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June 27, 2005


Because they are always having good ideas.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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My second first?

Several good stories there!

And SEE!? SEE?! What'd I TELL you about those BOX-CUTTERS!

The only problem is that they only come up with the good ideas after the EXTREMELY bad ones.

And is anyone else scandalized by the second article?

Erm.. did I say second article? I meant third. *SIGH* I hate Mondays...

Erm.. did I say second article? I meant third. *SIGH* I hate Mondays...

The moral: Always keep your keys fastened to something large, like an anvil.

Wow, KOW. Self-simulpost. Aren't you concerned that you will go Blind?

Why the heck was she dancing around to Macho man?! If I'm not mistaken,the lyrics are, "I wanna be a macho macho man.."
And who tears the shirt of a middle school boy?! Older high school, college, adult, heck sure,but a middle schooler?!

I just want to go ahead and come out on the side of people who want to explore pranks involving swallowing.

KOW: The part that creeped me out about the third article is the quote about it being "really so seductive to the kids". Um.... I'm guessing that seeing their principal acting like that was not even remotely "seductive" to middle-schoolers.

The principle ripped the shirt off a male student while dancing to the Village People? And I thought my school dances got a little raunchy. Of course, that was back in the good ol' days when students were trying to get other students naked and teachers were trying to stop us...

Hmm. I enjoy pranks, but I'm not very creative. What should I try to swallow?

Way to go Tamara. Now 78% of the bloglits pulled a humor muscle trying to respond.

Well, maybe it wasn't a humor muscle.

And now they're just pullin' it?

igloo, the way I've been smashing my head against the desk today, I'm more worried about dain bramage.

Hey Tamara, you can pull my humor muscle...

looks like you already did it KOW, I mean you've already lost your b's!

I've often been told guys only have ONE idea. I always thought it was an excellent one, though.

"King of the Hill" doesn't make fun of southerners?

Could'a fooled me.

That's why I don't watch it ... since the one-and-only first time ...

I think it says something about society when female teachers are having sex with, and taking clothes off of students.

Mostly I think it begs to ask where the hell were these teachers 25 years ago??

Speaking of good ideas, I need an opinion from all you wonderful blog persons. While I was driving on I-74 today a state police vehicle zoomed out of a patch of tall grass in the median, cutting across both lanes of traffic and onto the shoulder of the road on the opposite side. I had to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting him, and he zoomed off in pursuit of a speeding semi. When I caught up to him, I took down his plate number. My question: is it worth my while to call up his district and report the incident? I've never reported anyone for anything before, but he was driving recklessly and he nearly caused an accident, not to mention scaring me half to death. Should I bother?

Bumble - I would ... but, that's just me ...

Done. I just sent an e-mail to the Indiana State Police. I feel better now. It's been a long day. Thanks for the opinion, U.O. Appreciate it.

“Everybody makes a mistake, but that was really so seductive to the kids,” Swingley said. “I hate to see anybody in her situation get fired. I just hope that from this that her act can be cleaned up.”

Yup, a little more work and she'll be ready to go on the road with Cher.

And who tears the shirt of a middle school boy?! Older high school, college, adult, heck sure,but a middle schooler?!

Umm, does the name Mary Kay Letourneau ring a bell?

As for story #2: watch out for "thumb" on the menu at Denny's.

Update: Just got an e-mail from the police. Said they forwarded my e-mail to the supervisor of the guy whose plate number I got. Yay!

...and HE forwarded said e-mail to the offending officer in question.
A quick search of the records...
He'll be in that same patch of tall grass tomorrow. But he won't be zooming out in FRONT of you...

Go a different way for a while...

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