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June 27, 2005


(Thanks to Katyna Smith)


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Ted, is that you??

OMG!! My first first! Yay me!

Jesus would forgive you, but tell you to "go and sin no more". However, He wouldn't wear a Rolex on his television show.

Ted is Jesus?



You will notice Jesus and Ted are never in the same room together. And that Ted wears glasses while Jesus is suspiciously despectacled...

2 questions:

1) Do we have historical documentation for this claim?

2) If so, does this mean Jesus also wore seersucker suits and saddle shoes?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, I am going to have to seriously rethink my whole approach to spirituality.

I think Jesus wore ALL of his hair long, but if He did have a mullet in the 80's (or 30's, whatever), He doesn't have one now!

Ted - you didn't have to make up a fake name - or get judi to do it for you -
If it makes you feel better to believe that J.C. had a mullet, then we here on the blog support you!

Yea but would Jesus watch NASCAR?


FYI, as it happens, not only would Jesus Mullet BAGNFARB, but it actually is a rock band.

The question is, what instrument does Ted play?

ah, so WWJD stands for "what would judi do?"

i always thought it meant - what would jesus drive?

we think he would drive a honda, because someplace in scripture it says that they all arrived in one accord.

Just what Mercedez' owners want plastered on their bumpers...

In the Quad Cities WWJD stands for "What's With John Deere?"

Ask Ted where the Quad Cities are.

Jesus? I thought it was "Who Wants Jack Danials"

My mother would tell me I'm going to hell just for reading that.

what would jesus drink?

who would judi do?

We know Jesus Christ-Gabr had a mullet beacuse of all the photographs. And in I Thessalations he is quoted as saying "It was long in front"

Ummm, why is that "...arrived in one Accord..." still has me cracking up? The set up. The spike. The match.

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