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June 17, 2005


Can't they go to the bathroom before they start the ascent?

Key Quote: "Mountaineers who ascend North America's loftiest peak are often brought down to earth by 'virus-laden poo'."

Which of course is not a bad name for a rock band.

(Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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Trying to get all of our collective minds off the Dave Barry-Barry Manilow connection?

Man, that is just really crappy.

See, that's why my grand-pappy always said:

"Sonny, when ya go climb a mountain, don't eat any of the poo you find, cuz you never know if it's going to be virus-laden. You just can't see a virus, ya know."

Back in the olde days (60's), when someone asked a question with an obvious answer, someone would inevariabley respond with, "does a wild bear poop in the woods?"
I guess the updated, 21st century answer is, "Does a mountain climber poop on the mountaintop or near it, or at a base camp at 17,800 feet(2300 hectacres) and in the snow that is too frozen to dig into to properly dispose of it?)
Or not.

Um. I don't know how to say this nicely, Dave, so I'll just put it out there. This was blogged already at some point in the recent past.

But we love you anyways, Dave.

nother good reason not to climb mountains.
besides the one akin to jumping out of a perfectly good plane.

This is deja vu - all over again.

When I take my 100 pound rottweiler-mix dog for a walk, I have to carry a pooper-scooper and a plastic garbage bag along, because this dog dumps out nuclear waste poops. If I can do this for a dog, why can't mountain climbers do it for themselves? They don't even need the scooper - just poop in the bag! Sheesh!

And if it's too frozen to bury poop, it's too frozen for poop to stink, so take it with you and stop whining.

Don't blame me.

I pooped on the Sherpa.

I pooped a squirrel. Literally. Thing of it is, darn thing's still alive. So now I've got this s##t-covered squirrel in my office, and don't know what to name it.

- Anchorman

C'bol, you made me dribble Diet Coke on my keyboard!

Josh, Eleanor ... I'm with you ... it's an old item ...

HOWever, what does the fact of this story appearing with a dateline of 06/16/05 say about the "news"-gathering capabilities of CNN ... if we saw it last week, and they just found it yesterday ... ???

Why can't they go before they start the ascent? Well the standard answer to that is, "I didn't have to go then."

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