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June 06, 2005


Because it brings out the best in people.

ADVISORY: Do not click on this link if your body contains so much as one lone molecule of decency.

(Thanks to Shayna)


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Ummm, what the hell?


I was thinking the EXACT same thing.

...Who comes up with these things?

Well, apparently altho my body contains not so much as one lone molecule of decency (yup, I clicked on it), apparently the filters at work contain enough to share. Grrrrrrrr.
*kicks net filters*

I'm happy to say, I have NO lone molecules!!!!

I used to have a molecule of decency, but I hid it in a girlie mag for safe keeping and I don't know what happened to it.

Was that lady passing flatus into a microphone?!? How...What...I give up.

I had my decency removed last year in order to meet my job qualifications.

I was actually having pretty interesting conversation with a group of women yesterday about female farts, and the men who love them.

I should probably find different friends...

"Come Toto! We'll head off them decency rustlers at the pass!!"

"It's Tonto, you !#$%ing piece of #$*&. Some day I'll build a casino and rob you blind."

Well, I don't have a shread of decency, but apparently my computer does as this site has been blocked.

*shakes fist at Websense*

I can't believe you actually thanked Shayna for this. There goes my lone molecule.

Why is everyone posting links to "This Page cannot be displayed"??

If I'm supposed to laugh, I will, but I need to know the rules.

My wife can finally quit her go-no-where dead end job and get paid for what she really does best. But I'm wondering if they are looking for those "rattle the dishes" loud ones, or those "peel the paint" death bombs?

I clicked and you warned me....



I used to have one lone molecule of decency...then, I farted.

Is it just me or does that lady bear a strinking resemblance to Michael Jackson?

Strinking...Oh, yeah...that's the cross between striking and stinking...
Besides, how would anyone know if her farts resemble Michael Jackson's or not??
"Pee-yew, Jacko, that stunk!"
"Oh, please, don't tell -- I'll take you to Disneyland, just don't tell, Please?"

And on that note (no pun intended) I'll be exiting the blog to go have a creamsickle, watch Lethal Weapon 4 and try to forget I ever saw that. Mmm. Creamsickles.

Balanchine, Jim Dawson has WAY too much time on his hands. But then, I suppose all of us do, too, considering we spend a good deal of time looking at this stuff. We're a sad lot. But at least we're in good company. :-)

Two drunks (Irish?) stagger homeward, passing a dark alley ...

From the darkness is heard the sound of a loud, rich, juicy and predilictorious (female) fart.

Drunk #1: Jaysus! Whut wos thaaaaattt???

D #2: Sounded like B Flat, to me ...

In fact, Bumble, Mr. Dawson is quite an excellent writer and the book is, yes, fascinating!

U.O, *snork*

Balanchine, apologies, then. Had no intention of offending. Sounds like an *interesting* book. Dawson is one I've never read before. What other authors do you like? Other than Dave, of course. :-)

There are other writers besides Dawson and Barry?

Well, that answers that, doesn't it? I mostly read fiction, but I'm trying to branch out some, so it's always interesting to get someone else's perspective on what's good reading.

As soon as I saw this, I thought, "you know, I'll bet this is Japanese...oop, yep".

AW, Brad beat me to that observation!---KC

'kay, this one was so good I HAD to pass it along..

PASS it along? bwah ha ha!!!

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