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July 21, 2005


That we don't have to go to Claire Martin's parties.


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At first glance, I thought he was pounding the nail into the board with his *ahem* member.

Claire girl, that is a LOT of anger building up there....

the guy in the picture looks like the Incredible Hulk!

"Hey, Bruce Banner, who invited you to this party?"

"Yeah, go home, lame-o!"

BB: (transforming)"Must... do party trick... to win friends back!"

"How to break a spike with the teeth"

Yep,dey bwoke at de same time . . .

"How to break a spike with the teeth"

Yep,dey bwoke at de same time . . .

Wow. That looks way easier than "How to put out a match with your eye!"

Thanks, but I'm already GREATLY skilled at resisting the pull of four men.

Hey! Don't taunt Bruce Banner, you wouldn't like him when he's angry!

Never mind the fact that you're (not your) putting a nail in your (not you're) mouth and gripping it with your (not you're) teeth.

OWWWie. and i couldnt figure it out right away from the pic. what fun. maybe we could have a group migrane.

Those party tricks are way more impressive than the ones people usually try at my parties.

Cbol - very funny, as usual.

"break a spike with the teeth"

Do nah attemfh. doth na wuk for thit.

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