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July 21, 2005


And quiet.

(Thanks to Barry from the message board)


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I'm glad his dangly bits were censored. And I beat the crap out of him.

You can beat his dangly bits, too.

I beat the crap out of him, too. But I had to mute the sound so my seven year old wouldn't be curious.

Ah yes... the upward thrust. Quite handy.

I thought this looked familiar, so I went back and checked. VictoriaE77 posted this yesterday in the "frog as the Supreme Court nominee" thread.

Does that mean Victoria is Barry?

The world's most excellent productivity enhancer!

Only flaw is that you can't keep beating his head around the room after it comes off.


Boy that felt good. I haven't had a decent amphibian smackdown in weeks! (Anybody know of a site where I can whack a weasle?)

Take that you little bastard...

So far I've found 3 different "fatalities." How many are there?

Make it 4.

Even in virtual beatings, I am weak. He only spits teeth and blood for me! *sniffle* Well, and he grabs his crotch, but...

Okay, have killed him three different ways now. Really gotta put yer wrist into it. ;)

Ewwwwwwwww. that was fun.
tamara, hit him in the head from a side. knocks his block off. ewwwwww. but teehee.

never mind

So I hit him a few times and then started reading and then read that his head comes off and then went back and hit him some more and his head came off and I felt good about myself and I came back and read some more and then I read there were more ways to kill him and you could make his thingy come off, but it is too %$&^$%$ing hot here to expend that much energy and I'm exhausted from writing this run on forever sentence so I think I'll just stozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

SD girl - just have a nice cool drink of water. Not from the tap, of course. Toilet's probably safer (but watch for the snakes).

I can't thank you enough for that link. I HATE that thing. And I don't hate much in this world. I have only managed to kill him by knocking his head off and causing his head to disassemble, so I must go now, and learn what qetzal learned.

Ok, Qetzal, what's #4? (And, for that matter, are we looking at the same #1-#3?)

Share your knowledge, oh wise one.

Well, I managed to cause it to get stuck in the ceiling, with an upper cut.

Qetzal! Help! Please tell us how we can futher mutilate that thing!

Personally, I found it rather enjoyable to just whack him enuf to knock teeth (frogs have teeth?) flying with every (somewhat restrained) swing of the bat ... and then I knocked his head off ...

I just checked the baby page at the hospital, still no Jake, but here are some of the other names parents are selecting (or NOT selecting) for their bundles of joy ...

Alexander, Erika, Baby, Blake Preston, Jordan Tre, McKayla, Ashlyn, Brody, Jayce, Dylan, Joeseph, Peter, Abigail, Caige, Olivia, Reece, Adin, Braxton, Lucy, Ariana, Braeden, Griffin, Xzavier, Gabrielle "Bree", Hailey, Jackson, Skye-lynn, Aston, Baby, Gage, Kendra, Pearl, Brandon, Layten, Izabella, Jillian, Josephine, Justin, Kallie, Tatum, Jasmine, Kaia, Tehya, Bailey, Rebecca, Shaylee, Yikii ...

I am NOT making this up. If I linked the site, you could see for your ownselfs ...

Gotta go find a place to post Jake's pix ...

Killing stroke from left to right - head explodes, shoots eyeballs, torso remains standing.

Killing stroke from right to left - head comes off again, then body falls over.

Killing stroke from below - knocks froggy up into ceiling; foot twitches.

Killing stroke from above - froggy removes helmet to reveal exposed brain, then collapses in a heap.

Oops! My bad.

I think that "Aston" was s'posed to be "Ashton" ... sorry ...

You can kill him two ways horizontally. Then there's the pleasantly brutal upper cut to the wobbly bits that leaves him hanging from the ceiling. But the hardest one I've found is the downward vertical attack. It's much more difficult, but his skull cracks open revealing his brain and he sort of turns into a jelly fish.

Any more?

You can kill him two ways horizontally. Then there's the pleasantly brutal upper cut to the wobbly bits that leaves him hanging from the ceiling. But the hardest one I've found is the downward vertical attack. It's much more difficult, but his skull cracks open revealing his brain and he sort of turns into a jelly fish.

Any more?

At last, a chance to practice what I learned at the annual Orinoco Frog Flogging Championships.

And, U.O, frogs have two teeth in the roofs of their mouths. They're called vomarine teeth and are what cause frogs to blink when they swallow their meals.

Now back to the Frog Flogging.

Hey, UO, congrats on the grandson. Got two myself (one of each gender of the opposite sex).

Although I must admit, it's a little strange to go back and forth between grandkid posts and frog bashing.

I just bashed that thing on the head for 5 solid minutes with no result. So, I just smashed his nuts.

ian, " But the hardest one I've found is the downward vertical attack. It's much more difficult, but his skull cracks open revealing his brain and he sort of turns into a jelly fish."

Nuh Uh!...you are making that up!

Cyn, you owe Ian an applepollywoggie. You have to flog the froggy hard from the top down. Only accomplished frog floggers should attempt this move.

Sondra, two hard blows from above should do it, but you gotta really slam the bat down hard. Make sure to start with the cursor up high, off the screen even.

OMG! Sondra used the move described in the US Army Bayonet Field Training Manual (FM-22-5) known as "The Vertical Nut Stroke." I'm glad to see she's fully recovered!

Aaaahhhh! Thanks, Qetz. That was sooooo satifying.

Stupendous Man,

I was back at 'work' the day after I got home, but a full recovery takes 3 - 6 months. (Swelling, healing of insision, etc.) But I'm well enough. Have been to Guatemala City twice a week since the surgery (3 hours each way) shopping for electrical, plumbing, kitchen supplies, etc.

Monday, I'm going to Quetzaltenango. That's Mayan for The Place of the Quetzal. (the national bird of Guatamala) Of course, there aren't any there.

SM! Hi!
ok then. i guess i believe you. i `spose. applepollywoggies to Ian. i think.
goin' back in. need heavier artillery.
the last try i accidentally threw the bat in the air, and it disappeared.


I lost my bat the same way! But you can kill that revolting thing with a single stroke from left, right, up, or down, if you go off screen and slam hard enough. OMG, it's feels sooooo good!

Tnx muchly for all your patience ... I think the link worked on my first try ...

Besides which, going back and forth between grandkids and frog bashing lets me vent, so I can be an even kinder, gentler and smarter-a$$ed Grandpa to the bunch of them ...

Hi guys & gals ... now that I've got this done, I can get back to (?) "normal" ... (?????)

What a gorgeous picture! Course, it doesn't hurt that your subject matter is so beautiful. Wow! You know us girls are so mushy, but I have to admit, an 'Awww' just welled up out of me when I saw them.

Tnx, Sondra ...

My daughter (the artistic one) took that photo, sent several to me, and I've finally opened an album ... that's the only one in it so far, I've got too many others to pick from, to select any specific ones, tho I might pop in a couple of favorites I've shot in the last year or so, just for kicks ... if so, I'll let you guys know ...

Also, I had a great-uncle named Wyatt. One of the nicest guys you'd ever wanna meet. He was a minister for more than 50 years.

That's a neat-o item of info, but I'm afraid that this Wyatt will prolly not end up being a minister ... oh, boy, will he EVER not be a minister ...!!!

Fine lookin' family you got there U.O.

Punkin Poo, I wouldn't recommend whacking a weasel. I've been told it makes you go blind and crazy and grows hair on your palms.

Blindly yours, Monster from the Id (formerly known as Kid Charlemagne)

U.O, Waytt and baby Jake are perfectly adorable. if mom needs a break, send `em on over. i could prolly handle, say, 6 months or so. what a precious gummers.

fyi - the album site must have your password. not so good an idea. link us to the page of pictures? (n ooo, never say never! ;)

Sondra, i have never so enjoyed murdering. i hate that freaky frogtron;D

YESSS!! I love it, i love it. whacked the hell out of that stupid thing. good way to get your yaayaas out!!

OK -

the album pages are now set for "readers" to view ... readers' password to view only is:


the addy/whatever thingy is about four posts above this one, or go to photobucket.com

This is NOT a commercial dealy ... just a few snapshots I'm fairly satisified with (for different reasons) ... some are technically OK, others have special significance ... one or two actually look pretty good, by personal standards ...

hope someone might enjoy ...

Aunt Nancy ~ I posted an article about the game, that had a link to the game. Barry posted the link directly to the game.

U.O. ~ Both of those children look like angels. Give them a kiss or me.

kiss for me.

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