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June 30, 2005


Hallelujah, the terrorists haven't won.

(Thanks to Doug Boeringer)


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Sweet! justice, that is...

This ruling could cause National Geographic to go out of business...

Seinfeld once differentiated between "good naked" and "bad naked." I think a batshit-crazy middle-aged woman posing with some statues counts as "bad naked."

Hopefully - for the sake of the on-lookers at the protest - she's not a long-time volleyball player.

Book's Orlando attorney Larry Walters said any appeal by the city would be "frivolous at this point."

Yeah, but... what about Book's appeal to the city? Is she even hot?

Dear God, the woman's a nutcase. Probably not a gorgeous, swimsuit-model nutcase either.

She doesn't have issues, she has the full subscription!

I did a google image serach for "elizabeth book daytona" - I guess she'd be hot if you're into old, flabby biker chicks - bad naked indeed....

Since this is the sort of thing i would deem blogworthy, I will e-mail the blog with same story tomorrow and lets see if he blogs it again. Just a little random quality control.

Thank God this woman lives in Daytona or next she'd sue for the right to write her name in the snow!

Old Flabby Biker Chicks - Not AGNFARB (or anything else)

Zaphod beat me to the volleyball line.

As my dad and I have noted before the people who go naked and fight really hard for the right to do it are not the type of people you want to see naked. Rainbow People are NOT supermodels...

So silver, what you're saying is that the terrorists may have won after all?

KOW, you may be right, this may be a nefarious plot to get us to require burkas.

At least for this Elizabeth Book nutcase.

Not to be rude, but 40 years old and a mother. Think she can step on them?

Okay, so that was to be rude. I stand corrected.

*note to blogsters: I am being facetious so no flaming please :D

Amen sister!
Not only do they have the right to bare arms, now they have the right to bare breasts as well!
What's next? Breastfeeding in the street!

KOW: unfortunately you are not being THAT facetious.

gfunksizzle -- ah, the memories of mammaries your comment stirred...and and now, having read the blog twice today, I have to wonder if those National Geographic native supermodels played too much beach volleyball.

Hmmm...Do you think she is one of those frizzy haired, gibberish screaming, cat throwing nutballs?

Hmmm...Do you think she is one of those frizzy haired, gibberish screaming, cat throwing nutballs?

Hmmm...Do you think she is one of those frizzy haired, gibberish screaming, cat throwing nutballs?

Just one reason I love Australia.

"The Cat Throwing Nutballs" WBAGNFARB!

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