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June 24, 2005


There will be dog-vs-owner fights over this.


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You go Dawg!!!!!!!

I always wondered what was in those scooby snacks. Now we know that Shaggy made them in his "lab".

All the sudden I have the munchies.

Wow! Special brownies and a simulpost with VictoriaE77.
Now if I can just find the Doritos.

"So basically, there is no chance your dog will be hallucinating rainbow cats," Mr Rochfort said.


Okay, first feed dog biscuit
Put dog in front of crazy eyeball game.
Watch dog.

"The Hemp Hound Hors d'oeuvres are to be sold in 200g packs "
So how many dime bags is that exactly?

Which blogger or blogette will volunteer?

Whoa. Igloo thought he had simulpost with Victoria. Must have been them damn dog bisquits.

No one, I repeat, no one needs a dog with the munchies. My dog has eaten, despite a regular diet of Iams, a dining room table leg, a basement stair and half of a wooden plantation blind and an entire bag of Halls Mentholyptus cough drops (wrappers and all) and the green plastic Easter grass out of two baskets and that was just in one long morning left alone. Just think if he was hungry.

igloo ~ How are you doing that? Two simulposts in less than an hour. Have we made some kind of record?

Ten cannabiscuits;
Doggy hallucination:

I can just see it: You give the dog a biscuit, and he gets the munchies and wants another one...

Next thing you know, he just spends all day watching cartoons, and won't even bark at the mailman.

*Igloo lights cigarette*
Victoria, I don't know if it is a record, But I am going to record it.

Hey! Cats got catnip. So why can't we dogs have some cannabiscuits.
Attica. Attica. Attica. Attica. Attica.

My cat won't touch catnip. I think it is beneath her, or perhaps that is what she thinks.

The Hemp Hound Hors d'oeuvres are to be sold in 200g packs for $9.95 through vets, pet shops and the internet.

And thus the "dime box" was born.

Sigh. I'm just a notch, aren't I? Did our postings mean nothing to you?

*still laughing over hallucinated rainbow cats*

Quotes soon to be heard as the world discovers Cannabiscuits:

"No officer, it's for dog biscuits! Really!"

"Who cares about THC? I'm in it for the healthy ammino acids"

"Dude, we gotta get a dog!"

Hmm. The stuff doesn't get the dog high. So does it taste THAT good that they need to make doggie snacks out of it?

Reminds me of the time I went into a hemp shop in the Hillcrest area of San Diego. The stuff they made (shirts, draw-string pants, stationery, etc.) was nice but not nice enough for me to pay twice what it was worth.

("One pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small" indeed.)

"Dude, we gotta get a dog!"
Good one wurm

Own a Dachshund and you can't go wrong.
They're short and a Teeny too long.
But there is one trait,
That you must get straight.
They want their treats in a bong!

Munch another one....
Just like the the other one...
You've been holding on to it...
And I sure would like a hit
Don't bogart that biscuit, my friend....
pass it over to me.....

c'mon, be a good boy, fetch the stick..look rainbow cats....

Why do I get the thought of a very "If you give a mouse a cookie"-like thing going on here?

"If you give a dog a Scooby Snack, he'll want a blacklight to go with it. And if you give the dog a blacklight, he'll want to throw a rave. And if throw your dog a rave..."

Good one, igloo -
check your e-mail!

Ok, Eleanor.
Just as soon as I finish this biscuit.

McDonald's pulls out and they start growing hemp to make up for it? When the consumers of canine-a-bis get the munchies, Burger King wins twice!

Wow, i can't wait for hemp foods in the USA.

Oh, so THAT's what you do with the seeds.....

First it was LionHeart, now my own DOG is holding out on me!

"The state Government, hit by a downturn in potato crops after McDonald's substantially cut its contract with a local supplier, is cautiously co-operating with the fledgling hemp industry."

Apparently, McDonald's is going to start concentrating on the parfait instead of fries.

"He will now increase the area of low-THC cannabis under cultivation from 5ha to 20ha" That's good, and bad. I mean, come on! More AND less! Wait, what was I upset about? Man, I'm hungry. I wonder when the pizza guy gets here. That pizza guy is pretty cool. He always wears those cool Metallica t-shirts. His hair is cool, I wish I could grow a ponytail that long. Huh, hair. That's a funny word. Hahahaha. Hair. It feels good to laugh. You know what else feels good? When you're outside and it's kind of hot and then the wind starts to blow and cools you off. Thats awesome. Man, when does the pizza guy get here? Ooops, I forgot to stop typing. I guess these cannabisquets really do work.

The licence issued to Mr Rochfort includes a strict testing regime to ensure the biscuits contain no more than 50mg per kilogram of tetrahydrocannabinols (THC).

So now we know why Scooby and Shaggy ate so many of them. Binge Doggy snacking.

discovers hemp seeds are good for dogs...while trying to find something to feed to the geese...

I can see a lot of people buying the stuff for their imaginary pets.

*shakes her head* Wow, this place has really gone to the dogs.

"Rainbow Cats" WBAbadNFARB

So would this be a "Puppy Upper" or a "Doggie Downer"?

Definitely a Doggie Downer. All pets eating these will become like the dog on "Dude, Where's My Car" (a fine piece of cinamatography).


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