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June 23, 2005



(All hail the victor, Mighty Thor)


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......Wonderful job!

It's Pat!

OH... Oh, dood... Oh, geez.... Oh... Kay.

Judi still wins.

I believe that if this was measured in terms of WWII, The Bomb has been dropped.

OMG! Dave Habte-Gabr looks exactly like my high school math teacher, Mr. Beaman (who made his own lime green polyester suits). 'Nuff said.

Wow. That's creepy as hell. I don't like that one bit.

judi, will you please blog something else so this slides a little further down the page?

Thor scares me. Someone hold me

It is Pat, good call, bbescuela.

Is that a mullet I see? Leetie, your call on that since you are the expert.

Mommy, Judi Habte-Gabr scares me and makes me wet the bed! Make it go away!

Oh and...to be completely annoying and post on every picture thread today...was Dave's photo ever used in a classmates.com banner? I think I've seen it before.


Doesn't anyone else see that it is clearly a picture of ted w/ their faces pasted onto it in photoshop?

P.S. see if anyone can recognise what this is

Doesn't anyone else see that it is clearly a picture of ted w/ their faces pasted onto it in photoshop?

P.S. see if anyone can recognise what this is

sry, ddnt mn 2 dblpost

hahaboy...are you sure? I mean...I guess you could be right...but then again...I just don't know.

Me...sarcastic? Never!

It really is Pat. I can just hear that annoying whiny/groany noise he/she/it makes while rubbing his/her/its chest.

And what is up with that double chin on Dave Hobbitty-Gobbler? You could hide a small child in those folds. Maybe that is where he hides the hobbits he plans to gobble later on.

Thanks alot. I'm going to have nightmares and wet my bed for two weeks.

*goes out and buys some sleeping pills & depends*

Dave and Judi have mullets! I KNEW this blog had an agenda!

Judi even makes a better-looking Mr. Happy-Gabber than Dave. Or Ted. But it's nobody's finest moment, except maybe Thor, who has brought an end to the Great Photo-Blogging War, and given us peace in our time.

I knew this was going to happen, and I have a hard time believing no one else did.


The only thing that would make this worse is if they were naked.

there-there, elle. there-there

Soon judi will blog something else and scary ted-beasts will go away.

This is just wrong on all levels.

Houston. We have a problem.... ah, Houston!? You there?

hum... seems we do have a problem!

Deon, careful what you wish for.

The same goes for you, PollyPI.

Ok, this is a test of the emergency mullet posting system. This is only a test.

Judi with Leetie's neato 80s mullet.

Dare I post it?

Oh what the heck!

What the heck indeed, Leetie...

*snork* It was like 20 years ago AND I still lived in New Jersey, so gimmie a break!

... I remember working really hard on the hair that day too... :)

Why are you surrendering Judi? You still look better. Even as a man with a mullet. You only have to surrender if you lose. Like Dave just did.


At last...now we need to photoshop and reverse age you back into the picture.

No YIM login today so I can mock you directly?

Leetie, that's really a very tasteful 'do for the 80s in Jersey. As I recall, there was some fearsomely BIG hair to be found in Jersey back in the day.

I agree. Judi, don't surrender! Dave is still more frightening in all respects.

But, PLEASE people, do NOT try to give us a naked Ted/Dave/Judi/mullet photo...please...for the good of all mankind...and your sanity...JUST SAY NO!

It occurred to me that the pressing question in the matter of this war wasn't so much who's yearbook picture was better but rather who would look better in Ted's Mullet. It's pretty close, but I'm going to still give the edge to Judi (sorry if that's more insulting that complimentary, J.)

Let me add as a disclaimer that this was a neutral experiment...a sickening and fascinating and totally objective experiment conducted by an interested outside observer. As far as the war itself is concerned, I entered into this process with no intention of taking sides. I'm Switzerland. If anyone doesn't care for the results, don't shoot the messenger. Maybe you can get the school to recall all the yearbooks with these pics in them.

P.S. Objectiviity aside, I think they both look hot in Ted's mullet.

Leets and Deon-



Thanks, Maud. But even I am ashamed.


Deon, your picture is going in there next.

I won't mention that . . . well, I just wont mention what my college pic looked like.

elle, I have YIM.

*didn't want to get yelled at*

*hugs lab*

I'd say I did, but I doubt I'd get yelled at even if I didn't.

It's good to see that Lab is loved!
He deserves it!
*kissing up*

My cats love me too. That makes me feel good. After all, these are creatures that lick themselves... you know... all over. They must have good taste.


I gotta get rid of my bong...this is too creepy...

i gotta get photoshop.

i gonna be sick...eww, ITs Pat.

Judi's still hotter.

what's YIM?

YIM= Yahoo Instant Messenger

You can download it from here.

haha! Just kidding! I meant from here.

judi, you don't have YIM yet? I thought we got you all set up to do the Yahoo thing! You've been over to the group, haven't you?

no i have msn messenger and IM but not YIM. and i'm in the group but i never read it. sorry :)

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