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June 21, 2005


"I'm just watching the news, Marge."

(Via Gizmodo)


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Why would you pay an obscene amount of money for this belt, which only ensures that no man will ever look at your face again?


my first thought was "ooo, purses!", but then I realized what Dave was staring at. Shame on you, Dave! I can't begin to tell you how shocked I am. (I don't want to think about where the cable goes.)

ooooo, i want that belt!

i got excited about the purses too. then, i saw what you all were looking at. sigh. guys.

hey, let's talk about purses, queensbee, and see if they kick us out of the blog. I got the cutest Fossil Bowler Bag last weekend, it's pink! Not as cute as a Juicy Bowler Bag, of course, but a whole lot less expensive.

All I want to know is, How do you change channels?

oh, and "Does it come with surround sound?"

I've never considered myself terribly girly,
but I got excited about purses too.

*hangs head in shame*

And I'm still nauseous over Victoria's soapy burger link.

*hangs head in nauseous shame*

It's only missing the obvious accessory: the satellite dishes bra.

Is that why they call it the boob tube?

heh. I said boob.

Like Tamara, ceeg and queensbee, I also let out a girlish squeal of delight at the purses. However, my chief financial officer/war department, has banned any further outlay of funds for purses until the year 2008. My only question is, how do the models watch this tv?

Hey, did anyone see the reader comments at the bottom of this site? Joel writes:

"This is a realy good way to know if the channel public need to get gadget whith the clothes of the brand…"


Joel sounds like he is just a bit too excited to be typing on a keyboard right about now...

Those aren't purses - they're designer diaper bags. Teddy bears, duckies and bunnies on diaper bags you buy at Walmart are tres taquie. Just don't let the kid who needs changing anywhere near your expensive bag. Better to keep the actual essentials in a used shopping bag, just to be safe.

I'm amazed that nobody has yet commented that these are Teletubbies for Dads!

Those TVs should play shows about chicks that aren't all scrawny, then you could look at chicks with boobs and butts at the same time you're looking at models.

Camel toe?

No, U.O. they don't advertise cigarettes on TV anymore.

Hey, AB!

They don't need to advertise ... betwixt movies on the silver screen and those run or re-run on TV, there's more smokers now than there were back in the glory days of the 20s, 30s and 40s ...

I still say Camel Toe tho ... ho, ho, ho your boat, swiftly up ... um ... nevermind ...

I'm in SLC tonite and tomorrow nite, but back to SoCal (Barstow, home of the raging Mojave River ... I have fotos of the crashing waves of sand breaking on the beaches of ... um ... sand ...

How ya doin'? I'm wishin' I was back in the little-bit-cooler LA LAnd, or home in Nodak, where the temp and the humidity both hit 95+ in the last few days ... but it's home ...

well hey U!
missed ya...sounds like you need to land for a While.
any good sites to see?
how're the food shacks?

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