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June 22, 2005


Key quote:"What was unsettling was that the fluid just kept coming," Stuart Claxton of the Guinness Book of World Records told the Daily News. "It was quite a lot of fluid. On a hot day like this, you have to move fast."

(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Oh. Your. God! It's full of popsicles!

I HATE it when that happens.

We here, in North Dakota, could easily break their record, plus, make that popsicle live ALOT longer.

As a matter of fact, come January, we may try.

That's what I wondered EB, don't they have Winter in New York?

Gee, this has never happened before. Honest. I'm so embarrassed. I'll buy you dinner.

yeah, and maybe they will bring in HUUUGE vats of HOT chicken soup in january, and just leave em outside, so people wont get the flu. MORONS!!!
its 90 degrees. naaaaah, it wont melt.
snapple. made from the best stuff --- on the pavement. [or as we say in NYC - in the gutter!]

If you have to use a construction crane to get yours erect . . . you've got some serious problems (take a blue pill for pete's sake).

I am sure judi is pleased, as am I, to have worked the word "erect" into a headline. Although the failure part does dampen the overall effect.

But if you take the blue pill then the story ends, and you will never find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.

"Holy melting popsicles, Batman"
"Shutup, 'Robin' or I'll hit your eject button"

(overheard by a nine-year-old pointing his 'spy-listener' at the skies during the 'tragedy')

Snapple had been trying to promote a new line of frozen treats by setting a record for the world's largest popsicle, but called off the stunt before the it was pulled fully upright by a construction crane.They never pulled the it?

Snapple carries 'Stupidity Torch' for honestly believing that frozen things don't melt when it's really hot outside.

Okay, it's not in the article, but it should be.

Hey Judi, don't forget me! I sent it in too! And mine had a better visual aid: Giant Melting Popsicle.

Key line: Workers are powerless as a sea of Kiwi-Strawberry Snapple from giant popsicle swamps Union Square yesterday.

Jeff ~ yours also had the phrase No one was attempting to lick it up, which just leaves it open to soooo many really good lines.

jeff, Much better picture.
geez...doncha think out of all the people it must have taken to pull this off, One of them might've seen this coming?

"Not tonight. I have an ice-cream headache."

sorry, jeff, i searched for certain key words, but yours didn't have any of them in the email. also, i gotta tell you (and everyone else) that if there's something that makes sense in the subject line, i'm a lot more likely to find it. yours was "Check out New York Daily News - City News - " and then it went off the page....even then, the rest of it was "gooing gooing gone" so you see, i had no way of knowing what it was about.

just a helpful hint from the stealth bloggerette.

Oh come On!!!! Why can't they just admit that this was some super-secret shooting from the Willy Wonka sequel "Charlie and The Popsicle Factory"?

talk about wet and wild. and sticky.

"LARGE FROZEN TREAT","HOLY MELTING POPSICLES", and "STUPIDITY TORCH" would all be GNFRBs. One lovely thing about this blog is that when I can't think of something original, I can always use the GNFARB maneuver. Thanx, Dave & Judi!

I have no idea who this person who SAYS he is my brother is. I know for a fact I have only two UGLY sisters. I disown you, whoever you are. You need to cease and desist from using my name, likeness, or a bad facimily of my biting sarcasm. If you do not, I will seek reparations in Internet Court. I will pursue, and receive from YOU, the sum of 1 billion internet dollars (to be redeemed at one of three online casinos). I realize this seems harsh, but I WILL have justice. Also, my name will now be "jaws" as I can only post intermitantly for fear of my job. I will sweep in and out when you least expect it and destroy Ted Habte-Mullet all over again. That is all. ("b&d's brother" is a freak! Avoid him like the plague!)

Sorry, Judi. My brain didn't come up with a catchy enough caption. By the way, the full-size picture of the kiwi-strawberry mess (another GNFARB?) is a classic.

Everybody who suggested it was right, by the way: you'd think sombody would have said, "Hmm, is the first day of summer really the best day to try this?"

aw, jeff, you don't have to think of a caption... just tell me what it's about :) that way when i'm looking to see if anybody sent me an earlier email about melting popsicles, i'll see it. of course it's up to you, but i know it frustrates you when i don't give you credit!

Kiwi-Strawberry? *hmmm* I always thought NYC was more of a tangerine-pineapple-coconut kind of city. BTW, I think Vorpal Jackelope would be a GNFARB.

Yeah, EB, Nodaks could break that record easily ... heck, the whole state is a popsicle in January ... now if we can just tip the state up on end (notice, I did NOT say "erect") ... mebbe if Minnesnowta jumps up and down on the western edge, and causes the (frozen) Red River to pull the rest of the state downward and toward Fargo and Grand Forks ...???

(I'm a little surprised that no one suggested the reason for the failure in New York [not Gnu Yourk] was caused by the fact that the "treat" was created/frozen in New Jersey!!!

What kind of a fruit is a snapple, anyway?

Isn't it funny that this stunt was intended to promote Snapple's new ice pop line, but the headline (and virtually every comment on this blog) refers to the pop as a Popsicle™.

DR, a "snapple" is a snail-flavored apple.

DR, a "snapple" is a snail-flavored apple.

*EEEEWWW* It doesn't sound any better in French either- Le pomme au saveur d'escargot. *le hornk obligatory*

*clears throat*


I can see clearly now, the rain is gone,
I can see all popsicles in my way
Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind
It’s gonna be a bright (bright), bright (bright)
Sun-Shiny day.

Thank you, thankyouverymuch.


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