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June 23, 2005


(Thanks to Lairbo)


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what does it taste like. fishy beef?

can't imagine

For scientific research? So it's okay to eat them afterward? Weird...

Thar she blows ! (chunks)

Japan has said it will double the number of whales it kills for scientific research...

Hum, seems that if they don't die of natural causes then science will get em? I thought science was here to make life better????

NOW I know why scientists don't take the Hypacritic Oath!

*goes to river, throws whale burger to snapping turtles*

I'm hearing Inspector Clouseau say "minkey" when I read the name of the whale.

The whale burgers are delicious!
I also recommend the fried spotted owl and the panda cutlets.

My best guess is that it tastes like chicken of the sea...

Oh, c'mon, somebody had to say it.

Japan :

"Er, yeah....not only are we not going to stop whaling - we're going to start serving them in our restaurants."

My best guess is that it tastes like chicken of the sea...

Oh, c'mon, somebody had to say it.

I vote for the snail darter souffle.

Ugh...do you have to blog something like this on a page that has a nail fungus ad at the top?!

*loses lunch*

Dibbs on the blow hole!

Yeah, Save the Whales, blah, blah; am I the only one who wants to meet the reporter, a Mr HEAD? (snork)

oh, come on people, quit your blubbering...

*The burger chain in Hokkaido would probably disagree. *

Sheesh--what lazy reporting! Call them, why don't ya?

I saw a minke whale on a whale watch in Boston. They look like mini-orcas with pink-tinged white bellies. That sandwich looked gross. The whales are much cuter.

♪ Hold the pickle, hold the lettuce... ♫

Endangered species, on a bun, with lots of mayo, please!

As I clicked on the comment thread, my dog (who was on the other side of the room asleep) suddenly got up and came over to me. How did he know this blog was about food?

"Food", of course, being a relative term...

Actually, I did eat some whale in Tokyo about 10 years ago. What I recall is that there were 2 types of whale meat, and the type I had looked like beef and tasted like fish.

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