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June 20, 2005


We report; you decide.


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"Jacks won the goat tying at that rodeo and has been seeing goats in cowboy hats ever since"

WTF?!??!? This seems borderline illegal.

They're out of control in Wyoming. I thought Tennessee was kinky, but Katy bar the door!

Whatever the hell that means.

It does seem illegal. Especially since the story involves a kid.


Thus answering that time-honored question: Goats, boxers or briefs?

Big deal...I can hog-tie my husband in 5.7 seconds...where's my prize?

"It's like a mind deal," Jacks said.

Like, that is so totally the most intelligent thing I've ever, like, heard. It's like that Spock guy from Star Track. Deep, man. Deep.

Oooh, kinkiness with goats! I'm all hot 'n bothered now.

You all mock, but those cute little goats who eat oats out of your hand, climb merrily up and down little ramps that you build them, and come running to you to try to sit in your lap and have their heads scratched like heavy, bony cats are, actually, VERY INTIMIDATING! Even while picturing 'em in boxer shorts, I can't go near one. I have to picture 'em nekkid.

*zips in with goats*
I'm glad they've found an activity other than speeding!

I can finish in 7 seconds and it doesn't make the newspaper.

Insom: Yes, but with a goat?

"Maaaaaa, maaaaaa, maaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Translation: "I don't mind the hat (if worn at a jaunty angle), but could we get a more stylish under (over?) garment - like a thong? I'm not an animal, ya know"

Check the second paragraph.
"After the rodeo, Nelson received a special gift from the rodeo committee."
A case of Elmer's glue...

bwaaahaaa. oh, you kids.

isnt cheney from wyoming?

just asking.

Did you read the part about the article being available in braille?

Goat tying, huh? Kinky!

*decides not to mention spending Saturday at a sheep herding clinic with his Border collie*

I can't believe no one's said this yet - This article really got my goat!

Pogo, please mention it. That is so cool! Do you compete or are you and/or the collie in training? I love it. What's your collie's name? Do you do the different whistles to indicate the direction you wish to send the dog? I don't know a lot about the sport, I guess that is why I am so fascinated by it. The dogs just seem to do it all themselves.

Apparently, no one in Wyoming has Playstation Two.

queensbee, At the risk of turning this thread political, Cheney is actually from Texas. He moved to Wyoming so that he could be VP. There is a law that prevents the Pres. and VP from being from the same state.

No further comment.

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