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June 18, 2005


Here's the winning office prank.

(Via Gizmodo)


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Wow! For a prank like that, you've really got to have... no, I can't say it.

Prankly, my dear, I don't give a prank.

At least they're not brass ones.

zanthor30 - I will!


Good one!

Did anyone notice the noose hanging in that guys cube?

And Gene's wife said, "You spent WHAT for WHAT? Go sleep on the couch for a month!"

It takes a special guy during the testing phase to lay on his back and let another guy drop his balls on you through his firing tube.

Hmmm... balls and brains. Not something you would generally see in your typical guy. But then again, you have sophmoric humor...

I just can't figure guys out.

...and then I said to my husband, "Can you imagine loading 2,000 superballs in the trebuchet by that Scottish castle?"

My hubby grunt-laughed like Tim Taylor. And yet, I can't live without him...

*goes to give husband a big smooch*

well there you have it, a geek o rama. the office has 3 computers, and a couch. these people obviously are brilliant, but cant figure out what to do with their lives. sigh. sophomoric? yes. i liked the one where they filled somebody's cubby with styro peanuts. that was diabolical. or the shrinkwrap one.
ahh. balls, said the queen. If i had em, I'd be king.

queensbee -

If you know that old gag, I'm sure you know the other half of it ...

as in:

When the victim is bombarded by all those balls, one of his comments most likely will include the word sh*t ...

"Sh*t," said the King ... and 10,000 shirttails flew to the wind ...

Final Ph.D. mathematics exam at Purdue University:

Why is it that the truly brilliant men are invariably nerds to the Nth degree? Discuss.

"If i had em i'd be king." *Snork*
doll, you were born with em!;D

Looks like they've taken it down.

So what was it? I'm late as usual.


And now we are "forbidden" to see this site!?! Conspiracy!

Another broken link. What a shame.


extra Last, and anyone have a fresh link?

am i the only person who thinks that this guy is not funny?

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