stuff.

I cannot believe no one thought that Amish Buggy Rapper WBAG name for an aspirering Amish rebel!

Shores of Ohio? You betcha, Lake Erie forms its northern border. As to the wild and crazy Amish, did anyone consider he might have been on a scavenger hunt?
P.S. to Dave - this blog is the source of some fantastic poetry. You really should collect and publish it.

Shores of Ohio? You betcha, Lake Erie forms its northern border. As to the wild and crazy Amish, did anyone consider he might have been on a scavenger hunt?
P.S. to Dave - this blog is the source of some fantastic poetry. You really should collect and publish it.

Q. What goes "clip, clop, clip, clop, BANG, clip, clop, clip"

A. An Amish drive by shooting.

Now, if this guy was stealing vowels - I could understand.

gosh, and just last week I was teasing my sister about locking the car in amish country (actuly in Geauga... I happen to live there... I did not know there was such a high crime rate) and about the music, some amish can USE electronics, as long as the dont own it... I have seen amish on the computer... very odd sight

Tonight on "Cops" - When Amish Teens Go Bad...

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