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June 15, 2005


This blog is deeply offended.

(Thanks to Ron "Disco" Ungerman)


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I assume we will not hear from the male bloggers for quite some time or until the blood reaches their Northern Head again, rather than its Southern Recreational Home.

With sl*t in the URL this is one link I won't be checking from work. ;-)

Only a matter of time before someone (do I hear the name Judi somewhere....?) posts the female equivalent.

Guess I'm more brazen than MC, or stupid? bwah ha ha..

Keshtion: What's the POINT of it? I seemed to win every time.

I have GOT to pay attention to those caution warnings.

Judi - a rebuttal please?

You guys have GOT to put the Yellow For Caution warning up higher for posts like these!

I just hope the Company Resource police don't show up and...

That site actually is a test of the Jobs-Gates Theory of Maximum Screen Breast Density.

These things must be researched, lest geeks never get to see boobs.

Ah Shadeboy - you were caught too eh? My boss now thinks I am trying to select breast implants and/or leaning towards alternative tendancies. Giving me very strange looks.

Yes, but at least you're just getting strange looks. I work for a government institution. These days I can get a ticket for looking at stuff like that while "on the job."

This was obviously posted for the bloggers as opposed to the bloggettes.

I just want to know, can we get the bloggette equivalent created with pictures of Hugh Jackman? Face shots, chest shots, and so on.

*knock knock knock*
Mr. SchadeBoy?


*badge flashed* We're the Company Resource Police.Can you please explain what you were just looking at online and how it relates to your job?

*SchadeBoy* I was, um... it was the... I'm trying to....

*CRP* Cuff him.

Hugh Jackman YESSS!!!!!!!!

A most excellent idea, Victoria!

Bring it on, Judi!

I am keeping track on which male bloggers ... um ... finish ...first with that website. This could be valuable information.





Nudge nudge nudgenudgenudgenudgenudgeaaaaaahhhhhh

Whew, I'm having a quite productive afternoon.

No, not Hugh Jackman! Dweezil Zappa! Or Ewan McGregor! Or Rob Thomas!

Or Christobol!

*smacks self* Sorry, C'bol. I'll pick on someone else now.

Or Joshkr!


Ah, the advantages of having a home office.

Don't forget the "Productivity Enhancer" category title.

My "Productivity" certainly feels enhanced.

Judi, Eleanor - are we going to take that lying down???! (Or on top, like usual?)

Where are the hardbodies for US WOMEN to oogle?


(sound of gauntlet being thrown)

Yellow for Ramparts

Wait - am I WINNING that amount, or is that the amount I OWE to the creators of this website?!?!?

Fortunately, I was able to convince the Company Resource Police (CRP) that the content of the web site in question was job related. It was job training, so I can tell which people around here are real boobs!

Whew! Got out of that one.

I hadda quit ... I was winnin' too many bucks ...

oooops...this is a gay male website (nttawwt)

but if you sign up (free) ya get nude pics of
brad pitt, n' looks like johnny depp, keanu reeves, leo, g.clooney, enrique, ricky martin...
you get the idea...i'm a coward...but just cking on the sign up sight gets...oooh braad.

hope no one's offended...yellow for caution...

And no one made references to "double down" or going "bust"??

tsk, tsk, y'all are slipping.

I didn't se any full frontal but I've seen this one before - and it works for me!!!! :)

El...scroll dwn below the picture...ck on Go Back to AB Pictures...scroll dwn, clk on lower right pic...it's worth it!:)

This marks the first time I have ever played a game on my computer.

i plead temporary insanity for posting a potential porn site on the blog.
pls forgive

i promise to link with descretion in future.

Bad Llama!

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