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July 22, 2005


Remember to turn off the stove before you head to the airport.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Local woman Vera Hahnen said: "I was appalled by the advert. "The magazine is supposed to be about leisure and entertainment activities, but I don't find paying women to have sex with them particularly entertaining."

I wonder if she's ever tried it?

Vera Hahnen and the Nitpickers WBAGNFARB.

I wonder how much they really charge to get your ticket punched.

Hmmmm...a pervert advert?

W Pervert Advert BAGNFARB?

Hmmm.... I wonder if they accept photo copies of the coupon.....

The name of the magazine, Freizeit, translates to 'spare time'.

I don't see the issue...

Oh, wait. I'm a guy. I never see the issue.

ooooohh. My 1st simul-post. Wow, that was amazing. Thank you Nancy...

The outraged Ms Hahnen added: "The advert is indecent and sexist."
However Ms. Hahnen was placated with free tickets to a Chippendales show.

The interesting thing is it used to be bad form to use a coupon while you were out on a date because it meant the woman would see you as a cheapskate and send you packing.

I must have a case of density this afternoon. I can't figure out what "turn off the stove before you head to the airport." has to do with that article.

I think that was my first simul-post, too. Honestly, I've never paid attention. But you're welcome, amused. Glad to oblige.

*gives amused a hug*

um...does this mean we're not virgins anymore?

Pogo, Germanys kind of far away, and I'd like to get back before ... erm. Well if any good ol' 'merican guys wanna partake, they'd probably need to fly.

pogo - it's because we (being American or otherwise non-German guys) are supposed to be so excited over the prospect of flying to a foreign country to have free sex with people we would 'normally' have regular price or discounted sex with that we might just be careless enough to burn our own houses down...

...or I can't read judi's mind either; one of the two.

{blush} hey, get outta there, MC... ;) or don't blame me for what you find.

*blushes*..ahh, well...*beaming*I guess it does...for simulposting that is. Think I need a smoke. Now, if I can find out if they will accept photo copies of the coupons I can work on other areas as well....

Hi everyone ... I dunno about that link/password dealy on photobucket, 'cuz we went in there today from the office and all we needed to do was go to UncleOmar and there we wuz ...

On the other hand, the hospital website now has Jake's first foto ... if you wanna see it, here's the connection:


then hit "show the babies" and scroll down to Jake on July 19 ...

he's pretty cute, even if I hafta say it moi ownself ... harly looks like a monkey at all ...

(I'm late doing chores, so I'm in a rush, or I'd link that other site ... )

Congratulations, Uncle Omar, what a cute lil guy.

I feel for his Mama - having the baby at 7 in the morning means she's probably been up all night and is gonna be up all day. :o)

The world would be a much better place if hookers were ALWAYS free.

Thank you.

If they were free, then they'd hafta call them ... snaggers?


Nah, I got nothin' ... and no coupons, either ...

(Gotta act sober when I see the grandkids tomorrow ... )

Free?!? No one is ever free. The difference w/ hookers is you pay up front instead of later...unless of course you catch something....

On the other hand if your phallus is working correctly you should be able to catch all types of "live bait". For free!

I don't get the airport reference either, but this would certainly be an interesting addition to the Priceline business search.

Something is seriously wrong with that link. I'm using Firefox 1.0.6 and it caused Firefox to freeze up three times.

Suggestion for ErnieG: then stop doing it! :)

And then there was the soccer headline at the side:
Dallaglio criticises All Blacks

Of course, Eleanor. I was trying to troubleshoot.

Don't bother. The women look like General Burkhalter from Hogan's Heroes in drag. But then again, it IS a half hour free.

ErnieG - I knew that! HAHAHAHAHAHA

I love a good troubleshoot. May I play too? And perhaps DaBlade could bring his spider killing shotgun and troubleshoot too?????

"The magazine is supposed to be about leisure and entertainment activities, but I don't find paying women to have sex with them particularly entertaining."

The outraged Ms Hahnen added: "The advert is indecent and sexist."

Firstly: They are not being paid, they are donating their time for the good of the brothel.

Secondly: It's evident that Ms. Hahnen is not a lesbian (or else she would understand)

Thirdly: Ms. Hahnen is obviously a prude.

Fourthly: I don't think it's sexist. Both sexes benefit from said transaction.

And finally who the h-e-double hockey sticks asked her for her opinion on this issue? They were not advertizing for her.

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