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July 21, 2005


Jack Bauer takes on several hundred Japanese schoolgirls.

(Thanks to Elton Lau)


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Was that Marwan in disguise?

Now why would Jack and Japanese School Girl #2 need to tilt back the featured tasty beverage in CarpiSun packaging in order to drink it? I guess this maneuver is CTU privileged info, and we will just have to trust Jack.

Damn the work firewall!

Poor Keifer - I bet he just hates the "commercials" clause in his contract.

Good news...off topic...Gary, the Numa Numa guy was on Good Morning America. I just saw a clip and he seems just about as cool as we all thought he'd be. Guess he's gotten over being a hermit. I'm glad =).

This makes me miss the "Seaman Ship!" video. Anyone know where I can find it? Google only ever gave me dead links.

I thought he only had 24 hours to save the world. Where in there does a guy put that on pause and say, "Hold on. I've got to cut a beverage commercial in a subway with a bunch of Japanese schoolgirls"?

MC - for japanese schoolgirls, you make time.

Maybe if Jack had been drinking Calorie Mate he could have made it through.

caprice: damn, i missed that episode, because i have to rely on my ex to tape it for me (i don't have hbo)... was it really awful?!

Marvin - You're right. They're part of the world-that-obviously-needs-saving as well, even if all you can really do is showcase a 'health drink' and act like it tastes good.


I don't mind taping it for you, if you don't mind driving 15 hours to come pick it up in person *wink-wink* *nudge-nudge*

This makes me think Jack Bower is up to something kinky. Why else is he hanging out with teenage girls in school uniforms? And why does he need to drink this blatantly calorie-full beverage? Why does he need to keep up his energy in a room full of underage catholic school girls? What does he need all that energy for anyway?


Answer: to "shoot them in the thigh".

Oh, I don't think that's the thigh but I can agree with the shooting part...

Okay Kiefer, that was a good take. Now let's go from the top, and this time not so much groping.

Cbol: *snork!*

Now that he's drank the beverage, how can he keep it all in and not find a place to take a leak for the rest of the season?

Elton - He never has to because he's always sweating. Just like everyone else in that line of work.

Right, caprice!
judi - Entourage is a great show - and the "Shooting commercial" was hilarious!

And re Jack Bauer - I bet Kiefer got paid $1 million to do that commercial, so I don't think he minded at all! Even Brad Pitt does commercials in Japan. There's a clause in their contracts that the commercials will NOT be shown in the U.S. so this whole thread might be illegal.
just sayin...

I still miss marwan


Technically, Lou, homeybeef has the 24th post, but nice try.


I guess Marwan is back working at Home Depot...
or still dead.

I doubt that talking about something broadcast in another country would be a violation of copyright or contractual embargo, even tho it's not aired in the country where it is being discussed ...

If that were the case, some of my conversations after Hockey Night du Canada were crossing the line (no, not the Canadian line) ...

It always seemed a little more enjoyable to watch hockey games on Canadian TV rather than the U.S. variety ... like the announcers actually knew what they were saying ... or something ...

So, as long as Jack doesn't play hockey in the NHL, we should be able to comment on his minor league performance without fear of cross-checking or ... dare I say it? ... butt-ending penalties ...

(Yes, I admit it was a long way to go, but don't ask me how I got there ... or why ...)

It's been a long day ...


God bless Japanese TV commercials!

*blinks a few times*

I... No, still don't know what just happened there.

Make sure you all visit japander.com!

That was some snappy dialogue.

oh really?...and yer contribution would be...;)

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